What the New Facebook and Instagram Changes Mean for You – Written By Ari Meghlen

I found an interesting blog post about the new Facebook and Instagram changes on Ari Meghlen’s blog. Thanks so much for the information, Ari!

Facebook has once again made some changes that are rolling out in 2019 with the main change being they want to focus heavily on building relationships and interactions.

This means if you want your Facebook Page’s posts to be viewed by more people you need to really build those connections and avoid some pitfalls. Receiving a few “likes” won’t be enough to keep you in front of your readers.

Are you in the loop?

So there have been and will be changes happening on Facebook (and Instagram, since they are owned by Facebook) in 2019. These changes seem to be for Pages, not Profiles.

So if you have an Author Page on Facebook or a Business account on Instagram, you may want to be aware of these changes.

From what I’ve read, the main changes appear to be that there is significantly reduced organic reach for your Posts and Stories.

Also, they are prioritising content based on what they think users actually want to see. We saw a similar change a few years ago with Instagram when they stopped showing updates in chronological order.

Facebook is also tightening up on content especially content that sends people offsite via external links.

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