Because I fell in love with you again (National Poetry Month)

A heartfelt, touching, sensitive and fascinating poem by F. E. Feeley jr.

F.E.Feeley Jr


unsplash-logoLubov’ Birina

Because you came to me
in the night
knocking on my door
gentle raps, barely taps
but enough to send me to the door,
wrapping myself in a robe as I went

There you stood
windswept hair, leather jacket, and doe eyes
smelling of Burberry cologne and nervousness
while the thunder rolled in the pitch dark
and lightning flashed
because the mother nature was conspiring

I’d missed you for weeks, it seemed
Maybe it was a lifetime or two
the warmth of your voice
the way my name tumbled from your lips

I thought you’d never come back
and because of the wind I shivered
and retreated back through my doorway
before you stepped inside

before I could speak
you wrapped your arms around me
I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh
because I missed you – I wanted to freeze time

My hands reached up…

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My first Poetry Collection – by F. E. Feeley jr.

Since I love F. E. Feeley jr.’s books, his poems who he publishes on his blog, I am taking the chance to inform as many people as I can that this talented writer and poet has published a poetry collection. I’m sooooo going to get that!!

F.E.Feeley Jr


I am proud to present to you a collection of poetry I put together over the past 2 years. My poetry, like my other writing, is informed by life experiences, memories, seasons, or by things I’ve observed about the intrinsic beauty and complicated nature of humanity.
For a very long time – having been raised in fundamentalism – I believed there wasn’t much about humanity that gave it worth. However, through the act of creating art, I have discovered that simply isn’t the case.
In a few short years, I have discovered love, regained my faith in God, and most importantly, regained my faith in my fellow human beings.
I also discovered that the things that attract us to a person aren’t the same things that make us stay. Often times it’s our imperfections that are the most endearing qualities that we possess. I believe God regards us the same…

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Winter Solstice (Child of the Moon)

I herewith present you an amazing poem, written by F. E. Feeley jr. which has impressed me very much.
F. E. Feeley jr. is not only an excellent poet but a very gifted author too!

F.E.Feeley Jr

max-smith-278105 (1)unsplash-logoMax Smith

I am a child of the moon
I come to the window clad in my pajama bottoms
teddy bear dragging along the floor with me
and i stare out into a wintry scene
from the second floor

All is still in the world of white
the sky is purple and dark
and the moon is out full and heavy
and the snow burns in celestial light

A heating register begins to hum
it’s warm wind wrapping around me like a prayer
I raise my hand and touch the glass
feeling the cold radiate through me
up my arm and into my heart

Below, a stag has wandered into view
noble, white chested, chestnut body 10 points easy
his delicate feet and easy stride
leaving imprints on the once unbroken sea of white lawn

He raises his nose, looks this way and that
and comes even closer to…

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The Little Show Off – A Riddle



Small and chatty and hunts at dawn

quick and fast, shows up and is gone.

He wants to be a predator and as well a wiz

but more a creep and fake, that’s what he is.


All kinds of sorts do exist in our – and animals world

a mouse one, a fire-one, the fur straight or curled;

a back stripe one, and as well one with naked feet

up mountains, in the forests and tropics can we greet.


We can find him anywhere we might go

in grass, at waters, and up hills is where they grow.

He’s got teeth, but don’t mean danger

he might look familiar and still be stranger.


He might be related to the mink,

but no reason for pride, it’s no close link.

He’s got a tail – he thinks it’s long

but don’t get fooled, he’s very wrong.


When we see one don’t be sad or shy

in case he resembles some familiar guy.

I know a man and I didn’t sniff diesel

who’s just like our animal today – a weasel.




(Copyright Aurora Jean Alexander, April 2017)


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Author Spotlight – Annette Rochelle Aben



Please introduce yourself. 

Hi there!  I am Annette Rochelle Aben and I am living the dream of being a published author. My world is filled with scraps of paper, journals, notebooks, pens, pencils and magic markers all to ensure that I can capture what floats around inside my head.  When I am not writing, I am blogging, cooking, hanging out with our cats, reading, making jewelry, taking pictures at the park and binge watching the Food Network on my computer.  Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my books with everyone.


When did you start writing? 

I have always written, as far back as grade school and just never stopped.


 What motivates you to write?  

