Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Sister

My sister… what can I tell you about her? She’s beautiful, she’s smart, highly intelligent, wonderful, got a great sense of humor, and she’s the best friend anyone can have.

I’m lucky to have her as my sister, and I cannot be more grateful! No matter what, she’s always been there for me!

Today, she celebrates her birthday. I won’t tell you a number, because she is 18 months younger than I am, and believe me, I’m notoriously secretive about my age! But, of course, now, she has to face the fact, that she’s getting older, (wiser too, of course!) and, that she starts looking older than I do… *grin*

But age is, in fact, only a number, and we won’t hold that against her, since we are generous.

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Instead, please, celebrate my sister’s birthday with us!

Happy Birthday, wonderful you!! You’re not getting older, you’re just getting better!!

I wish for you to enjoy life with a smile, I wish for you to see the small things in a wonderful light, listen to the birds sing, and watch the squirrels. I wish for you to make a few wishes, close your eyes, send them out into the universe and see them come true! I wish for you to see how amazing and beautiful you are! I wish for you to celebrate your life by eating a piece of cake and enjoying every bite of it! I wish I was there to celebrate and hug you, because you mean so much to me!

I love you, little Sister!

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