The Council Of Twelve A – Z / A For Anghariel

When it comes to writing, with four published books and the fifth in the series in line, I’m sometimes feeling a little bit like I need to keep things in my books a secret, fearfully protecting my books, because I could give away too much to the ones who haven’t read ‘The Council of Twelve’ series yet.

But aren’t the background stories, the little details ‘behind the scenes’ the interesting part of our work? There are numerous characters in these books, twelve of them the main pillars, carrying my stories.

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And that’s why I decided to start a new blog series about the Council of Twelve, going through the alphabet, starting with Anghariel…

Let me show you the notes I took before I started to write ‘The Council of Twelve’ series. On Anghariel’s character sheets it says:

Looks  Anghariel’s skin and hair were gray; his eyes were the purest silver. He is tall and slim, his muscle tone finely defined but not too visible. He moves elegantly like a tall cat, comparable to a cheetah    
WingsGrey, each feather surrounded by orange
PersonalityBubbly, humorous, playful personality. He’s a big practical joker and loves to play tricks
Special PowersWhat many don’t know is that Anghariel started as XXXXXXXXXXXX and has kept his abilities even when he became an Archangel. Additionally, Anghariel is, together with Centriel, one of the most virtuous and fast flyers amongst Angelkind.
ConsortDespite his unusual looks Anghariel is a huge women magnet and enjoys spending time with as many girlfriends as possible,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX He hasn’t found his consort yet.
(Of course, the one or other information is X-ed out because I don’t want to give away too much information)

Now, Anghariel is an enormously strong individual, one of the younger members of ‘The Council of Twelve’, but nevertheless, powerful, compassionate, and helpful.

Anghariel has his quirks, but he’s also an Archangel and a member of ‘The Council’. Despite his bubbly nature, Anghariel has his depths and is highly sensitive. Not many know about his past, and outside of His Brotherhood, nothing is known about it.

Anghariel might be one of the few Archangels in existence, who suffers from PTSD after a severe traumatic event that turned him into the superficially laughing joking ‘buddy’ with the boyish grin. Still, deep inside, he considers himself ‘broken’.

I would recommend, starting to read the Council of Twelve series to find out more about these twelve powerful individuals and their consorts, their stories, and the eternal fight ‘Good vs. Evil’. You will fall in love with them all, I promise.