‘The Council Of Twelve’ Series Is Award-Winning!

February 13, 2023 the Winners of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Awards were announced. And yes, I’m very thrilled and excited to inform you all that ‘The Council of Twelve’ series has made the winner in the ‘Novellas & Shorts Series’ category!

2022 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award WINNERS! – Paranormal Romance Guild

Thank you all very much for voting!

Seeking Legal Help? Find It Here!

I’m generally a person who keeps certain things private and doesn’t talk about them much. Also, I’m not one to scream recommendations into the Northern Hemisphere, but today I’m making an exception for a good reason!

A few years back, I needed legal help in a matter that was both humiliating and embarrassing at the same time. I knew that without the help of an attorney, I wouldn’t get anywhere.

By a fortunate coincidence, I got the name of a classic, respected, and experienced law firm by the name of Donnelly & Warner into my hands, and I called them. I talked to a very nice, polite, considerate lawyer, Matthew J. Warner, who listened to my problem and decided to help me through a time and a case that otherwise could have been hard, extended, and painful for me. I’m very grateful for his help; indeed, he helped me again later. I would entrust him with whatever legal problem in my life, anytime.

I read Mr. Gregory R. Donnelly got excellent reviews as well! So, whoever you pick, you’ll be in good hands.

Donnelly & Warner is located in  Wayne, New Jersey, but Mr. Warner is licensed to practice law in New York State too. Their legal practice areas are mainly:

  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Real Estate
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Traffic Violations / DWI

Check out their Website here:

If you’re located in NJ/NY, and you are facing a legal challenge, give them a ring at 973-696-6770. They’ll be delighted to hear from you!

(That said, please be assured that this is not a common ‘promotion’, and I’m in no way being paid for this blog post. I just happen to recommend and endorse someone who gave me time, encouragement, and legal advice to solve my problems!)

The Golden Eagle Flies (Deonur’s Past)

The little angel boy had just tested his wings, like the others in his class. Despite him being the first who had been able actually to lift his entire body off the ground, the others laughed about him. ‘Too big, the wings.’ They said. And the boy got discouraged…

He decided he had to grow into his wings as fast as possible and wished he didn’t have to go to school anymore.

When the teasing and mocking didn’t stop, the teacher finally had to halt the bullying.

During one of the flying lessons, he removed the breeze from under the bullies’ wings, and the entire gang fell to the ground… and they fell hard.

After the groaning and moaning finally stopped, the teacher told them harshly: “Now, get up, you lot.”

They followed directions and stood before their teacher, who paced up and down. “I’ve had it with you all.” He stared at them; his already dark brown eyes got darker. “We were working hard for you all to get into the air. The one who does the best job is the one none of you respects. He would have been the only one keeping himself in the air during the wind drop. None of you could do that. I strongly recommend you study more, and you might ask him for help instead of laughing about him and giving him a hard time.”

The teacher eyed one of them in particular. “Shane. Don’t even think I don’t know you are the leader of that pack. I insist you concentrate on your studies and your soon-to-be-seen progress, or I will have to report you.” He turned to all in the group again. “If you’re too stupid to think for yourself and follow this jealous hypocrite of a boy, so be it. If you want to get somewhere in this life, you might want to start using your brain.”

The bullies shyly eyed Deonur from the side, and he didn’t budge. He looked at them, but there was no smile or mocking on his side. It was just a mild curiosity in his eyes.

It took years of further development to understand that they could have had a strong bond with this calm and highly versatile boy… but they weren’t smart enough to recognize that.

The bullying flared up again when the class was much older, and they were flying close to the mountains to test their flying abilities in that area.

The teacher overlooked Deonur, not because he wanted to be cruel, but because the boy was so calm, quiet, and modest, he was barely visible… and when he flew in front of trees and rock, he disappeared. His breathtaking, strong wings, the color of a Golden Eagle’s, blended in so perfectly that the teacher could not see his student.


The Senior Class of that year’s Divine Army had just had their final exams and celebrated by spending some time on Earth. They were a bit overenthusiastic and wanted to prove to each other how good they were as angels… They flew through cities and tested their wings, but also helped two groups against thieves, broke up a fistfight between several people, supported a group of ladies who had to bring in the hay, and walked around, spreading smiles and making the one or other female heart jump… until one of them disappeared.

