It’s Now Available For Pre-order – Written By Jack Eason

As of yesterday East Wind is uploaded and available for pre-ordering from all Amazon sites. As I hoped, here in the UK its priced at £0.99. Officially it will be available to the general public on the 1st of January 2022. That is the date when your pre-ordered copy will appear on your Kindle. I really hope you enjoy reading East Wind and Arvo’s journey together, and the heart warming love story which they both share in when Arvo (Bill) meets not one but two loving souls that he falls in love with. First Lin Mae who gives him a precious daughter – Tilde. Then his true soul mate Katya who he remains with for the rest of his days.


East Wind Chapter One – Written By Jack Eason

East Wind

A short love story


Jack Eason

Copyright © 2021 Jack Eason

Cover Design by Richard Dockett


A whale chaser departed the Japanese factory ship, then altered course towards the becalmed double-ender. After the crew returned with her under tow, having found no one aboard, the captain began reading the log of the East Wind…

From him down to the lowest deckhand, she stirred the hearts of these tough seamen. The captain recognised her Pilot Boat design. Her keel was laid in 1905. She was one of the last of a long line designed by Colin Archer, the Scottish Norwegian boat designer, famous for creating the design for Fridtjof Nansen’s indestructible arctic ship – Fram.

Like her sisters, East Wind is 46 feet overall, double-ended and rigged as a gaff ketch. A more sea-kindly vessel you would be hard put to find. When they came across her she was laying head to wind, secured by her sea-anchor. Her sails had been furled by her owner. How long since, or indeed his identity, the factory ship’s captain was yet to find out as he returned to her log book…


Olav Knudsen (Bill to those that knew him) had set sail aboard his first love from Bergen in the dead of night; once more barely a step ahead of the authorities. This time he was making himself scarce for theft from a ship’s chandlery. He now had enough anti-fouling paint to give his beloved East Wind’s bottom several years protection from Teredo worm and other living organisms that attach themselves to any unprotected wooden hull.

Within a week and a half he was heading well out into the Atlantic. As yet, destination unknown. All his life he had known nothing but trouble.

When he was small he had become accustomed to the daily regime of vicious beatings from his often drunken father Olav senior. Which is why he hated his Christian name. Anything was better than being named after his tormentor! The only human being that ever showed him unconditional kindness, love and compassion was his mother Tilde, until the day she died protecting him from his father’s alcohol fed rage…



Why Do Writers Write?

Jack Eason has written a phenomenal article explaining why writers write. I felt like sharing it ; spreading word and let readers comment their thoughts. I’d be curious to hear if you agree as much with him as I do.

Have We Had Help?


You may as well ask why do painters paint, or sculptors sculpt. Like them, we have a burning desire within us to produce something for posterity. In our case, for your reading pleasure. The serious writer isn’t in it for the money, only the story. Nor are we attempting to become famous during our lifetimes, just to be read.

Sculptors use chisels and other tools to release that statue trapped inside the block of marble. Painters use brushes, palette knives and all manner of paints and pigments to produce that painting which you admire in an art gallery. Whereas we use words to paint a picture for your imagination to feast on.

By its very nature, writing is a solitary occupation. You have to have a writer’s soul and a total commitment to the craft, not to mention a steely determination.

An editor or a teacher of English can give…

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