Changes In Life

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A few years ago I made a life changing decision, to move away from my known life and start somewhere else. I was called everything from ‘a little nuts’ to ‘completely insane’. Some people took the liberty to inform me that ‘at my age’ I better ‘enjoy the rest of my life’ instead of making drastic mistakes, and they had considered me to be wiser.

Well, guess what? I’m my own person, and this is my life. Sometimes I learn from my mistakes, and this wasn’t one of them. Who could have foreseen the pandemic? It started about half a year after my big move. This didn’t work out as planned, and life blew me forward, through the South to the East and then up North…

Since Mid January I have had a ‘temporary life on hold’, I was going through many changes, some expected, and some just heading my way to save my sorry butt from bad things happening.

I learned a few things:

  1. I’m still up for an adventure
  2. I’m still as resilient as I ever was
  3. I’m facing life and the world head on, no matter what
  4. You’re never too old for changes
  5. Without the most wonderful friends and a generous and caring sibiling, I wouldn’t be where I am now (And do you have the feeling too, that this should make the top of the list? Let me re-phrase then…)
  1. Without the most wonderful friends and a generous and caring sibiling, I wouldn’t be where I am now
  2. I’m still up for an adventure
  3. I’m still as resilient as I ever was
  4. I’m facing life and the world head on, no matter what
  5. You’re never too old for changes

I was looking for a quote about life changes, like this one, from Buddha:

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It is inspirational and eye opening, but it doesn’t ‘catch’ exactly what I want to say. Changes are coming your way, no matter what you planned. Sometimes they’re for the better, sometimes they’re not. But they all, each one of them, is an opportunity to learn and to grow – and also one to sound the depth within yourself. When I found Henry Stanley Haskins’ quote instead, I felt, that this one is much better suited for today’s blog post.

Tiny matters are what lies behind me, and tiny matters are what lies ahead of me? Not quite… after all, my past is what made me who I am now, and I still have a future ahead, no matter what my critics say… But figuratively speaking, I doubt very much this is what Henry Stanley Haskins meant. What he wanted to show is the ‘comparison’ between what’s behind, what’s ahead – and what’s within us… and that ‘within me’ was definitely what I was re-introduced to, in the past, almost 9 months.

I found ‘things’ that I had missed without knowing that I missed them, ‘things’, that were missing in action and presumed dead, things I haven’t heard very often lately… And I found a few things I had thought I’d lost somewhere…

Of course, we’re talking about my emotional state, feelings… long buried emotions… I might have re-found my inner soothing voice, my believing in the good that will happen, my believing in life and how to enjoy it again… I might have found more resilience deep inside of me, and a patience I never believed I had. Also, I might have discovered a strength that I had believed buried below everything that blocked myself…

But most of all I found two things I had believed to be dead inside of me… love and hope…

And that’s why I picked this particular quote. What’s inside of you is far stronger, bigger, and more important than most of us can grasp.

What is it that you find in yourself, when you dig a bit deeper? You want to tell us? Leave a comment.

Henry Stanley Haskins

Haskins (1875–1957) was a stockbroker and man of letters. His aphorisms were edited and published anonymously with an introduction by Albert Jay Nock in 1940. Haskins was the author of “Mediations of Wall Street”. (Source: