How To Sign A Book – Research By Aurora Jean Alexander

Due to unexpected circumstances, I might be participating in a book signing some time early September, something I had never thought would ever happen.

Of course, being a woman first thing I called out was: “Oh my God, what am I going to wear?” As an author, the first thing I called out was: “Oh my God, what am I going to write?”

Until that moment I admit, the second question has bugged me far more than the first one, and since I am who I am, I decided to do some research on that topic. How to sign a book (when you’re the author, and you don’t want to let the reader down who bought your book).

As usually, Google provided me with several opportunities to work through many articles about that subject. Here are the most educational ones that I could find and that answered the questions I had:

Audrey Childers writes on the “Huffpost”:

As a newly published author, I had no idea how I should handle autographing my books at my first books signing. This is one of the ways that an author connects to the reader is by making the book signing a unique and enjoyable experience. You would think as an author of four books that I would have plenty of ideas. Book signings are rare face-to-face moments where you contact with your readers to help build a lasting relationship. This felt like a landmark moment in my life.

She provides us with a full list of tips and tricks, from the pen to the fan picture. The article is very helpful and also contains hints on what to write, which I had been looking for, after all, that’s what the research was for:

Health and happiness
All my best
In gratitude
To your health
Much appreciation
Warm wishes
Best regards
Onward your friend

The article written by Audrey Childers can be read here.


Debbie Young of the ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) writes a blog post with a few, a bit boring tips for author signings like ‘learn from other author’s events’, ‘make the most out of the situation’, practice your signature, make sure the signing table looks welcoming, and so on. In this article, I’m definitely missing the ‘what to write’ list. But judge for yourself:

ALLi Article about a book signing. Read it here.


Mary Robinette Kowal provides us with a blog post about four years old, in which she describes quite well what to do and what not to do on book signings. That goes from the ink of the pen to the advice to have three stock phrases ready to personalize a book. Although she does not suggest any. But her last point #10 is an enormously important subject I have never given a second thought. She writes:

Have a different signature for your legal signature. Your autograph will wind up on the internet on eBay. Having a different one for legal papers, checks, or credit cards reduces the chances of identity theft.

This is very important, and neither of us should forget about that!

I learned a lot from her article and would definitely recommend to read it, what can be done here.


One of the first and best articles about book signings was the one I liked most. It showed me quite well what I wanted to know. I found it on the ‘Authority Publishing’ website. It gave me tips and tricks and gave me, all in all, six different points in a list which were easily described, short and impressively written and contained a list of signature phrases as well.

All my best
In gratitude
To your health
Much appreciation
Warm wishes
Best regards
Your friend

Just what I wanted to know. The entire article can be read here.


As for me, reading these articles taught me a lot. Tips, tricks, hints, advice, I read what I can write, and I learned what to ask, what to take, to have fun, and where to sign. Knowing me, all this knowledge will be for nothing, I’ll be that nervous I am most likely not going to know how to spell my own name…


4th Year Anniversary Of ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’

Look what I found! I’m so excited!

I’m very excited to be a blogger of 4 years!

Writer’s Treasure Chest has grown significantly in the past year.

1,279 posts
almost 7,300 comments
almost 110 guests

I’m so lucky to be part of the blogging world with all your help. Without guests, friends, followers, supporters and people encouraging me again and again this blogging adventure would not have been progressing at this pace and wouldn’t have been as successful as it is.

To all of you:

Blog Post Resume

After some more than three years of ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest,’ I got curious. I have, of course, shared the most remarkable highlights with all of you. For example my three year blogging anniversary, my 1,000th blog post or my 1,000th follower.

What had me curious this time was, which of my blog posts were the most successful.
It was a surprising list, I admit.

1. (unknown or deleted) This was a poem I once wrote for my ex-boyfriend. Since he didn’t deserve it, I decided to delete it from my blog.
2. How to describe the perfect kissing scene
3. Analogies and Metaphors
4. Romance, Seduction, Taste – A Sexy Male Protagonist
5. 1st Halloween-Poem Contest
6. Fairy Tales reloaded – PG16
7. BOAW – Blog Fest 2016: Beauty changes during the time
8. How to promote on “Writer’s Treasure Chest.”
9. How to find a title for your book
10. Winter Wonderland
11. Author Spotlight – Renee Schuls-Jacobson
12. Featured Author – Interview – The return of Darlene Foster
13. How to start your own Author Newsletter
14. Author Marketing Support 2017 – here on Writer’s Treasure Chest
15. BOAW – Blog Fest – Girl Boner Entry – PG-18

I’m very proud that the list of these 15 most successful blog posts on my blog is a healthy mix of different posts I wrote through the time.

