When You Care Too Much – Part II

Andreas, ‘The Council of Twelve Assistant’ by trade, sat on a hill, close to Los Angeles and stared at the disaster in his view. He looked at several horrifying brush fires that threatened to destroy not only nature and animals, nests, breeding places, caves and plants, but also ground, houses, and the properties and lives of humans who had worked hard to accomplish their goals.

He then was called to the fire of an entire block in Chicago, was reported wildfires in Greece and Cypress, and finally was informed that there were horrifying fires in Spain, and Australia…

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He took himself back home and was searching for Simael, who had been sulking somewhere in an outside camp, away from everyone else, licking his wounds. He found the Archangel in a hammock; his breathtaking wings were recklessly hanging down to the ground.

“Archangel, if you treat your wings like this, some Assistant in a bad mood could actually step on them.”

Simael shrugged. “Go ahead, Assistant, and you’ll die.”

Andreas nodded. He knew, this Archangel didn’t just waste his time with empty threats. He’d keep true to his word. Simael was treated dreadfully as a child by his own parents. His incomparable looks had earned him as many admirers as haters… he was bullied, excluded, treated like an outsider, an alien… Some would consider his personality ‘controverse’ at best.

Simael was a warm-hearted and helpful personality by nature, but he was also used and hurt so many times, that he was finally tired of everyone and everybody and had become somewhat a loner, for quite some time.

Against all odds, after his last ‘encounter’ with a woman, Simael took a while to recover, as usually, and then returned to his tasks… but soon after lost his interest in his chores and finally started neglecting his armies and subordinates. Andreas, together with Tsechirel had taken over the commands and tried to hide their friend’s disinterest for a long time… However, they knew it couldn’t go on like this forever. Eventually this would be discovered, and the balance had to become even again.

At this point Andreas wanted to help Simael finding back to his tasks and duties, helping the world, humans, the Lord’s and his Father’s creation…

Andreas sighed. “You’re at your best, I can see that.” Simael stared into the air. “What are you doing here?” The Assistant stepped forward, in respectful distance of Simael’s powerful wings, and replied softly: “I need your help… half the world is on fire, and I can’t figure out the source. I know, there are fires in California, and Australia, and Greece… but not in this time of the year – and not all of them to the same extent. It’s devastating. And I cannot find the source.”

Despite his demonstrated disinterest, Simael looked at Andreas, now curious. “How long is this going on now?” Andreas blinked. “I’m not sure. I discovered the first of these events quite a few months ago.” Simael got up. “Who else knows about it?” Andreas hung his head. “Nobody.” It took Simael a full ten seconds to discover the lie. “Haha…” He replied sarcastically. “Like you would look at something like that and not tell anyone. Come on… spit it out.”

Andreas softly replied: “Tsechirel.” Simael smiled. “Of course, who else. Why don’t you get him to meet me in Athens, and we can see what we can do to help – and then, to stop it. We might need someone to help us investigate. Are you up for it?”

Since this was the first time in a long time Simael showed interest in anything, Andreas nodded. “Of course.” It wasn’t generally one of his own tasks, but he didn’t care. Simael was a pleasure to work with, and Andreas wanted to be part of it when this particular Archangel came back to participate in his own activities and be a part of ‘The Council of Twelve’ again.

Simael and Andreas informed Tsechirel and they all met in Greece to have a look at the fires… and then Simael frowned. The wind just blew a gust into this direction. Could you smell something weird?”

Tsechirel shook his head. “Not from here. How about you, Andreas.” The Archangel-Assistant shook his head. “Nothing unusual for me either. It smells like burned wood, grass, ashes… what we always smell with common fire…

Simael’s eyes got small. “No.” he insisted. “I know there’s something off. I can smell it. Something isn’t right. This is not a natural fire.”

Tsechirel carefully watched Simael. He admired this particular Archangel deeply. Despite all the bad things that happened to him growing up, with his lack of parental love and support, he still had the softest heart. He wasn’t entirely sure what exactly drove him off so badly, but he knew, Simael had been deeply hurt once again, otherwise he had not become the loner that he was. Oddly enough, Tsechirel understood his friend to a certain degree.

It wasn’t easy to become an Archangel and realizing that a long-term relationship with one woman had become impossible, unless, of course, that one woman was the Archangel consort, which none of them had met yet.

