Flutterbies In My Stomach

It’s been a couple of days back that I experienced romance at its finest… and since that day, I’m a bit ‘upside down’ at times… Of course, reading the title of this blog post, you’ll probably think I lost some of my marbles… but I assure you, I’m fully here. Still, there’s no denying: I got ‘Butterflies’ in my stomach, and not ‘flutterbies’, but I never thought I’d hear anything cute and sweet as what I was told not too long ago…

We’re talking about a conversation over the phone, which I think is remarkable since, nowadays, kids are mainly texting, ‘PM’-ing, ‘Messeng’ing, ‘WhatsApp’-ing, and a few other ‘-ing’-thingys. But my conversation partner that day and I keep talking on the phone, generally once a week (even though I’d love it to be more often… I’m still working on that)…

That day I heard him say, “Whenever I dream about you, I don’t want to wake up, because I don’t want to lose you.”

I was speechless (and believe me, that doesn’t happen very often)… I think I blushed, which is remarkable, over the phone… I had no idea I would hear something romantically wonderful like that… in particular at my age.

Isn’t romance something that you write in capital letters? ‘ROMANCE’, that happens to couples in their twenties? Sweet words, whispered in the secret hours between waking and dreaming, in the secret places between hearts, where the harshness of reality has no place to stay?

And here I was, hearing these sweet words that made my heart miss a couple beats… my breathing paused for a moment, and after a slow start of my ‘engine’, I could feel myself smile…

Sometimes I would love to use these words in one of my books, but then, I’m selfish… these are the words I got as a present… a gift I appreciate beyond measure! Why should I share it with one of my characters? (One of the only answers to that question is that these very same words would be written down in one of my books, kept for eternity, and read by readers who might enjoy them…)

But right now… I just keep them in my heart and memory, and I’ll carefully store them forever because they’re unique, extraordinary… and mine!

When you ask me who the man is, who said these words to me, I will answer: That is my secret, and that’s how I want it to be.

Don’t think he doesn’t exist… because he does… very much so. He’s dear to my heart and someone very special.

(And of course, him being that romantic, I’m going to do hell and send competition his way! I might be a bit confused at times, but I’m not completely stupid.)

Sometimes I wish, what to do or say next… For a writer I’m remarkably limited in romantic expressions… *sigh* Any suggestions? Let me hear them in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Flutterbies In My Stomach

  1. At times a response need not be verbal. It could be a gesture, a look, or even a place you share with the person. Take him to a place that becomes ‘your special place’, such as the Butterfly Conservatory (https://www.niagaraparks.com/visit/attractions/butterfly-conservatory/). A magical place where the two of you can share the experience of his words. And let him know, ‘This is the place we never have to wake up from.”

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