Cover Reveal Dream Walker – 5th Book Of The Council Of Twelve Series

For the fifth time now, I’m thrilled. Singing and dancing through the day, I invite you to celebrate with me. I want to share with you the cover of my new book

Dream Walker

releasing November 25, 2022, on Amazon and Smashwords.

This new book introduces us to Koyu Bellamy, a quiet, human-like supernatural being, perfectly blending into the human world, and still, very dangerous. Her beauty and charm make her, what she is, a creature, born from evil and bound to the horror that lies beneath.

But one day, when her Master decides to punish his enemy and use Koyu for the task, she decides to rebel, well knowing that this could be the end of her. From that moment on, her existence, as she had known it, turns into an unknown and unexpected direction.


I’m grateful that once again, my cover was designed by the wonderful Kathryn Jenkins of KJ Magical Designs :

The cover shows Koyu Bellamy with her charming smile, superficially relaxed, almost flirtatious. And that’s what her personality is. The danger within and the darkness inside of her cannot be seen. It is hidden from everybody, but most of all her victims.

The background clouds are torn apart by lighting, a sign of the danger that waits for both sides, the good and the other side.

Koyu’s hair is touched by the tip of a hand wing, the only sign that there is something good to come her way.

The cover is a new masterpiece by the designer and mirrors exactly the protagonist. Koyu’s partner is hidden in the back and only shown on the backside of the paperback. You won’t recognize him… but you will find out who the secret second protagonist is by reading the book.

Nobody would consider the danger this woman brings to a wing-carrier, but we don’t know everything, do we?

Once again, I’m enthusiastic about the cover.

Are you ready to see it?

Then scroll…


About the book:

Koyu thought she had done her duty, but deep inside she knows it will never be over.

She is bound to her master forever and will have to execute his every command. But when he demands she’ll invade his sworn enemy’s dreams, she chooses to rebel.

Koyu risks her existence to help the ‘other side’ by purposely disobeying her master’s orders. Koyu knows she’ll pay with her life for her impertinence. Is there, indeed, no hope for her?

About the author:

A. J. Alexander is a talented classical musician who has won several music contests in her youth. She is an accomplished skier and loves to swim, amongst other sports.

She works a full-time job and travels a lot, as well nationally as also internationally.

A.J. Alexander just recently moved to a new home, together with her three beautiful active, and demanding cats. In her rare free time, she loves to meet friends or go for long nature walks.

To fulfill her dream of seeing many amazing places globally, Aurora Jean started traveling in her early twenties and spent some time in Europe where she visited Paris, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, London, Berne, Berlin, Athens, and Santorini. Also, she took an extended break a few years later and drove across the U.S. from Chicago to Santa Monica and across the South to Florida.

A.J. Alexander descends from an internationally extended, politically and entrepreneurially active family and was privileged to enjoy an excellent international education. In her spare time, she volunteers for charity events, fights for animal rights, and, when needed, serves as an interpreter to help great causes.

Please watch out for the pre-order. The date will be announced shortly!