Writer’s Support – By Derek Haines

Derek Haines published two very interesting articles and I decided to re-blog both of them here on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’, since I think, they’re both important and interesting to read. Thank you, Derek!

Sticky Sentences And Glue Words Can Dilute Your Writing

on Just Publishing Advice:

What are sticky sentences and glue words in writing?

A sentence is sticky when it uses too many (glue) words to stick words and clauses together.

You always need to use words such as and, but, so, or with. These words help you join your ideas and actions.

But when a sentence consists of more than is necessary, it can weaken or dilute your writing.

In This Article

Defining sticky sentences and glue words

How to measure stickiness

Common glue words

How to fix sticky sentences

Where did the term originate?

Remove the excess glue

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When You Publish Your Writing Online You Can Never Delete It

on Just Publishing Advice:

When you publish your writing online, there is very little chance that you will ever be able to delete it entirely.

You might write articles, blog posts, or submit your short stories or poetry to posting sites.

Whatever form of writing you publish online, you need to know how permanent it can be.

Even if you edit a blog post to make some corrections, the original version with the errors may still be online.

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