Welcome Back Sharon K Connell

It is a very special pleasure for me to welcome you back on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’. In your former visits we learned about your writing, your writing process and asked for some advice. But there are so many more questions to ask!

Let’s see what you can tell us today:

  1. Would you please describe your writer’s spot?

My home office is where I write. A large desk with a hutch sits next to a window with a view of our front yard, a bird bath, and a yellow rose tree. The desk holds many books and writing implements. The hutch contains other items I use in creating my books.

Hanging from the hutch, to the left of my laptop, is my current character board. To my right is a TV stand with a lap tray over it where I keep a three-ring-binder for the story I’m currently working on. (I don’t know about you, AJ, but I have a lot of books open and papers everywhere with information I need to get the story down the way I want it.) To my left is an antique phone table that holds a rolodex, address books, note pads, and other items I use during the day. My office is set up this way so I don’t have to get up every two minutes to find something. Everything is at my fingertips.

  • Is there a particular plan or schedule you follow with your writing?

Yes. When I start my new story, I get the story down first. No editing, unless something is staring me in the face and telling me, “You need to fix this.”

After the first draft, I go back and read the entire story through, catching some easy fixes. D

During the 3rd draft, I seriously edit one chapter at a time, using three online editing programs. As each chapter is finished with the editing programs, I run the chapter through the ReadAloud program on my laptop.

After editing, I send the chapter to my critique group for their input. While waiting for those critiques to come in, I start the editing on the next chapter. As the critiques come back, I go over what was suggested, corrected, etc. and decide what changes to make.

When the entire story has been critiqued, I once more read through the story to make sure it flows and I haven’t overlooked anything. After that, it goes to my professional editor.

  • Do you think writers often are ‘introverted’ people, preferring to be alone rather than in company?

I’m not sure about that. I don’t consider myself an introvert, although I do not like large crowds. But I love to talk to people, and I don’t mind talking to groups.

  • Do you publicly speak or have readings, and if yes, do you have any advice for beginners?

In the past, I spoke to church groups and various others. I haven’t done that for a long time. I also sang publicly. But I haven’t had any readings. My voice has deteriorated through the years due to sinus problems and allergies.

The only advice I could offer is to know your subject well, have notes in front of you to refer to, and make sure you are well-rested. Also, do not focus on any one individual in front of you. Look at the back of the group and speak to an imaginary person who is enjoying what you are talking about. J

  • There are so many scams out there for writers and upcoming authors. Did you ever have experience with any of it and do you have advice on how to not get trapped?

When I first started writing, I contacted a vanity press, not knowing what I was doing. It took forever for me to get them to leave me alone. I finally got an answering machine for my home phone and let it answer all my calls. Eventually, they gave up.

As far as scams, no. I never have had to deal with that. When it comes to emails and phone calls, I simply do not answer if I don’t know who’s calling or emailing me. I do not open anything I’m not one-hundred percent sure of.

My advice is, only deal with those you know or those who have been vouched for by people you trust.

  • Do you have a particular marketing strategy for your books?

Since I’m an indie author, I basically do all my own marketing. I’ve gone the route of having others market for me, but haven’t seen any more increase than when I do my own. Having worked in advertising, creating advertisements is easy and fun. I take the advertisements I’ve created and post them on Facebook and Twitter once daily, and occasionally on Instagram (except for Sunday). You don’t want to irritate readers by bombarding them with your books all day long.

So far, this has worked well for me. My base of readers has increased steadily.

  • Did you publish more of your work since your last visit here? If yes, please tell us about it.

The last time I was a guest on your blog was December of 2020. Since then, I’ve published Ko’olau’s Secret and Tall Pines Sanctuary, two romantic suspense mystery novels, and Amethyst Lights, and romantic suspense fantasy novelette.

Ko’olau’s Secret is set on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. My main character, Kyleigh Flanagan, flies from Texas to O’ahu after she receives a suspicious note from her Army Major father. His commanding officer has no explanation for her father’s disappearance but has ordered an investigation. She checks in with Honolulu law enforcement and meets detectives O’Shea and Swanson who have already started an investigation based on information the major had given them about criminal activity on the post. Kyleigh is not sure she can trust them. One of the detectives causes sparks to fly, but not the good kind. Not at first.

Tall Pines Sanctuary is set in Colorado at the edge of The Rockies. Twenty-four-year-old artist Faith O’Callaghan was bequeathed her grandfather’s magnificent log cabin in the mountains. She’s convinced her grandfather’s death was not an accident and is determined to find out what really happened to Gramps. Faith’s fiancé, Josiah, hasn’t heard from her for months. Upon discharge from the Army, he sets out to find answers. This story has a few mysteries to solve.

Amethyst Lights is a story about Lady Jillian, a faery from the village of Amythaseah. She’s been ordered to marry the cruel and self-centered prince against her will. The village is under a curse which caused it to disappear except for a seven-day break every one-hundred years. Jillian flees to the world outside her hamlet during the break. Lylan, a faery from a town outside the royal hamlet, comes across the glowing village as the break in the curse begins. When Jillian bursts out of the bushes and falls to the ground, Lylan rushes to her aide. The question is, can he protect her and can a royal faery love a common gentlefaeryman.

Currently, I’m working on a story to be released this summer. Trust Never After. It will be a romantic suspense novel set in central Minnesota, with just a touch of mystery.

Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!!

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Sharon’s Books:

Ko’olau’s Secret https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732923752

Tall Pines Sanctuary: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732923787

Amethyst Lights: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732923795