How To Survive Being Married To A Writer #WritingCommunity – Written By Lucy Mitchell

Lucy Mitchell published a very helpful post on her ‘Blonde Write More’ blog. The post is mainly helpful to a writer’s better half and I think she gets a few points that not only made me smile but nodding enthusiastically. See for yourself. Thanks so much, Lucy!

It’s not easy being married to a writer. We are strange creatures.

Here are some useful tips on how to survive being married to a writer:

1. Accept the fact that you will spend a lot of your marriage talking about people, events and locations that don’t actually exist.

2. When your writer wakes you in the small hours with an amazing new idea for their next story you need to wake up, switch on the light and let them talk it through. Moaning about what time it is, how tired you are and what you have on at work is not going to help your writer. This is a big moment for them, it’s the birth of something wonderful. Your support is needed 24-7.

3. Marital relations and their writing ‘ups and downs’ will become interlinked. When their writing is going well you can expect good times, kisses and smiles. When their writing is not going so well you can expect tension, tears and tantrums.

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‘The Council Of Twelve Series’ Continues

It’s time – finally!!

The second book in ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series got its copyright and was sent out to the beta readers. I’m very curious about what they will say and if they are going to like the book.

Within the shortest time, I am going to reveal the cover of the second book. I find it as beautiful as the first one and I’m grateful for my talented cover designer.

Book three in the series is with the copyright lawyer currently. He said he expects it will get the copyright by the end of the year. We will see.

I’m very, very excited about what will come in my writing and publishing and, of course, I pray my readers will like the new, soon to be published, books.

Once again, KJ Magical design has created the book cover. Kathryn Jenkins is a very talented, almost magical graphic designer and has done an amazing job.

I’m very proud of her work, as well as my book and I’m curious how the readers like it.

Watch out for the cover reveal of the second book in ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series.

In the meantime, check out the ‘Soul Taker’ quiz! You will find it here on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’. It started July 1 and will end on July 20. The winner will be announced July 25 and will win the second book in the series as an e-book.

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