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Please introduce yourself. Hey everyone, my pen name is E.V. Sparrow. I’m happy to meet you.

1.            When did you start writing? May of 2015. But I always told stories in my childhood.

2.            What motivates you to write? Words.Communication.I love dialogue and the power of storytelling, and then God called me at the perfect time in my life to write.

3.            What genre do you write in and what made you chose this particular genre? Writing Christian Historical fiction, and a bit of romance. My dad’s family made me the keeper of their history with bags, and totes of photos, letters, and documents I kept with me for 35 years. It was the perfect situation to start stories.

4.            What is your goal in writing? Do you have dreams where your writing should take you? First, write them. Ha! The goal being to usher ordinary readers into the extraordinary power of God’s unexpected presence in the everyday.

5.            Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if yes, how do you deal with it? Not often, because of my imagination.I am visual with my stories in my thoughts, so I flip through photos, Pinterest, Instagram—anything visually inspiring.

6.            What advice would you like to give new, hopeful authors? Authorship is a process! Don’t think you will write one story and you’re ready. Think long haul. My journey to my novels started with writing short stories. Begin short—blog posts, articles, or stories, practice your skills, discover who you are as a writer, your own voice, and what your purpose is by the body of work you create. It becomes clearer as you go.

7.            Please, tell us about your work. I will have a novella self-published to introduce my main character to readers. The plan is I will publish it by April and take some copies with me on a trip to Ireland in May. Celebrate Lit Publishing and I have a three-book contract, with the debut novel releasing on 12/5/23. All the totes and bags of family items I mentioned were the inspiration for the series.

The novella, Muldoon’s Minnesota Darling, is about Mick Muldoon, a recent widower and Irish Catholic emigrant during 1866 Ireland, who left his tragic life for America. Improved prospects for wealth beckoned to his sister, Orla, Mick, and their brother, Ed. Why was it so difficult for Mick to escape abject poverty and find work? Where were America’s promised opportunities? Could his anguished heart and soul discover love again?

*You will find an epigram at the beginning of each new chapter. It’s a specific style of writing, using a quote from Mick under each chapter’s title, as the entire book is in his POV.

Book 1: Releasing on 12/5/23. Muldoon’s Misfortunes, born with moderate scoliosis into a poor Irish Catholic family, tenant farmer Michéal Muldoon is a self-medicating alcoholic. When he loses his second wife and children to typhus, he believes God isn’t loving or powerful. Mick also blames English oppression and an entity, Mister Death, for his misfortunes.

Twenty-seven-year-old Mick emigrates to America with his sisters and brother in 1866 seeking love and hope, but longs for the farm he was desperate to escape. His life becomes a mixture of hilarious mishaps, mayhem, and persistent hopes.

While he works for the railroad’s expansion in the lawless, sparsely populated upper Midwestern territories, Mick forsakes his faith in God and lives unfettered by Christian teaching.

He believes freedom from faith in an indifferent God is the answer to a better life. Will he learn faith creates it? Can Mick conquer alcoholism, and that cruel creature, Mister Death?

Book 2 is about Mick’s oldest sister, Orla.

Book 3 is about Mick’s oldest son, Liam.

Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!! Thank you for connecting with me, and for introducing me to your readership. I hope to make some new friends.

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