They had agreed to meet at a particular spot where they had landed to return home together. They knew, technically, they weren’t permitted to go down to Earth unsupervised yet. But their teachers occasionally looked the other way, provided the final exams were passed.

The group had yet to learn where to look for the missing youngster until Deonur asked. “We were quite a group coming down here. Who is the missing one?” One of the others said quietly: “It’s Shane.”

To everybody’s surprise, Deonur didn’t hesitate. “Well, we better hurry up and look for him. The more time passes, the worse it gets. But we don’t have to stay here. Let’s say five of us are searching for him, and the rest go back home – but please, inform Nicholas. He needs to know, and he can help or send us help. No matter what Shane did or did not do, he’s still an angel, nearly of age, and he doesn’t just disappear with no trace. Something serious has happened. I feel it in my guts.”

The others looked at him with growing respect. It seemed very much the boy they had ignored most of their school time suddenly showed he would have been a valuable member of their group and a formidable friend if they hadn’t been so jealous.


The search took several hours, and just when they discovered a group of bad-smelling creatures who had abducted Shane, Nicholas found them.

“Oh, that’s not good.” He whispered. Deonur nodded. “We can’t sneak up on them and hope to get him out. They’ll disappear with him, and we won’t see him again for a long time. I didn’t consider this to be a danger. I’m so sorry.”

Nicholas shook his head. “It’s not your fault, boy. It’s mine. I have responsibility over you, and I let you go. But let’s think about what to do.” One of them whispered desperately. “They’re getting prepared to leave. Are these demons?”

Nicholas nodded grimly. “I’m afraid so. I called for help, but it will take a moment for them to show up.” Deonur smiled. “I can help. But you will have to trust me… all of you.”

Nicholas frowned. “What do you….” Deonur shook his head. “No time to explain. Grab the lot and go home… Shane and I will meet you in our classroom.” With these words, he took off, no even a ‘swoosh’ of his wings betrayed his presence… the feathers were as silent as the one of an owl.

The teacher nodded, satisfied. “He’ll be a phenomenal spy one day.” He thought by himself, then he took the entire group and disappeared.

Deonur flew a circle and waited for his chance… just when the ugly creatures pulled Shane up to his feet, Deonur saw that the brutal demons had bound Shane’s wings; one of them held Shane’s right arm, the other one half-heartedly the left one, Deonur quietly flew down… His speed was breathtaking, but he needed plenty of strength to lift his classmate and gain height again to disappear.

He shot out of the dark like a cannonball, grabbed Shane’s waist with his muscular legs, and took off. He didn’t waste any time looking back… he knew he had to leave immediately. His solid and well-trained wings carried the two angels higher and higher into the clouds. Deonur had torn the ties off Shane’s wings, and the boy and himself could finally teleport to the school of Divine Army. They landed, heavily breathing in front of the building.

Shane coughed, straightened himself up, walked over to Deonur, and looked into the young man’s eyes before finally calmly saying roughly: “Man, that was a hell of a ride. I don’t know how you managed to fly that quietly. I’ve never seen any other angel do that.” He took a break; then, he finally held out his hand. “Thank you, Mate. Thanks for saving my sorry butt from hell. I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

After a moment of hesitation, Deonur’s face cracked into a smile; he accepted Shane’s handshake and said: “You’re welcome.”

Shane nodded, and suddenly his eyes seemed to water a bit. “Listen, Man… If you ever need help, no matter when, in what situation, or where… call me – and I’ll be there, that I swear.”

Deonur smiled a bit. “Are you the teeniest bit touched?” Shane shook his head. “Bullshit… I got dust in my eyes.”

They laughed when they entered the classroom where Nicholas was waiting with the rest of the group.

Immediately their classmates surrounded them. “How…” – “What happened?” – “When…”

Deonur didn’t feel like talking much about that episode, and he just nodded, found his teacher’s eyes, and then quietly disappeared. When Shane went looking for him, he didn’t see him anywhere.

Later that evening, Nicholas met with Raphael. “That boy is remarkable, isn’t he?” Nicholas nodded. “I can only recommend him for the highest possible education to prepare him for a spot in the ‘Council of Twelve.’ This boy would be a phenomenal spy for the Archangels.”

Raphael smiled. “Thank you for your recommendation, Nicholas. We will surely keep an eye on him. But let’s find out what he will become first. Maybe his destiny is entirely different? None of us knows.”


