The Sad Retirement Of A Tradition

When I was a kid, I watched my parents carefully marking their days and appointments on an agenda. Back then, you got these 2022 ‘agendas’ from your bank, the butcher’s shop, or some other company that used them for advertisement. I always wanted my own ‘agenda’, despite me being only 4 years old and going to Kindergarten.

Since I grew up in a so-called well-protected parental home (and I’m very grateful for that!), my life was generally controlled by my mother. That meant, all my appointments, play afternoons, or birthday parties were noted in her agenda. She had to be informed about everything we children did. I think, when I got my first personalized agenda for my birthday, she impounded it and I never saw it again.

Then, planners, and ‘Filofax’ cases became not only a fashion statement but also a necessity for every business person (and a few others too)… and I would have loved one of these. Instead, I had to settle for an agenda, a promotional article from my bank. (I could have my own now, I was almost an adult).

When I finally got my first combined planner/agenda/address book/notes case in size 9 x 13″ from COACH, the fashion statement was basically on its way into the archives, not to mention that I found out, that thing added about 6 pounds to my already heavy writer’s purse. To make things a little easier (and lighter on my back), I left that rock-heavy combined case at home and got myself a light, ring book paper agenda to take with me. I love paper, and I continued entering my appointments, plans, and tasks in both agendas, one for home and one for ‘the road’. By the time it got hard to get a replacement for my annual COACH agenda, I was so sick of my method, that I decided to set the state of my COACH stone to ‘out of service’ and further just kept using my light and practical paper agenda, which I, on an annual basis, bought at Walmart or Target.

Since I’m a writer, and was a job seeker at that time, and had other things to do I took notes of, and love post-its, my agenda always looked like a ‘work book’, with notes, corrections, and hooks, and post-its and tape, and I loved it.

And then came the time…

When my life took a big hit with the pandemic, and I decided to add another huge change and start traveling, I realized, that my paper agenda used up a lot of space and just didn’t serve its purpose anymore, no matter how much I loved it. I kept collecting paper in it, rather than using it for its original purpose, and took fewer and fewer notes, which I had started adding to my electronic agenda on my devices, (phone and tablet) instead. That way I knew I had them with me at all times. They didn’t use up additional space and were even lighter and less bulky that my beloved paper agenda.

Only a few days ago I finally found it, somewhere, on a dresser, forgotten and abandoned, ragged, shriveled, used… and still, somehow sad and neglected. And with a heavy heart, I had to recognize the sad truth: it is time to bury an old tradition… Another one of my beloved paper products will not be with me any longer. My poor, orphaned paper agenda will retire…

Does that mean, I’m completely computerizing myself? Hell, no! I will always enjoy taking notes by hand, on paper, with a beautiful pen. But there won’t be notes for books, or something else… they won’t be appointments, tasks, and meetings on paper anymore. That will be over. A. J. Alexander goes electronic!

Goodbye paper agenda. Thank you for your decades-long services! I will always remember you.

13 thoughts on “The Sad Retirement Of A Tradition

  1. Rather like you, I was always fascinated with writing on any paper/book available and kept many diaries. (I have a trunk full!) Even now, I write a diary entry every day over my first cup of tea, containing personal plans, comings and goings of friends and family and world news, plus daily weather, etc., Many notebooks too…with poems and quotations, etc., Electronic words are, somehow, not quite the same… Hugs xx

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  2. I know so many people are trading paper agendas for digital versions, but I am an old soul and still prefer to write out my plans on paper and enjoy the action of ticking things off my list. But…the beauty in it all is that there is no wrong or right way. Figure out what works best for you and GO FOR IT! As long as it is a productive process it is worth it for you 🙂

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    1. I miss it too, the ticking things off my list. I just realized; it’s getting too time consuming now. I don’t like to let go of my paper agenda. I even still have it; I just don’t use it anymore.


  3. Poor agenda. I still use a DayRunner of sorts. It’s Jackie Zack’s “Sounds Like a Plan” planner. I love it. In January of this year, it replaced my DayRunner (wihch looked very similar to what you were using). She now has a 2023 planner out, and I’ll be using that one two. My current planner sits right next to my laptop for easy access. That way, I can glance down at the date I’m on and see what I haven’t finished yet or check for information on what is showing on my screen.

    We all must work with what works best for us. So, don’t be afraid to go back to that agenda, if your electronic agenda fails you, AJ. 🙂

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  4. I love paper, too. I write appointments on a calendar.
    Although my fiction writing is done on my computer (or tablet. I have it on Google docs) I never write poetry anywhere else than on paper. I somehow can’t do it by digital means.
    I wrote my poems in pencil in an old notebook. I’m currently transferring them to another paper book where I’m writing in fountain pen.
    I like pencil and fountain pen the best. Ball point doesn’t have the same feel, nor is my writing as neat as with either pencil or fountain pen.

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