An Exciting Anniversary For Me

Today is an extraordinary day for me.

After a massive restart in my life in July 2019, I decided to add another significant change a mere two months later. Scared to screw up, I didn’t want to tell too many people about it. But today, I can say I think I did surprisingly well.

Now, what am I talking about? I refer to my former habit to smoke. Yes, you got that right. I said former addiction!

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I did quit; I’m proud to be a quitter! I’m not saying it was easy – but it went better than I expected, and I didn’t fall off the wagon – no exceptions, not even once. Not that I was never weak – but I was also too scared to get back to where I was all that time ago.

There are so many ways to quit smoking.

  1. Cold Turkey (no outside help)
  2. Behavioral therapy
  3. Nicotine replacement therapy
  4. Medication
  5. Combo treatments

I decided on the first method. Literally, I ran out of my favorite cigarette brand and chose not to buy any more of them.

Therefore I’m in no position of recommending or giving any advice for a future quitter. I heard others tried different ways and only found out what works for them after several attempts.

I’m not going to warn smokers how unhealthy it is because I always hated to hear that. I know about the danger; I took the risk. I don’t need a speech, a seminar, or a medical report. I would say: Once you’re ready, you’ll know; and then quitting will work for you. But the decision needs to come from deep inside of you.

That worked for me. I decided to quit; I made a plan, I followed it through. And that’s why today I’m so thrilled to celebrate two years smoke-free! Thanks for celebrating with me!

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22 thoughts on “An Exciting Anniversary For Me

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! So proud of you. Wish my dad had been able to kick the habit, it definitely played a big part when he passed. I’m always thrilled to hear when someone I knows quits. It’s not easy, I know, so a big “WAY TO GO” to you. And please keep it that way. Hugs.

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  2. Congratulations and excellent work. Stopping cold turkey (still remember that dick van dyke film- hilarious) is very difficult, I was never able to achieve it. Sadly still a smoker. Maybe one day (when they nail my coffin closed). good for you.

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    1. I wish I could give you some advice, but fact is, I can’t. I think that process is different for everyone. But most of all, I’m convinced you have to be ready for yourself. Don’t do it for someone else. Do it for you!


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