When Deonur’s birth flower opened, not only the regular group of school senators and experts were present. The group included Raphael and Michael. When Deonur spread his wings, these beautiful, strong wings, in the color of a Golden Eagle, they both looked at each other and smiled… One day, this boy would join their Council… but this was for later… many millennia later…


(Sub-story to ‘The Council of Twelve’ series by A. J. Alexander – Copyright Aurora Jean Alexander, February 2023)

Picture courtesy of http://www.audubon.org

A Book – A Dream – A Reality?

Picture courtesy of Google.com

When I read this quote, I remembered all these people telling me about their plans and dreams to become an author ‘one day’.

When they find out I’m an author, I suddenly hear: “Oh, I ALWAYS wanted to write a book if I only had more time!” My reply usually is: “Well, it needs a bit more than only time to write a book… like a plan, a plot, an outline, character sheets, character voices, character development, knowing the craft, editing, an editor, a cover designer, a publisher, networking… AND TALENT!” The regular reaction to this bravery is generally a more or less polite excuse and the welcome departure of my conversation partner.

But there are a few people I met who dream of becoming an author and have the time but not the courage to write that book. and to them, I’d like to show this quote by Estee Lauder.

No book was ever written by dreaming about it!

Get up, plan, plot, outline – AND WRITE!!

Only by writing that story will be written, and only when you work on that book will the story be told to the world. Some dream forever about their hopes for success. Others, like Estee Lauder, wake up, roll their sleeves, and start working! Do the same; only then will your dream come true!

Don’t think about ‘becoming’ a writer. You have that story in your head – you already ARE a writer! But only by hard work and the guts to get that story out into the world will you become a successful published author!

What you need is the courage to start. Find it. It’s hidden within yourself. Dig it up, sit down, and write. It doesn’t matter HOW you write it. Take a pen and paper – or use your laptop, a desktop, a tablet… whatever rocks your boat. But without your investment and emotions, your story will be lost.

Get up, write that book, bring it into the world, and be proud of yourself!

Maybe nothing will ever last from me… nobody will write my biography, ever… but my books, my stories, are for eternity.

And that’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?

Estée Lauder (/ˈɛsteɪ ˈlɔːdər/EST-ay LAW-dər; néeJosephine Esther Mentzer; July 1, 1908 – April 24, 2004) was an American businesswoman. She co-founded her eponymous cosmetics company with her husband, Joseph Lauter (later Lauder). Lauder was the only woman on Time magazine’s 1998 list of the 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century.

Lauder graduated from Newtown High School in Elmhurst, Queens, New York, and much of her childhood was spent trying to make ends meet. Like most of her eight siblings, she worked at the family’s hardware store, where she got her first taste of business, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to be a successful retailer. Her childhood dream was to become an actress with her “name in lights, flowers and handsome men”.

When Lauder grew older, she agreed to help her uncle, Dr. John Schotz, with his business. Schotz was a chemist, and his company, New Way Laboratories, sold beauty products such as creams, lotions, rouge, and fragrances. She became more interested in his business than her father’s. She was fascinated watching her uncle create his products. He also taught her how to wash her face and do facial massages. After graduating from high school, she focused on her uncle’s business.

Lauder named one of her uncle’s blends Super Rich All-Purpose Cream, and began selling the preparation to her friends. She sold creams like Six-In-One cold cream and Dr. Schotz’s Viennese Cream to beauty shops, beach clubs and resorts. One day, as she was getting her hair done at the House of Ash Blondes, the salon’s owner Florence Morris asked Lauder about her perfect skin. Soon, Estée returned to the beauty parlor to hand out four of her uncle’s creams and demonstrate their use. Morris was so impressed that she asked Lauder to sell her products at Morris’s new salon.

In 1953, Lauder introduced her first fragrance, Youth-Dew, a bath oil that doubled as a perfume. Instead of using French perfumes by the drop behind each ear, women began using Youth-Dew by the bottle in their bath water. In the first year, it sold 50,000 bottles; by 1984, the figure had risen to 150 million.

Lauder was a subject of a 1985 TV documentary, Estée Lauder: The Sweet Smell of Success. She explained her success: “I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.”