Sometimes either one of them met an extraordinary lady, good to the core, wonderful, beautiful, and some other ‘ful’s too, and none of them had stayed yet. Being with an Archangel was extremely demanding for every woman. Their partner had barely every time for them, and if they did, a longer get-together, or even living together, was nearly impossible. Archangels were too powerful for any woman who was not meant to be their consort. Every Archangel practically radiated power from the smallest beard stubble to the last tip of their feathers. The feeling of ‘humming’ was straining to the female organism, and it had happened that a woman had to leave the Archangel in the middle of the night, nauseated, and not knowing what happened to her.

It was disappointing over and over again for them to know, once again, what they had was ‘only a fling’, despite the predictions and the promises. Obviously, it wasn’t their time yet.

At this moment, however, Simael was highly alert, and even suspicious. He wandered around, muttered to himself, and suddenly he swung around to face his friend and his brother. “I got it… I know where I smelled this particular note before. – Oh no. These fires are my doing.”

Tsechirel shook his head to comfort his brother. “Don’t say that, Sim. You didn’t…” But Simael interrupted him. “… what? Light up the match? Surely not… but this is the doing of a very, very powerful woman, a supernatural being, to be precise. And she just declared war.”

Andreas scratched his head. “Do I understand that correctly? Your ex-girlfriend did that? The one you saved a while ago?”

Simael nodded. “Precisely. I remember how she smelled. It was that undertone… that one single wonderful perfume of sandalwood. Incomparable, and even when it’s burning it smells far beyond ‘just’ ashes. It has this unique aroma – oh, if she wants a war, she’ll be disappointed.”

Tsechirel frowned. “No fighting?” Simael chuckled. “I didn’t say no fighting. I said, no war.” Andreas snorted. “What are you up to?” Simael shrugged. “Come on, guys, let’s be real. Do you really think I’ll fight a woman, no matter how powerful she is, she’ll never beat an Archangel.” Tsechirel nodded. “Well, that’s true. But what are you going to do?”

Simael fumed. “She dared to damage nature, the world, our Creator’s work… She needs to be stopped. Too many lives are in danger. I would say, I will find her and teach her a lesson. However, I need to talk to our brothers. They must understand what’s going on and that I might need their support.”

Tsechirel seemed confused. “What are you talking about? You are an Archangel, she is a supernatural being, but still, in a fight, she’s got not chance.” Simael nodded. “I’m with you. But she must agree to either leave the Earth, Nature, animals and human beings out of this, or she’ll find out what Archangel Fire feels like. And that could end up in a ‘Hell of a blast’.”

Andreas and Tsechirel laughed. “Oh, that’s what you meant. Well, fine, let us get to the Great Hall.”

They all met there, and Simael explained the situation. Gabriel and Michael exchanged a brief look, which Simael discovered in one of the mirrors. “What was that about?” Gabriel shrugged. “I figured; you’d fall for that. You know, she challenged you, right?” Simael nodded. “Of course. And I am afraid, I seem to fall for that. However, I am not going to fall for her. I will not let her use me, no matter what. She didn’t merely challenge me, she challenged us, and our Father. This either stops, or she might face a heap of ashes she will not rise from anymore.” Michael grinned and Gabriel laughed. “Well, now you’re talking.


Raphael called Evaan, an old and very powerful Demon Tracker. “You said once, you do have the unusual skills to track other supernatural creatures too, besides demons. Would it be possible for you to help us find a Phoenix?” Evaan nodded. “Of course. Even though, they’re not exactly my favorite species. Female or male?”

Raphael was confused. “Why is that important?” Evaan smiled. “To us trackers, female Phoenix smell slightly stronger and are a bit easier to track. But, in case you refer to tracking Suri, that’s unnecessary. She informed us that she’ll awaits you in California’s Santa Monica Mountain, slightly off Malibu.”

“Crap.” Gabriel stated. “Lots of bushes, dry grass, and brush. Burns like gasoline.”

Uriel smirked. “Not with me there. Archangel Fire doesn’t spread.” Then he frowned. “I’m still curious as to why she would send our trackers a message? It seems she’s quite ahead of us.”

Simael nodded. “I agree. I need to solve that problem immediately, before she causes even bigger damage.”

They all went down to Earth and found Suri standing exactly where she said she would be. She swung around, wen she discovered Simael. Uriel, Tsechirel and Gabriel stayed hidden.

The beautiful woman smiled. “Well-well…” She said. “Look who’s finally here… welcome, my future husband.” Simael chuckled. “Nice welcome, lady. It’s interesting to hear how you planned my further existence for me. We both know, that’s never going to happen.”

He slightly tilted his head to the side and looked more like a breathtaking ice and crystal sculpture than a living humanoid creature. “I’m here to keep you from doing any more harm to the Earth. That arson has to stop. What do you want?”