It contains a couple of poems, a few posts about writing and book marketing, Author Spotlights and the posts I wrote for August McLaughlin’s ‘Beauty of a Woman’s Blogfest.’

To me, this tells me, that every post on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ was worth the time and efforts, the thoughts, the worries and the smiles invested.

Thank you all for being part of my blogging adventure.


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How to Embed Tweets in Your Blog Post

Sarah Brentyn of “Lemon Shark” provides us with great blogging tips. Thank you, Sarah!

Lemon Shark


Tweets aren’t just for Twitter anymore.

Here’s a neat thing you can do with those tweets right here on your WordPress blog. It’s wicked cool. And easy. 3 steps…done.

All of you lovely bloggers know I’m not a techie but I wanted to share this fun find with you.

I have visuals, too, which is awesome. Admittedly, I went a bit bonkers with the arrows but…you get the point. (I know. I’m hilarious.)

First we’re going old school with a “cut and paste” URL option, then we’ll embed an html code like we know what we’re doing.

No need to hurt your eyes squinting at the screenshots—you can click to enlarge them. Let’s get tweeting on our blogs.

Copy Link Option:


Choose the tweet you want. Click on the cute, little grey v-shaped thingy in the top, right corner.

Click to enlarge


You’ll see a drop-down…

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A Blogging Question

‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ exists now for merely two years. I would say, I have built a nice and supportive audience and wonderful people following and reading and commenting regularly.

This blog was always ever thought of being a writer’s blog. Supporting other authors, posts about writing, re-blogging from other author’s blogs. That’s what it should be.

Occasionally I throw in some small personal posts like Happy… (whatever holiday comes up) and a very few personally important articles like the ‘National Anthem’ day, my showing up on a couple of radio shows or the BOAW blog fest participation posts.

Lately, I was involved in a discussion about fashion. Questions came up, and I had tons of fun thinking about it when all of a sudden the devil on one of my shoulders whispered: “This would be a fun blog post.”

But then there was the little angel on the other shoulder replying: ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ is a writer’s blog. Trivial fashion articles are not to be posted.”


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I know, my little angel is right. ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ is a writer’s blog. But is there anything that speaks against an occasional personal blog post?

And here I’m not sure what to think. My devil ain’t happy with me – nor my angel, if it comes to that. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two started fighting.

But that’s not the point.

I’d like to hear your opinion: What should I – or can I do?  Am I supposed to let an occasional personal article show up on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ or is the blog to be left alone the way it is? What do you think? Please help me out.

Thank you!

How to Recycle Old Blog Content

Suzie speaks provides us with an excellent article about how to recycle old blog content. Thank you very much!

Suzie Speaks

Last week I decided to go through my old blog posts, which had quite a negative impact on my general confidence about my content and I had a little meltdown on the blog. After receiving lots of good advice from the blogging community I decided to ignore my initial knee-jerk intention to delete hundreds of posts that I considered to be inferior and instead spend a bit of time recycling some of my earliest articles.

There were a number of reasons for this:

1. My blog is nearly four years old, and I have a much bigger audience than when these posts were originally published. I wanted to reach my newer audience who would not have seen them.

2. My writing style has changed and my earlier offerings aren’t consistent with the quality (at least, in my opinion) that I produce now.

3. My lifestyle has changed for the…

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My 600th Blog Post

‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ exists for 22 months – and yesterday I published a blog post which marks a magic number:


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I’m very proud of this number… I’m very proud of having more than 24,000 comments and 596 followers. I’m very honored to have you as my guest, here on

‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’.


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Thank you for making this blogging adventure such an enjoyable one for me!

You rock!!

Aurora Jean Alexander’s new Website

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It is such a pleasure to present you my new Website. After all this time it’s finally published and I’m so proud to announce it here:


On my Website you will find:

a brief introduction,

my bio

how to connect with me

and links to my work.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you on my own personal Website.

I’m so excited!