Big And Small Beauty And Where To Find It

In this world of hectic, where everyone seeks out the fast-paced immediate success, the rush of whirlwind development, the work, the term ‘too busy’, and where burnouts, heart attacks, strokes and stress-caused nerve-wrecks are the order of the day, we don’t have time for beauty anymore…

Beauty is all around us, sometimes loud and huge, like the eternal snow on mountains…

The Matterhorn

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Or the ‘Jungfrau’

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Breathtaking monuments of Nature’s powerful snow decorations… Of course, these are two mountains, located in Switzerland, parts of the great European mountain belt, the Alpes. The breathtaking mountains you might think of could be everywhere in the world.

However, beauty doesn’t have to be monstrously ‘jumping’ in our faces. It can be smaller, elegant, in form of a breathtaking horse:

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Or even unobtrusive, quiet and blended in, like a unique Lynx

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Normally we wouldn’t meet such a rare creature in our every day life. But maybe, sometimes we should just take the time to wander off… break out from our day-to-day routine and take a chance to see something extraordinary.


What if we can not do that? What, if something hinders us?

In this case, we’ll have to open our eyes… we are surrounded by scenery, more beautiful than we can dream of.

It’s sometimes just a little bird, a butterfly, or a flower… but still, we don’t see it anymore. We are too focused on ourselves than to realize what we need to mend our heart is right in front of us.

How about the Goldfinch:

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The Zebra colored swallowtail:

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The Magnolia:

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It isn’t difficult to discover beauty all around us, just hold still for a moment, open your eyes and take it in… Try it! It doesn’t need a lot, just a few minutes of your time. The time that is so valuable that you don’t use it to enrich your life anymore.

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13 thoughts on “Big And Small Beauty And Where To Find It

  1. Thank you, Aurora. Due to our advanced years…we don ‘t ‘hare around’ anymore (while mentally around 50), but we (‘im indoors) and I, do appreciate nature ‘when she behaves.’..) so thank you for the commendable photos. We remain ever curious about this fascinating world of ours and both write a lot, do crosswords, read and listen the some of the truly wonderful music recorded over the years. How lucky we all are to live in a democracy! Here’s to Hope, Peace and Love. Joy xxx


  2. I think this is all true, though having to pass over mountains on the way to visit my mother has taken the shine off them for me. Waiting fourteen hours in a blizzard in a freezing cold car (for the snowplough) is no fun, having to open the window to poke your hand upwards to allow air in is no fun either.
    But recently having to wait four days until they could bulldoze a serious landslide away was way too much. Now I only wish to see pictures of snowy mountains, not cross them. Oh, and believe it or not, to stop hundreds of thousands of tons of rock crashing into that road they have put up nets. Impossible to believe. I didn’t but I passed them.
    If you don’t believe me, check out “The Rest and be Thankful” lol, I know strange name for a mountain. It once was the only route into Argyll through a treacherous high mountain pass. At that time, you walked or went by cart, and it was so terrible, when the travelers got down the mountain they rested and prayed to thank God for their safe traverse. The name “Rest and be Thankful” stuck. Its true name is Glen Kinglas. The other pictures were wonderful.


  3. “Stop and smell the roses,” comes to mind. God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” After all, he created it all. Even looking out your window at times, one can see the beauty all around us, in the sky, the clouds, the sunset, sunrise, the tiny flowers on those pesky yard weeds. It’s an amazing world, when you take the time to stop and look at it. Thanks, AJ.

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