Writing Progress – Slowly Catching Up

I intensely wrote on a book outside of my ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series; I have written about it on different occasions.

I was very enthusiastic about that book. The draft is completed… but, of course, when I write, I forget everything around me.

That means book 7 in ‘the Council of Twelve series is still waiting for me to complete the personal editing, book 8 was halfway typed into the computer, and book 9 is still waiting to be typed in.

Now, here I am, planning to do some catching up. And I started. (Sometimes I surprise myself).

In the meantime, Book #8 is typed into the computer and awaits the start of my personal editing. (Book 7 is still waiting for me to complete the editing, but it shouldn’t take much time anymore). And, I started typing in my new book.

Does that mean I’m slowly catching up? I’m not sure I am. I cannot be without writing, and I started to work on book #10 in the series. That doesn’t mean I will forget to type in. But I wrote so much, and I forgot that writing is the fun part. The real work starts after the first draft is completed.

I’m also behind my blog posts, which means I should consider writing a few of those and schedule them. It’s not easy to be a writer.

But at least, after everything got stuck and the drafts were piling up on my desk, I got the feeling that I was getting somewhere.

Keep your fingers crossed that I will keep on working on typing my drafts into the computer. It’s not the easiest or funniest part of my writing process.

I had someone telling me, why don’t you hire someone who is doing that for you? I’m telling you why:

  1. I was told my handwriting isn’t very easy to read
  2. This is only a first draft, which means, while typing it into the computer, I need to make adjustments and those are on me. Nobody can do that for me – and I don’t want anyone to try.
  3. I have an editor and a copyright lawyer, and a book cover designer… they all are a GREAT part of how my books turn out to be. But I still want to be a big part of my books and investing my time and efforts into my stories is part of the job description.

My books mean a lot to me, and the writing process they go through has turned out to be right for me. I doubt I want to change that.

What is your experience with your process? Have you changed anything lately? Let us know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Writing Progress – Slowly Catching Up

  1. My process is to write down every thought I have about my idea first. I like to date and time my ideas when I first get them and when I finish writing the first draft. It’s a nice timeline for myself that I can look back on later.

    I originally was a pantser when I wrote the first book in a series that I’ll get back to at some point. I’ve been a plotter for some time now. I’ll start writing an outline, and in-between doing that I’ll work out any details for the story. my handwriting is terrible as well. I’ve got everything from small to large chunks crossed out, I’ve got side notes scribbled in and arrows everywhere. To some its a hot mess, but to me it makes complete sense.

    When I’m a good distance into the outline I sometimes start writing the story and typing up the outline. Now I always write everything by hand first. I love technology, but lets face it, sometimes it doesn’t work and even with me saving everything on a USB if I were to lose it for whatever reason I’d cry.

    I have changed one major thing and that’s I started using Plottr. I had started a story bible on paper because I use to have all my notes scattered in a notebook. It still felt like things were everywhere even with the handwritten story bible. So, I started using Plottr, just the free version. It’s so much easier and quicker for me to find the information that I need, and I can add on and change sentence without having to use arrows. I do still write the outline, and story first though. I also save my Plottr notes on my USB

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