Lauder died of cardiopulmonary arrest on April 24, 2004, aged 95, at her home in Manhattan.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Welcome Back Sharon K Connell

It is a very special pleasure for me to welcome you back on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’. In your former visits we learned about your writing, your writing process and asked for some advice. But there are so many more questions to ask!

Let’s see what you can tell us today:

  1. Would you please describe your writer’s spot?

My home office is where I write. A large desk with a hutch sits next to a window with a view of our front yard, a bird bath, and a yellow rose tree. The desk holds many books and writing implements. The hutch contains other items I use in creating my books.

Hanging from the hutch, to the left of my laptop, is my current character board. To my right is a TV stand with a lap tray over it where I keep a three-ring-binder for the story I’m currently working on. (I don’t know about you, AJ, but I have a lot of books open and papers everywhere with information I need to get the story down the way I want it.) To my left is an antique phone table that holds a rolodex, address books, note pads, and other items I use during the day. My office is set up this way so I don’t have to get up every two minutes to find something. Everything is at my fingertips.

  • Is there a particular plan or schedule you follow with your writing?

Yes. When I start my new story, I get the story down first. No editing, unless something is staring me in the face and telling me, “You need to fix this.”

After the first draft, I go back and read the entire story through, catching some easy fixes. D

During the 3rd draft, I seriously edit one chapter at a time, using three online editing programs. As each chapter is finished with the editing programs, I run the chapter through the ReadAloud program on my laptop.

After editing, I send the chapter to my critique group for their input. While waiting for those critiques to come in, I start the editing on the next chapter. As the critiques come back, I go over what was suggested, corrected, etc. and decide what changes to make.

When the entire story has been critiqued, I once more read through the story to make sure it flows and I haven’t overlooked anything. After that, it goes to my professional editor.

  • Do you think writers often are ‘introverted’ people, preferring to be alone rather than in company?

I’m not sure about that. I don’t consider myself an introvert, although I do not like large crowds. But I love to talk to people, and I don’t mind talking to groups.

  • Do you publicly speak or have readings, and if yes, do you have any advice for beginners?

In the past, I spoke to church groups and various others. I haven’t done that for a long time. I also sang publicly. But I haven’t had any readings. My voice has deteriorated through the years due to sinus problems and allergies.

The only advice I could offer is to know your subject well, have notes in front of you to refer to, and make sure you are well-rested. Also, do not focus on any one individual in front of you. Look at the back of the group and speak to an imaginary person who is enjoying what you are talking about. J

  • There are so many scams out there for writers and upcoming authors. Did you ever have experience with any of it and do you have advice on how to not get trapped?

When I first started writing, I contacted a vanity press, not knowing what I was doing. It took forever for me to get them to leave me alone. I finally got an answering machine for my home phone and let it answer all my calls. Eventually, they gave up.

As far as scams, no. I never have had to deal with that. When it comes to emails and phone calls, I simply do not answer if I don’t know who’s calling or emailing me. I do not open anything I’m not one-hundred percent sure of.

My advice is, only deal with those you know or those who have been vouched for by people you trust.

  • Do you have a particular marketing strategy for your books?

Since I’m an indie author, I basically do all my own marketing. I’ve gone the route of having others market for me, but haven’t seen any more increase than when I do my own. Having worked in advertising, creating advertisements is easy and fun. I take the advertisements I’ve created and post them on Facebook and Twitter once daily, and occasionally on Instagram (except for Sunday). You don’t want to irritate readers by bombarding them with your books all day long.

So far, this has worked well for me. My base of readers has increased steadily.

  • Did you publish more of your work since your last visit here? If yes, please tell us about it.

The last time I was a guest on your blog was December of 2020. Since then, I’ve published Ko’olau’s Secret and Tall Pines Sanctuary, two romantic suspense mystery novels, and Amethyst Lights, and romantic suspense fantasy novelette.

Ko’olau’s Secret is set on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. My main character, Kyleigh Flanagan, flies from Texas to O’ahu after she receives a suspicious note from her Army Major father. His commanding officer has no explanation for her father’s disappearance but has ordered an investigation. She checks in with Honolulu law enforcement and meets detectives O’Shea and Swanson who have already started an investigation based on information the major had given them about criminal activity on the post. Kyleigh is not sure she can trust them. One of the detectives causes sparks to fly, but not the good kind. Not at first.

