10 New Fun Facts About A. J. Alexander

On April 25, 2019, I posted 10 weird facts about me. Today I thought, I cannot let that wealth of information run dry. *chuckle*. So, here we go… find out more about A. J. Alexander.

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about myself, so I figured I needed help with this post. I asked my wonderful friend Wendy to describe me… and this is what she said about me.

  1. I’m silly
  2. I’m spontaneous
  3. I’m goofy (= a good sense of humor)
  4. I will always be young at heart
  5. I like to experiment with cooking (And some other things too)
  6. I love my cars like my men: strong and big
  7. I’m willing to try almost anything
  8. I’m a movie buff
  9. I’m flirtatious (I have a massive crush on a particular New Jersey gentleman I talk with once a week… and I love it!)
  10. I’m adventurous

Describe yourself to us in the comments. Come on, don’t be shy. We’re curious!


5 thoughts on “10 New Fun Facts About A. J. Alexander

    1. LOL I sat in a Smart car once… and that’s enough for a lifetime. – The good thing about a Smart car is, when you hit it from the back – and it flies over the next two cars onto the street… just pick it up, pluck the driver and passenger out of the engine and throw the destroyed metal into the trunk. You can take it to the recycle bin after your next meeting. *grin*

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  1. What were the questions again?
    Lol. I am writing this by myself but giving answers that I think my wife would have put had she been asked about me.

    1. I think, I consider.
    2. Children and animals always like me.
    3. Ancient when in my thirties. Never a child even when I was one.
    4. More emotional than the worst Emo.
    5. (lol) I should drive a very small car. (Hey, I have a Land Rover “Defender”, there is no car more butch in the entire world.) but I am by nature a biker and so my Kawasaki Z 1 sits beside the “Defender”. Yes, the coolest bike that has ever lived.
    6. I like gardening and planting flowers. Cutting the grass, tilling the soil. Nature boy. There is nothing I love more.
    7. I am dissolute and degraded. Lived too far, too fast, too young but luckily found the woman of my dreams to set me straight (lol- remember my wife is writing this). But she is right.
    8. I read everything and anything in all genres and most often enjoy it. “He never gives up on a book”
    9. I also was once flirtatious but am now settled. Lol that does not mean that I do not still flirt. I do. But that is a simple, “looking for Compliments thing” But do I still flirt. I do even though I am happily married.
    10. I am so staid, the opposite of my younger self. I am mostly happy.


  2. I procrastinate.

    I like climbing things, even as a toddler. (Sadly, I find it increasingly difficult now.

    I enjoy walking in the countryside.

    I enjoy good food. (Especially in France.)

    I like travelling to new places and seeing new things.

    I hate airports.

    I have a good sense of humour.

    I love animals and nature.

    I like growing things.

    I get angry at the way people treat the planet, and don’t seem to care they are destroying it for future generations.


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