Interview With One Of My Characters VIII

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Good Morning Joe, Can I call you Joe?

Well, yes, that’s my name, Joe… Good Morning.

Joe, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, even more since I know you have had great changes coming your way just recently.

First of all, thank you for the invitation. I took your request to my superior and asked him if I was permitted to visit you. Zachariel agreed, but also made sure I wouldn’t tell too much since that story is currently a WIP and still needs to be told. So be careful with your questions.

I will. Thank you for the explanation. I would like to ask you about the time you spent on Earth among humans.

Well, what’s there to tell? First of all, we didn’t live ‘among’ humans, per se… most of the time we were quite far away from everyone. I built our house out in the ‘nowhere’ for humans to be safe. I still could meet some of my friends, with my motorcycle I was getting around quite well, for the worst weather, snow, and ice I had the truck.

Now, that’s interesting. But why did you need to keep humans safe from you? I mean, you’re…

… an angel, yes. But Cordelia is a supernatural being and even inadvertently can be a horrible threat to humans. She’s the nicest girl, but raising her wasn’t always the easiest thing to do.

How so? And how come it was you raising her? It’s not like you’re actually related to her, are you?

No, not blood-related. But at the time I was the only one who could do it, and who am I to deny a baby her right to live, grow up, and become a happy and useful being?

Didn’t you just say, she was dangerous? Isn’t that a bit of a…

… oh, don’t be so logical. Not every supernatural being is a danger to humans, provided said creature is able to control their abilities and skills, they can be very helpful, practical, and supportive… Look at me. I’m an angel, and you wouldn’t consider me ‘dangerous’ to humans?

No, of course not. I figure you did a phenomenal job raising Cordelia then.

I don’t know if I did. But I very much hope so. Her teenage centuries were quite an adventure, though. I had almost given up a few times. *laughs*

And it’s true that nobody knew where you were and what you were doing?

That’s correct, and that’s how it had to be. Too many of Cordelia’s kind were destroyed, just out of ignorance, superstition, and misinformation. I wanted her to be safe, and I needed that to be a secret. That’s why I gave up everything I knew up to then, and went back to Earth living with her, building us a home and raising her best I could, teaching her how to control her abilities, and build her skills, as also directing them to where they belong.

Where do they belong then?

*chuckles and shakes his head* Now, now… didn’t we say, we are careful with our questions?

Of course. My apologies. So, is it true that a member of ‘The Council of Twelve’ found you on Earth?

Yes, that’s true. But to find out more about that, you will have to wait until the respective book in ‘The Council of Twelve’ series is published.

I understand. Can you tell us how it is for you to return to military surroundings after you lived on Earth all this time?

*Scratches his chin* It’s not particularly easy, to be honest. I loved my career within the ‘Divine Army’ before I left. But our Father knows what’s best for us; that must not have been my place. I figure, He took me out of there and gave me a different task. We are currently trying to find out, what else will suit me, as a new challenge. But I trust our Lord to do what’s best for me, and everyone around me, including Cordelia, of course.

You still keep an eye on her, do you?

You must understand. For the longest time, she was everything to me, daughter, friend, companion, comrade, confidante, and closest ally. You don’t just throw that into the wind. A bond like that cannot be destroyed, except one of the ones holding the bond wants it. Cordelia and I were and are many things to each other. The only thing we never were, is a ‘couple’. She was entrusted to me, and this could never be. I felt I needed to prepare her to be ‘more’, and that’s what will happen. Our Father had other plans for her.

You’re a great friend, Joe. You’re the rock in the ocean of many, many people. Including me. But that’s another story. Thank you, for being my guest today.

It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me. We will meet again, I’m sure.


(After Joe had left, I felt a little lost. His presence made me feel warm and fuzzy. Joe is of medium height, slim, well-built, and carries his graying hair a little longer than usual. He wears a beard, has the warmest eyes one can possibly imagine, and is, undoubtedly, a biker. One can see, this man, as a human, and a supernatural being, has fought many battles. I am proud to call him my friend!)