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I have been thinking about Author Pictures lately. I know very well what I have on my Social Media accounts right now isn’t a great thing to do. One of the main reasons for these overexposed profile pictures is the fact that I don’t like it to be on pictures. And from what I heard this can be seen in the picture.


No matter how often I’m told the pictures look great, and I’m supposed to be pretty, I don’t believe it. This does, in fact, have a psychological root which was planted in my childhood, but I think this is another subject and doesn’t belong here.


Now, since one day I will undoubtedly be published I will sooner or later have to think about my author picture, and that’s why I went for another round of research.


One of the first interesting and informative articles I found on Huffington Post where Heather Hummel talks about the relevance of a professional author photo. She not only talks about the quality of the picture but also shows certain problems that can come up and presents the respective solutions. For example, does she mention the expression on the picture, the quality, the background and presents some final thoughts. (Read the entire article here:


By going on with my research, I found “The Review Review.” Written by Randy Susan Meyers the article “Look Great In Your Author Photo” gives you tips and tricks on colors, clothes, and makeup and also describes what you can do to hide certain flaws and how to choose your photographer. I thought it is a great helpful post who I would recommend reading when someone needs a (new) author photo. (To read the post click here:


On the Author Media website, I found a fantastic post, written by author Thomas Umstattd. He clearly states that his article is not for the author, but for the photographer! And I think he did an amazing job. Even though being an author I learned a lot by reading his article, and I might even be able to show it to my future photographer if necessary, to show him what I need the picture for. The article is enormously useful to us ‘clients’ too! (It can be read here:


The last impressive article I found on “Book In A Box,” written by Tucker Max, Chairman & Co-Founder at Book In A Box. He shows what’s good and what’s bad and not just said, some pics are good or bad but also explains the reason in clear, simple words. He provides us with different examples and gives us great advice on what not to do and what he would recommend getting a great picture. I decided to provide you here with a small part of his article:


The Author Photo Rule That Rules Them All

Here’s the thing that makes author photos so hard to give advice about: There is not one “right” way to do it. Like I talked about above, the “right” way all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. But there is one overarching rule that you need to sear into your brain when it comes to author photos (or any profile photo):

Know what you want to say to what audience, and make sure you signal it properly.

This is the key to everything. The author photo for a CEO of a Fortune 500 company should be totally different from the author photo for an up-and-coming comedian. Why? Because they are signaling different things to different groups.
Generally speaking, the CEO’s author photo should signal professionalism, effectiveness, reliability, and trust. The comedian’s photo could be wacky, pensive, goofy or even serious, all depending on his comedic style and what he wanted to signal.

To read the full article go to


I have to say I learned a lot by reading these four articles, and I’m sure I’ll find a great photographer who helps me. But then, maybe I’ll just hide under a stone and rather provide the world with my stories than my face.


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Hello from the Writer’s Room, are you still there?

Laurie Smith, a friend of mine who is not only an extraordinary author (Writer of the “Death Series”, Mountain of Death, Valley of Death, River of Death) – but he as well is an amazing photographer and shares his pictures on his blog. This is another series of pictures I admire. Have a peek.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

Hello everybody, I’ve resurfaced. I won’t go into detail about my abscence other than to say life has been somewhat disruptive over the past two months. Once again I’ve become ill after going away. Lorelle had a medical scare and now has an ‘all clear.’ It’s not hard to fall into the pit when things get tough and of course a lot of things go by the way, needless to say I’ve neglected you for long enough. So to get started we’ll have a Roo pic, surprise surprise. It’s why I take my camera everywhere, he was the last of a small mob drinking from the bottom dam.Kangaroo drinking.

A Crucifix Orchid growing in our new garden.Crucifix Orchid

Angelic beings pop up everywhere. Taken in Toowoomba where street art is flourishing.Angle street art

A White’s Tree Frog, he came out when I was watering the other day. It’s still a little cool for them…

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Is that a Stegosaurus at The Writer’s Room?

Here we go: This is a friend’s blog. He is such an amazing character. A great man, individual, a wonderful understanding friend, a fantastic writer and an enormously gifted photographer. I’m a little jealous – but I think these pictures just need to be seen! Have fun going through the collection.

Laurie's Photos and Musings

This has to be the best garden ornament I’ve seen in ages. Sorry about the fencing but I wasn’t going to argue with the dog that decided ole Steggy was his best Mate. Still there’s some welding talent at work here.


Another truck show, well I do like things mechanical and heavy. Yes it’s a nice truck but what caught my eye was the little bloke standing next to it. “Dad, Dad, I want this one Dad.”

Truck and boy

I had a pedal car as a little bloke. It turned up at the house one day much to my delight. Sadly I was pedaling around the back yard and my feet became stuck in the pedals and bent backwards. It hurt! The screams were terrible and my Dad raced out, ripped me out of the car and hurled it up the back yard. I never drove it again. So when I see…

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