Prequel – Sequel – Interquel?

A book within a series, a story out of many stories. Who hasn’t heard of sequels when it comes to TV shows?

I wrote several stories  of ‘The Council of Twelve’ series, with four books published:

Soul Taker Sundance Demon Hunter Bounty Hunter

After book seven was finalized, which is now with my editor, I felt the need to satisfy the curiosity of a few of my readers.

I was asked several questions that caught me unexpectedly, I admit.

  • “I like that little female angel they call ‘Needle.’ She’s so loveable. What’s her story?”
  • “Sundance and Anaan were such a cute couple. Why did it have to end like that? Is it the end?”
  • How was the ‘Council of Twelve’ was formed? Aren’t there only four Archangels?

I had more questions, but to me, these were the most important ones.

“Needle,” with her name being Aylah, does have her own story, of course. I decided to write it down, titled “Love With Delay.”

The second question was not as easy to answer… Sundance and Anaan were a cute couple, I agree. But unfortunately, that relationship had to end. It wasn’t Sundance’s road to travel. There’s something else waiting for her. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end. What happens to Anaan and his friends? I decided to write down what happened to them and what decisions they made for their future. Their story is called “Pursue New Avenues.”

The third question was the hardest to answer. Originally there were five Archangels, yes. One of them fell, after a failed rebellion, as we all know. With the growth of humankind, there were more angels needed. It wasn’t enough anymore just to let them watch the Earth, sing in the angel choir and play the lyres. Guardians, Protectors, Soul Takers, Cleaners, Warriors, Messengers, Healers, Negotiators, Assistants, and many more were needed. With the extension of needed angels, a tighter organization in Heaven had to be provided. Finally, the four original Archangels, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Michael, couldn’t get the work done on their own anymore. They discussed the challenge with their Creator and came up with a plan to extend their circle. The start of that story is described in “When Four Became Six.”

I wrote the three stories and collected them in one book, which is currently with my editor. While I was writing, I tried to find out where to ‘position’ those stories.

Now, a sequel is a story being ‘born’ out of an existing story. To me, ‘Love With Delay’ is clearly a sequel.

As of the second ‘side story,’ ‘Pursue New Avenues,’ I wasn’t sure if that was a sequel as well, but then I decided instead to name it an interquel. I found online what an ‘Interquel’ is supposed to be: Also called a Midquel, this can be one of two things: when a new entry in a series is a sequel to one existing entry, and a prequel to another, or when it takes place during a Time Skip in an earlier entry rather than continuing the story.” (Source: Interquel – TV Tropes)

 ‘When Four Became Six’ is clearly and without a doubt a ‘Prequel’ since it’s a story that happens before the series starts.

You might ask me, will these three stories be the only side stories I’m going to write? And the answer is no. There are more interesting side characters who have a fascinating history. Also, the ‘six’ have to become ‘twelve’ at one point. There are more stories hidden.

I will keep you updated.

Now, let us know in your comments. Do you see a character you’d like to learn more about? Did you ever write sequels, interquels, or prequels to your stories?