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On The Story Reading Ape’s Blog I discovered a few trailers and movies. I know, Halloween is over, but believe me, these are AMAZING!! I love each one of them and I couldn’t resist showing one of them to you!

The Magician – a VERY short Halloween Video by Chris Graham…


If you want to see more, please go to:

The Witch Hunt – Halloween Video by Chris Graham…

Dracula’s Tale – A Horror Story – Video by Chris Graham…


These are only two more of them. I’m sure, you’ll be happy to hear The Story Reading Ape got a YouTube Channel to subscribe! Check it out HERE


Films That Were Adapted From Books #infographic

Anastasia from Read and Survive has published an interesting infographic about movies we might not know yet were based on a book. There indeed is a surprised. Thank you for this great information.

Read & Survive

via http://ebookfriendly.com/

I didn’t know that Die Hard was “based” on a book!

What about you? Any surprises?

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