Suri snorted. “I want you to apologize for dumping me… then I want us to get married. I’m your consort.” Simael couldn’t help himself when he felt rage boiling up inside of him and he snapped:” You were the one dumping me. You told me you felt imprisoned and that I’m boring you… both clear signs that you are not my consort. You were the one dumping me – and I merely gave you your freedom, that’s all. Now you are free. Enjoy it.”

Suri shook her head. “I was telling you that I need more entertainment and need to come and go as I please. Next thing I know I’m standing all alone on the street and you and my home are gone.”

Simael smiled. “That’s not how I remember it… but it doesn’t matter at all. I don’t want you back, and I’d rather bite off my tongue than going to get married to someone who doesn’t love me. Now, what else do you have to offer?”

She was just about to step closer, when Simael clearly warned her: “And be careful now. Think twice about what you’re going to say… your life depends on your next words.”

Suri laughed. “What do you think, you could do to me? Burn me to ashes? I’m a Phoenix, I’d be back in shorter time than you can imagine.”

Simael shook his head. “Even a Phoenix cannot resist Archangel Fire. And your Nemesis stands right behind you.”

Slightly shocked Suri whirled around… she wanted to take a step back, but was held in place by ties that surrounded her feet and ankles. “I’m part Archangel.” She yelled. “I will survive Archangel Fire! What do you want? What’s going on? What’s that supposed to be?” She screamed.

Tsechirel, Uriel and Gabriel showed themselves, all three of them a big grin on their faces. Uriel held demonstratively his fire sword in his right hand…

Suri paled. Then she screamed: “Father… Father, help me now!” – Nothing happened… She tried it twice again, and still no reaction. Finally, she lost patience and yelled from the top of her lungs. “Lucifer you stupid pig, move your ass up here – this instant!”

The Archangels exchanged a surprised look, while a small giggle escaped Gabriel’s lips… when suddenly a rip in the air showed up, and a coughing man in flip flops and light gray sweat shorts climbed through, accompanied by a huge cloud of smoke and the heavy smell of opium and marihuana.

He seemed slightly disoriented and stared at her. “What the Hell are you calling me for?” Then he discovered the Archangels. “Oh… You’re here? Hi guys. What is she up to now? You’re not assaulting my girl, are you?”

Gabriel shook his head. “Really, Lu. Your girl? And you never bothered to tell her that she’s not related to you?” Lucifer shrugged. “She’s like my daughter.” He defended himself.

Tsechirel chuckled. “You telling her she’s biologically related to you, made her believe being a Phoenix and ‘part Archangel’, as she expressed it, would make her resistant to Archangel Fire.”

Lucifer turned to Suri. “Oh, you stupid unit… I didn’t expect you to be that dumb, seriously. You’re pretty, and you’re useful. You did almost everything I wanted you to do. But trying to seduce an Archangel was not one of them, and threatening them is by far the most idiotic thing you’re ever tried. Nobody can resist Archangel Fire, not even an Archangel. And not even me. Even if you and I were blood related, which, of course, we’re not, since I’d never sleep with something that smells like cold barbeque, you still wouldn’t bear a chance.”

Suri sulked. “Does that mean, you won’t help me?” Lucifer shook his head. “I don’t even think about it. See for yourself how you get out of this. You’re seriously just too dumb to exist.”

She tried to protest: “But… you said… only an Archangel consort…” Lucifer interrupted her. “And you went and tried to become one? My-oh-my…” He turned to the Archangels. “What did she do?”

Simael shrugged. “Set half the world on fire.” Lucifer scowled. “Light her up. There’s no place in this existence for someone that mentally limited.” He waved briefly and was gone.

Suri turned around and looked at Simael, tears in her eyes. “Please… I’m so sorry…”

But this one time, Simael’s eyes were merciless, and the silver shine turned to ice. “Too late.” He told her. Uriel’s sword touched her in the back of her neck, and with a short hiss, Suri, the Phoenix, turned into ashes, collapsed, and the ocean breeze carried the microscopic pieces away, out to the water…


And Simael disappeared to collect his troops and fight the fires. It was time he took back his existence and fought for the Good side, for Earth, humans, and his warriors.

Just one thing, he swore to himself… he would never again, fall for just a pretty face. He would wait for his consort, forever and ever, if necessary… but he would wait.

And that’s how Simael became the most unique, the most alien, the most beautiful, and the loneliest Archangel existing….

Picture courtesy of ‘Google.com’