A Christmas Present For A Writer

Christmas presents are not easy to pick. But it might be even more difficult for a writer. (Unless you’re together with one, have one in your family or as a friend, then it’s not.)

In my experience, many writers like the following items more than anything:

  • pens
  • desk organizers
  • paper notebooks
  • planners
  • more pens
  • coffee & mugs
  • briefcases & bags to transport their books & accessories


Let’s start with one of the main and most important tools of a writer. Without pens, we’d be lost. I found out, that even though we all have modern computers, many writers still prefer simple pens and paper for personal notes, agendas, calendar entries, and more. A handful of pens to secure a writer’s work is, therefore, always a welcome present.

Now, don’t make a bad mistake here: even though many of us, steal P.R. pens whenever we have the chance to and carry them around with us (I belong to those writers too!), …








… if we get those ‘cheaper by the dozen’ pens as a Christmas present, you could say, we could be a little ‘miffed’.

We love beautiful pens! We enjoy how they feel and we celebrate the time we use them! We just don’t carry them around with us permanently because some of us are a bit absentminded and we tend to forget our pens somewhere, misplace or lose them. Our ‘good pens’ are at home with us! A nice ‘Parker’ or ‘Waterman’ pen as a present, is just the right thing.





Desk Organizers

Of course, there are clearly outlined modern designed desk-organizers around that you can buy at every ‘Office Depot’ or ‘Staples’… and you won’t do us, writers, a favor. We prefer the extraordinary. Something that not everyone has, something unique, that makes us feel special.

So this isn’t recommendable:

Try to find something that we don’t see every day. Something personalized, maybe?







Paper Notebooks

You can kick us, but as soon as we see paper notebooks, we forget everything around us and focus on that inner voice that tells us: ‘Want – want – want!”

Of course, we’re not talking about a regular scholar 5-subject ring book you can buy at every supermarket. We are talking about extraordinary, leather-bound notebooks! Antique looking ones that we plan to write on with that one special pen we got from you last birthday. And make no mistake: You buy antique, you’ll get rid of it – because we don’t give a hoot does it look antique or is it really old! We will use it!







Now, with the planners, I’m a bit insecure. At this place, I can only talk for myself and many other female writers. We need to plan our publishing, our marketing, how many words we write a day, a week, a month, any upcoming events, and many more things. But we’re not at the office, we’re not at our job, we want to work our writing with lots of fun and some unconventional tools. We like planners, of course! But please, don’t pick the ‘business planner’. We’re not at work – we do what we love! Pick the fun one!

(And if there are any male writers who would prefer the fun ones too, please let us know in the comments! We love to be educated!)

More Pens

Of course, if a simple Parker or Waterman pen isn’t enough, just for our Birthday or Christmas that will do, but for Anniversaries, Valentines Day, or Wedding (In case our favorite car model has sold out), we would NEVER say no to a pen that’s worth a bit more than the Staples pen we use to write down the shopping list.

Meisterstueck Geometry Solitaire Champagne Gold Midsize Ball Point Pen





Caran d’Ache 1010 Diamonds Limited Edition

Coffee & Mugs

Many writers love drinking coffee before writing, during writing and after writing too. (Mine often gets cold, but who cares…) I love to drink it in a special writer’s mug. (When I moved I couldn’t take mine, so I’m open for new ones. LOL)







Of course, a coffee mug and coffee for a writer is a a ‘side-present’, considering it’s a necessity. But I particularly enjoy the brands here below. (They can be bought at World Market)







Briefcases & Bags

Depending on the writer’s age, we have to admit that carrying a bag, over the shoulder or anywhere else, ain’t as easy anymore as it once was. With a heavy heart, we decided on a rolling office bag to transport our valuables. (which normally means our current, the newest, the latest, and a couple other books, the Work in progress, pens, paper, extra paper and pens, electronics, Kleenex, cables, chargers, hand cream, and tweezers, because you never know…)

In clear words: we take half of our office, if not 2/3, and expect our bags are holding it.

Good Luck!

Desert Cart Organizer – Everything Mary

Husky Water Resistant Rolling Tote


Levenger Deluxe Portable Office Ensemble


Mobile Solution Upright Wheel Carry-All from Samsonite


How The Purse Of This Writer Changed Over The Years

When I started off as a writer, I decided my purse needs to get bigger. Next to all the necessary stuff we women consider indispensable to be carried around in our purse, like Makeup, nail files, Kleenex, wallet, checkbook, credit cards, membership cards, half a dozen receipts, hand sanitizers, headphones, emergency phone chargers, phones, pens, notepads, nail polish, knitting stuff and the last edition of the ‘Cosmopolitan’… I felt the need of carrying my WIP with me at all times. And with the WIP comes a big paper notebook and pens, pens and more pens…

Instead of a ‘regular’ purse, I got myself a tote and then changed to a laptop purse. The bags I carried around got bigger and bigger.

Pictures courtesy of http://www.google.com

The ones familiar with my writing process know that I draft the first version of every book by hand and later on will type it into the computer. It is easier to carry a paper notebook around than a laptop at all times.

Still… my paper notebooks got bigger too. At times it seemed to me I was constantly on the edge of traveling somewhere. I loved the opportunity to write whenever I had the chance to… be it at the doctor’s waiting room, a library, waiting for someone in a restaurant or anywhere else… an hour in the park or wherever else possible.

But lately, about six months ago, I had to re-think. I’m not talking about my writing process, I’m talking about the fact that I felt a huge relief every single time I set my purse down. My back finally got some rest, and there were moments I was almost scared to pick it up again and swing it over my shoulder.

That was the moment I knew I had to change something. I was getting older, and I couldn’t take the weight of all that stuff in my purse anymore. Of course, I didn’t want to accept the truth. I don’t want to see my age. Letting anyone see that I was suffering under the weight of my own purse would be humiliating.

That’s why I finally, heavy-heartedly took a few steps to make the changes that were necessary for quite some time.

I still have the laptop purses – but I keep them for the rare opportunities I really travel and have to take my laptop.

The knitting work (which I was basically kidding about), stayed home, I reduced the number of pens, shrunk the necessary notepad to a mini-version. I reduced the makeup bag by half, removed the nail polish, decided to read the Cosmo at home and bought a couple smaller purses.

In the meantime, I got used to a much lighter ‘baggage.’ I also learned to carefully plan my appointments and only take my WIP, in a separate tote, if it’s really necessary, or if I plan to write anyway.

I love my writing, I love my work, I love being a writer. But I also love my health and the health of my spine and back.

As hard as it is to admit: I’m not a vampire and I age, like everyone else. No matter what I do, no matter how much I love writing. If I want to do what I love, I need to keep myself healthy.

And so should every woman with a purse. Apparently, there had been bad injuries done to women’s backs and necks with far too heavy purses.  Who knows, maybe after this post, more women are clearing out their purses and decide to go smaller?

Notice your backpain? Read the sign!

Shrink your purses – save your spine!


Picture courtesy of Pinterest.com