Dive Into Funny And Awkward Myths And Meet An Interesting Author On Girl Boner Radio

Earlier this week I was informed by August McLaughlin, author, founder of ‘Girl Boner’ and radio host, that a new episode of her ‘Girl Boner’ radio show is available. I listened to this week’s show and think it’s great. August has a studio guest, erotica author Autumn Bardot talk about her book. The show is not only entertaining but also educational. Have fun!

4 Orgasm Myths to Stop Believing Now

Orgasms are awesome and there are many ways to invite stronger ones if you desire them, which is a completely valid aim. I think it’s also important to keep in mind that there’s no hierarchy or competition. Shorter and less-intense orgasms aren’t less valuable and really, all Os are unique. If we embrace them, we’ll probably experience more pleasure.

A listener wrote in to Girl Boner Radio, asking for ways to amp up her own orgasmic bliss. As Dr. Megan Fleming pointed out, edging (aka orgasm control) is one great option. The question also got me thinking about orgasm myths, so I dedicated much of the latest episode to the topic.

Autumn Bardot, author of Confessions of a Sheeba Queen, and listener, Kate, joined me to a range of orgasm myths, from “size matters” to “squirting is really just pee.” We also chatted about Autumn’s writing life, her aim to celebrate brave women and how penning erotica has influenced her life and sexuality. Erotica writer and phone sex operator Sammy Rei Schwartz also made a special appearance, which you can learn more about below.

Read And Listen To The Show HERE

A. J. On Air!

September 14, 2016 I was invited to the Radio Show ‘Pearls of the Cee’ on www.cityworldradio.com. – The show broadcasts live from Manhattan – and yes… I was there!!


I enjoyed the show so much!! Thank you, Lisa Pearl, the show host for the invitation!!!


Right now it’s impossible to set up a link directly to the show. This means, I’m afraid, I can give only you links to the radio archives – and further from there you would have to pick the respective show. But don’t hesitate to browse around. There are so many interesting shows on www.cityworldradio.com!!

Once you’re there, you’ll see this picture – click on the microphone to listen to the archives:



After a quick waiting time, where the live-stream is going to  adjust itself on your monitor, you will see an arrow that points to a file where the archives are stored. Click the file, please.



Once it opens, you will see the archived shows listed. Please, scroll down until you find the archived show, saying: Pearls of the Cee with Lisa 9-14-16 Pearls of the Cee with Lisa 9-14-16 P



I’m very proud of this radio show. Thank you for listening and don’t hesitate to tune in every Wednesday NYC time at 6 pm to listen to Lisa Pearl and her guests. Contact her on her FB page if you got something important to say, want to be a guest on her show or would like to provide feedback.




P.S. – Just in case you would like to know:

The first song on the show is “Dirty Dynamite”, by the Rock Band ‘KROKUS’.