A Small Dangerous Friend – A Riddle

We are small and we are feared

We don’t know exactly why…

But knowing the world without all of us

Would soon be prone to die.


We are a female society

Our males are there for play

They’re only used at certain times

And then they pass away.


We are working, flying, every day

Collecting what we need.

We’re protecting our home as guards

Every one of us does her deed.


We fly close and far, for what we collect

We clean and raise our kids

We fly out, collect, and transport our fuel

on our hind legs with sense and wits.


We communicate to let us know

Where danger is and not

And we use our wings to cool our home

When it’s humid out and hot.


Our work helps the earth and spread pollen

Of trees, and flowers too.

You better take good care of us

And honor us, and woo.


We wear a hairy top and a striped back

Transparent wings, can you see?

And as you might have guessed by now

Each one of us is a honey bee!


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, September 2022)

Picture courtesy of Google.com