Merry Christmas 2021

Last year, around this time, I decided to calm and rest, pause and focus on what’s important. However, even if I kept hope alive inside of me, things didn’t go the way I had planned ( or hoped for). This year, I decided to take a new path and face a new adventure. Christmas time will prepare me for the time ahead of me, and I will ask my Creator to help me through all this, protect me, and show me the way… just as he did show it to the Three Wise Men…

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Writer’s Treasure Chest grew again and I have to thank you all, my Followers, Friends, and Readers!

Thank you so much for making my writing adventure a pleasant one!

I wish you and your families

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23 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2021

  1. Thank you for being you, AJ. It’s a privilege to have found your friendship.

    Asking God to help through everything, and relying on His grace and mercy is what has helped me through the years. I thank our Lord for always being there for us, to help, to sustain, and to get us through any situation in life, regardless of what we must go through. He will not fail to be at our sides.

    God bless you now and in the new year, my friend.

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