Prepare For Winter 2022

Take out the scarf, put on the hat

We’re going into fall

The seasons change and that is that

It’s time for gloves and shawl.


The leaves have changed, they all fall down

To the frosty ground

From yellow, red and dusty brown

And they don’t make any sound.


The grass is damp, the air is cool

fog crawls up in sight.

We’re wearing knitted warming wool

Over are short sleeves and light.


The darkness creeps quite early now

into every day

we expect frost and cool and vow

we’ll move in warmer lands to stay.


Winter walks into our lands

With big expansive strides

the cold bites softly our hands

when snow covers, protects and hides.


These are the last of autumn’s days

Enjoy the warming sun

Soon, nature freezes, and it stays

Until new buds in spring bring joy and fun.


(Copyright Aurora Jean Alexander, November 2022)

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