Tall Pines Sanctuary is set in Colorado at the edge of The Rockies. Twenty-four-year-old artist Faith O’Callaghan was bequeathed her grandfather’s magnificent log cabin in the mountains. She’s convinced her grandfather’s death was not an accident and is determined to find out what really happened to Gramps. Faith’s fiancé, Josiah, hasn’t heard from her for months. Upon discharge from the Army, he sets out to find answers. This story has a few mysteries to solve.

Amethyst Lights is a story about Lady Jillian, a faery from the village of Amythaseah. She’s been ordered to marry the cruel and self-centered prince against her will. The village is under a curse which caused it to disappear except for a seven-day break every one-hundred years. Jillian flees to the world outside her hamlet during the break. Lylan, a faery from a town outside the royal hamlet, comes across the glowing village as the break in the curse begins. When Jillian bursts out of the bushes and falls to the ground, Lylan rushes to her aide. The question is, can he protect her and can a royal faery love a common gentlefaeryman.

Currently, I’m working on a story to be released this summer. Trust Never After. It will be a romantic suspense novel set in central Minnesota, with just a touch of mystery.

Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!!

Connect with Sharon:

Website: http://www.authorsharonkconnell.com

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/sharonkconnell

Facebook Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/averypresenthelpbook1

Facebook Author’s Page: https://www.facebook.com/ChristianRomanceSuspense/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SharonKConnell

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/SharonKConnell

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharonkconnell

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/rosecastle1/

YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/avtIO2XZ-Ds

YouTube: youtube.com/@authorsharonkconnellcreates

Tall Pines Sanctuary Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/3450908258475494

Ko’olau’s Secret Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1125923617932028Amethyst Lights Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2383356775135658

Sharon’s Books:

Ko’olau’s Secret https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732923752

Tall Pines Sanctuary: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732923787

Amethyst Lights: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732923795

A Sporty Happy Friend – A Riddle

Most of us just look the same

Not much variation here at all.

We are pretty much the same color

And we are the opposite of small.


We live in the warmest spot on our Earth

And we need water to survive

But during the night we will go grazing

We herbivores need plants to thrive


During the day we refuse to move much

And just lay around, lazy and fat

But don’t underestimate us, we’ll outrun you

And will kill you then – and that is that.


Despite us looking lazy and sleepy

We are more dangerous than you might think

Stay out of our sight or you’ll be sorry

You’d be dead before you blink.


No matter how innocent and tired we look

We are no animals to pet

We want to be completely left alone

Remember that, or you’ll regret.


We can swim and we can dive

Our ears are big, and so’s the mouth

We are quite unique among the animals

And we are endangered by the drouth.


There is no other species in our family

When we mate we fight to kill

One of our males is quite the ‘Casanova’

With up to thirty females at his will.


We’re big and round, and we got no fur

Our skin is hairless and mostly gray.

We live in rivers, ponds and swamps

Give us water, and there we’ll stay.


We are the best example that

Exercise and eating greens

Does not work to lose some weight

We think it’s anchored in the genes.


I think you have guessed who we are by now

A very special animal sort

Call us a big gray ‘Hippopotamus’

Or simply ‘Hippo’ to make it short.


(Copyright: Aurora Jean Alexander, February 2023)

Picture courtesy of the San Diego Zoo website

Blog Tour: Let Your Lips Twitch


Let Your Lips Twitch 💋 

Comedy is everywhere if you allow yourself to see it—to feel it. It can be subtle or overt, dark or joyous, adorable or cheeky. Such ageless versatility is beyond compare. Curated with that in mind, author R.A. Clarke proudly presents sixteen humorous stories to the world.

Between these covers, you’ll find short fiction in several genres. Each tale is infused with unique characters and comical situations, some rooted in reality, others certainly not. Flip the page and join a jewel heist executed by bumbling thieves at a gastronomy party, meet a lowly soul gifted the fantastical chance to redo an all-consuming moment of regret, or sweat alongside a father as he realizes his daughter is growing up too fast. Turn another page and you’ll enjoy clowning around while meeting Mr. Right, then zoom in on a perfectly focused meet cute, or feel Mother Nature’s wrath as a rebellious fishing excursion goes all kinds of wrong. There is something in this collection for everyone to enjoy, including eight never-before-seen stories.

Allow yourself to be entertained and whisked away. Let humour in all its glorious forms tempt your lips to move. Don’t fight the urge. Embrace it. Go ahead and let your lips twitch.



