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You started a magical journey the day you put pen to the paper, and began to create worlds no one else could imagine. Now comes the moment where you are about to take that leap into the unknown, wondering if people will buy your wonderful book. The fact of the matter is, in order to capture your reader first you must have a cover that stands out. That is where Magical Designs come in. Magical Designs will create a cover that captures the essence of your story allowing your book to jump at potential readers from across the room or off their screen.


Magical Designs offer Graphic-, Cover- and Website Design for authors and their needs. On their Website you will find not only their services and discover all kinds of support they offer. You will as well read what some of their customers have to tell you.


Discover Magical Designs, and find out who they are, who is behind it and what they have to offer. You will be surprised!




How important is the book cover? (Guest Post)…

I am very lucky being a guest on Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s blog today. He published my guest post “How important is the book cover?” I’d be delighted to see you checking out the article and leaving your comment. Thank you so much!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

After trying to find answers to so many other questions, I tried to find out, how important the book cover is for a book.

Considering the common saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” I was told that this might apply to people, clothes, situations – and whatever else, but doesn’t apply to books in general!

How do we buy books? Let’s say, we’re trying to find a new author we heard of but don’t know yet. We read a book review we liked; we were told he/she was a good writer, his/her name isn’t generally known. What is next we will do?

Check out his/her books, right?

From what I imagined, the eye does have an influence on our decision. It’s a little bit like with meals:

Let me ask you: Which plate would you prefer eating?


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I read that a book…

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