Scheduling can be Relaxed and Still Effective! #TimeManagement – Written By Renee Scattergood

I discovered an excellent article on time management on Renee Scattergood’s blog. Renee is a Dark Speculative Fiction author who published the ‘Shadow Stalker’ books. Thanks for a very educational post, Renee.

One of the biggest obstacles I have (and I’m sure you do as well) is time. Since I can’t stop the clock and give myself the time I need to get things done, I have to make the best use I can of the time I have.

It’s not an easy thing to do when you have a special needs kid who has to be homeschooled due to medical issues who requires much more attention and help than most kids her age. It’d nearly impossible to find time to get things done when I want to write, but I also have a home to run. Then throw my own health issues into the mix, and forget it.

When my daughter was little, I had given up trying. I just couldn’t seem to find the time or energy to keep up with everything. I refused to give up completely though. Writing is something I truly love, and I want to make a career of it. The last thing I wanted was to look back on my life and regret never giving it a go.

So I found ways to work around all my obstacles, including time!

The most effective way to manage time is to have a schedule, but schedules have never worked for me. There are too many variables in my day to stick to one. I never know when my daughter is going to need me for something, so I can’t plan for those, and she has to come first before everything when it comes to her mental health.

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Board of Inquiry – Thursday Funnies

One day on a company’s doorstep a baby was found.

The Management demanded an immediate investigation about whether or not the company has to take responsibility for the baby.

After four weeks the board of inquiry delivered their report which was immediately published:

Re: Foundling

Dear colleagues,

After an intensive investigation, our board of inquiry decided the baby that has been left on our company doorstep is not a product of our company.

The reasons:

1. In our company nothing has ever been done with passion and love
2. In our company, nothing that made any sense was ever produced.
3. In our company, nobody has ever worked together that closely.
4. In our company, no project was ever completed after nine months.

The Management.

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