Writing to me, is as natural as breathing. So I write every day and sometimes all day. In addition, I submit monthly to a digital magazine (as well as edit that publication) so I have between 3-5 pieces that are due like clockwork for them. 


What genre do you write in and what made you chose this particular genre? 

My favorite genre is poetry.  It began with using poetry as a way of expressing my feelings when I was younger and grew into ways of celebrating the world around me.  Funny, because I was thinking about this the other day. Everyone in my immediate family can draw, even my ex-husband was a talented artist. Me? Not so much. However, I found that I could use my words and ‘paint a picture’ and it gives me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when someone tells me they can see what I am saying. 


What is your goal in writing? Do you have dreams where your writing should take you? 

Boy, I am having the time of my life putting together the books I self-publish, so I see myself always creating books. I’ve dreams of doing documentary film work and creating children’s books too. I am open to the options as well as the unknown as far as writing is concerned, let’s have some fun, right?


 Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if yes, how do you deal with it? 

I don’t know it if is writer’s block as much as stalled progress. Let me explain. I storyboard my books, for me that process stems from writing television commercials, where I used to lay things out to get the final visual. I will actually create a homemade version of each book. When I find myself being unduly distracted it means there is a better idea about to hatch. Sometimes the better idea isn’t about changing the physical book; it’s about the release date. So how I deal with it is to do anything other than think about that book until the book jumps back into my stream of consciousness.


What advice would you like to give new, hopeful authors? 

Wow, write from your heart. Challenge yourself from time to time. Find a mentor. Allow yourself to fall in love with what you are writing. Remember there are those who will not totally get you and be okay with that. Publish that book! And by all means, hold yourself in the highest of esteems! 


Please, tell us about your work. 

At this time, I have 6 self-published works available on Amazon in print and in Kindle format.  

Choose, the 2-step plan is a self-help book which offers steps to take to reach very specific end results. This is actually the syllabus from a workshop I presented years ago and is filled with the steps that worked for me (and still do actually).

Perspective, it’s all about replacing one thought with another is the re-issue of the very first book I self-published in 2009. Filled with photographs, prose and poetry of an inspirational nature, I was seeking an outlet for creativity and someone suggested I create a book.  In 2015, I was showing a friend the out of print original and she said that I should re-issue it so I did.  It has all the original content along with some additional material.

A Haiku Perspective 2015 was born out of being introduced to creating poetry in a haiku format and not being able to stop.  Had to do something with it and thought, why not!

Then I got the idea to put photographs and poetry together again but this time I used only haiku and digitally laid the poems over photographs I had taken. Not that I originated this, but I created a title for this presentation and PhoKu, visual perspective haiku came about.

 Angel Messages, a wing and a prayer is a book I have been being asked to write for nearly a decade but couldn’t quite wrap my head around it.  I had amassed thousands of messages from Angels over the years (and these were just those I wrote down) This is a collection of photographs of Angels in my home, prayers I have written, poems and messages I have received. 

My most recent published work is A Haiku Perspective 2016 which I chose to release in honor of April being National Poetry Month.


Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!!



Connect with Annette:


Annette Rochelle Aben’s books: (Click on the cover to find them on
























Its, A Mother’s Day Poem

A very special Mother’s Day poem, written by my friend Patricia Garcia. I’m convinced you as well will admire this unbelievable gift as much as I do.

Walk On

Durable, flexible, intelligent,

Best workhorses ever created.

Eyes pained.

Backs flogged.

These its,

These puny its have no value.

Mouths starved.

Necks choked.

Shoulders bruised.

Torsos kicked.


These its,

These puny its have no voices.

Legs spread wide.

Ears boxed.

Faces slapped.

Hair unkempt.

These its,

These puny its have no value.

Who are these its?

Forgotten and unacknowledged,

Running, pleading, fearing for their lives.

These its,

These puny its have no voices.

The brunt of war carried in their flesh.

While men pat themselves on the back for heroism.

These its,

These puny its have no value.

Oh, women of the world,

I know today is Mother’s Day,

But your its are being attacked.

Bellies impregnated by rape,

Faces scarred by encrusted, scabrous hands,

Disfigured bodies with lost limbs,

These its,

These puny its have no voices.




Shot down,

Their psyches damaged.

These its,


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