So, I know I just shared an excerpt… but I couldn’t resist sharing one more – a slightly bigger one that I’ve read myself for all to enjoy! This selection is taken from a fantastical tale called Mr. Regret, found within my book “Let Your Lips Twitch”. Enjoy! 😃

#Excerpt #authorreading #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #spokenword #LetYourLipsTwitch #shortstory #fantasy #humor #preorder #comingsoon #book #collection #comedy #regrets

R.A. Clarke is a former police officer turned stay-at-home-mom living in Portage la Prairie, MB with two busy boys, a sport-aholic husband, and a couple of quirky dogs. She maintains her sanity by guzzling copious amounts of coffee and diving into fantastic worlds of her own creation.

Rachael loves fulfilling dreams and seeking new inspirations. As an artist, community theatre actor, and writer, her creativity never sleeps. She’s currently working on a little bit of a lot… which includes writing a YA fantasy novel, a sci-fi adventure novel, and writing/illustrating picture books (under the name Rachael Clarke). If you have kids, feel free to check out her children’s chapter book, The Big Ol’ Bike, just released in November, 2020.<

Follow R.A. Clarke:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raclarkeauthor

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rachaelclarkewrites?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Twitter: @raclarkewrites

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Author Interview With 2022 Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee A. J. Alexander

I just discovered that my interview is published now on the ‘Paranormal Romance Guild’s’ website. I’m so very proud of this interview, as well as my nomination.

Please, don’t forget to vote for the book and the series. Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me!


2022 RCA Author Interview with A.J. Alexander

Interview by Sherry Perkins

A.J. Alexander, Paranormal Romance Guild 2022 Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee, writes poetry, fantasy, and is an accomplished classical musician. She often explores the concept of good vs. evil in her short stories or novellas while challenging the idea that angels, guardians and demons aren’t necessarily always male but romance usually figures into the struggle.


Writer’s Health Issues

Writers often face physical and psychological challenges that many other professionals don’t experience.

  • Headaches
  • Vision
  • Obesity
  • Neck and back problems
  • Muscular disorders
  • Lack of vitamin D
  • Depression

Let’s have a look at the different health challenges.

Headaches and Vision problems are often caused by staring into an older computer monitor for hours without resting your head or eyes.

Recommended: Take a break every 30 to 60 minutes to give yourself a short rest, get up, walk around, open and close your eyes, and stretch your body; it is helpful in more than one way, you will see!

Obesity: Many writers claim their creativity flows mainly at nighttime, which isn’t surprising since many writers are working full-time jobs, and in the evening, their families demand their attention. They’ll use whatever time of the day they have left. Unfortunately, when they have peace to write, they barely move during the nighttime, but they’re tempted to keep their drinks and snacks as close as possible to avoid wasting time’ getting up and getting them. Both lead to extremely unhealthy eating habits and can cause weight gain and cardiac problems.

Recommended: Set a time limit for writing in the evening and on weekends. You can tell your family you need a few hours of quiet time for writing is nothing wrong with that. When you prepare for writing, there is nothing wrong with a drink or a snack, but pour yourself some water and prepare a healthy snack, such as berries or apple slices. (If possible, shortly before you go to bed, take out the dog for a quick walk around the block. It will relax you and make your move, which is healthy for your weight and the tension in your neck, back, and other muscles. – If you don’t have a dog, cats love going for walks, too!)

Wrong chairs often cause neck and back problems, incorrect heights of chairs, and ‘slouching’ on the chair. Getting up and moving around in regular 20-30 minute intervals is an innovative and healthy thing to do.

Recommended: Before you sit down to write, go outside, get your body to move, stretch your back and neck, and relax while walking. Take your dog for a walk. (Provided you have one, if not, cats love walks too, and so do children, husbands, wives, girls- and boyfriends, fiancés, cats, guinea pigs, and other pets.)

N.B. Getting up and moving around is also helping you with obesity, muscular disorders, and even the lack of vitamin D.

Depression is a horrible, invisible, hidden, but ongoing disease, and, if untreated, extremely dangerous to the patient.

Recommended: Get professional help! It is essential that you won’t let yourself fall any deeper into this hole as necessary. The earlier you get that taken care of, the better for you and everyone in your life. And I know what I’m talking about!

Picture courtesy of Google.com