This blog post touched my heart in a very special way. I’m an avid reader of Juliette Kings’ ‘Vampire Maman’ blog for years now and I love it. I love her writing style, her different subjects, short stories, children’s posts, diaries, and her sense of humor. Today, again, I ‘stumbled’ across this blog post, and my eyes watered once more. That’s when I decided to share it on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’.


All of the veterinarian offices are closed on Sunday. The old cat lost the ability to stand on her own the night before.

Unless she fell asleep forever on his lap, this wouldn’t her last day.

Over the years she’d been there for him when he was sick or injured. She was at his side when he recovered from cancer, a broken leg, knee surgery, and the death of his wife.

They’d watched hundreds of movies together. They watched baseball games together.

When she was young he and his wife would take the dog for walks and she’d follow behind. Eventually the wife would pick her up and carry her home. That was always fun.

She missed the wife. She was always there until she wasn’t. The husband said the wife had been killed by a carjacker. The cat didn’t know what that was. She supposed it might have been like the bad dogs who used to live down the street, or the coyotes who lived behind the house.

After that the man was sad too much. She tried to make him happy by purring extra loud and staying close to him. She licked his hand, and tried to give him love bites on his nose.

She was an ancient cat, and a wise cat, but there was much she still didn’t know.

As she closed her eyes for a bit she thought about the girl. It was the girl who insisted the cat would be hers.

The memory of being a tiny kitten in a loud room full of cages, filled with cats, still terrified her. When the small girl passed by the cat reached out her tiny kitten paw and as if to say, “take me.” And the girl took her.


Picture courtesy of Flickr

2 thoughts on “SHORT STORY SUNDAY: OVER THE BRIDGE – THE STORY OF A CAT – Written by Juliette Kings

  1. I said it over on Juliette’s blog and I’ll say it here… I’m not crying, everyone else is. Besides, it’s allergy season and… and… Oh wait it’s raining. Umm… I just came in from outside! (sniff)

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