Night Or Day?

Are you more of a night or a morning person? Society apparently knows two different people, ‘Early Birds’ and ‘Night Owls’.

I think, we all know the difference. Early Birds rise with the sun, they’re happy, bubbly and wide awake before the horizon gets orange… but they’re also exhausted by early evening and barely can’t keep their eyes open at dinner, despite their everyday activity.

Night Owls have a hard time getting their engine running… they stay up late, and most of them say, they’re most creative when it’s dark outside, everybody else went to sleep and they got some peace and silence to ‘work’.

New studies show, that there’s nothing wrong with being either one… but also, Night Owls can live quite unhealthy.

According to Night Owls are often missing out on physical activities, which they, of course, don’t feel like practicing, after darkness. Consequently, in addition to often a severe lack of sleep, poor eating habits, missing Vitamin D, poor physical exercise and often increased unhealthy snacking and alcohol consume, their chances of suffering diabetes, a cardiovascular disease, or a stroke can severely add to their poor health. (Source:

About 20% of the population are Night Owls. Some studies claim, these people are more intelligent, but science has yet to prove that fact sufficiently and believably.

Many authors are Night Owls, at least on the weekends. Now, why is that?

There is only a handful of authors who are able to live off their writing and their books. The majority has a daytime job. Very often that doesn’t leave them too much time to write… with a full-time job, and the attention they need to provide to the family, forces them to write in the evenings, after everybody else is in bed. They have to make sure, they will get some sleep before going back to work in the morning. It can be horribly unsatisfying to be forced to interrupt an interesting flow in the middle of a thrilling chapter, so they decide to stay up late on the weekend to ‘finish’ their books.

Does that now make writers more intelligent than other people? I’m not so sure, actually, looking at me! Working a full-time job, writing at nighttime or on the weekends, publishing stories apparently barely anyone ever reads… If that doesn’t qualify me to have the IQ of a glass of water, I’m not sure what does…

Now… what is your experience? Are you staying up late? Or do you belong to these obnoxious happy people who jump out of bed, fresh like a showered violet…? Let us know in your comment, we’re curious.

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