Nature’s Playful Colors

It’s a beautiful time, it’s spring, it’s May

Warm wind has blown the clouds away.

Mother Nature shows her gift

the word to paint, the moods to lift.


Her meadows and heathens, oh we are keen

seeing them radiate in healthiest green;

sometimes we see, like their lilac head cower

the delicate bloom of a cuckoo-flower.



Nature reflects the sunbeam’s mellow

by coloring the daffodil in most luscious yellow.

Tulips are blooming in pink, red and white

in sunshine, and purple it’s a beautiful sight!



The pink and white lyre-flower catches our eye

Forget-me-not and lilies-of-the-valley seem to bloom shy.

The strong red of the corn poppy, it seems to sing

while there are so many colors of peony dancing the swing.



Nature provides us with the most beautiful range

of colors to enjoy, to impress, to accept, but not change.

It’s spring time, energy, happiness, vivid life and a smile

given by nature, with talent, with grace, and most, with style.


(Copyright Aurora Jean Alexander, May 2017)

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First Signs of the New Season – Fall 2016

September has come, days cooling down

We often feel a breeze now, wafting through town.

Sunlight gets weaker and the trees lose their leaves

We start wearing boots and our T-Shirts get sleeves.


Grass turns brown and often it rains

Autumn cools the blood in our veins.

Nature changes colors, green turns into red

Yellow, brown and orange are the colors ahead.


Soon enough towards end of the summer

We start staying inside, what a bummer!

The green grass replaced by pumpkin patches

Candles and lamps are lit up with matches.


Halloween draws nearer, is just ahead of us.

We search for hoods, caps and gloves no reason for fuss.

As fun this season gets, the heat is amiss

To keep us warm very often, is only a kiss.


And on one day, before we’re even aware,

Towards the end of the year, we’re sure getting there.

Families prepare, laugh and steer

To the Thanksgiving feast, how quick it was here!


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, September 2016)

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Thoughts on Fall

A time to start and a time to end

A time to break and a time to mend.

There’s so much that’s old and less is new

there’s still some warmth but cold it’s too.


Fall is time for plans and range

it’s time to prepare and time to change.

Switch the summer for the winter

that’s the season of the ‘tinter’.


Watch how nature does its share

new colors, new smiles and new clothes to wear!

Instead of pink and blue and green

we’ve got yellow, burgundy and ‘coffee-bean’.


Orange, brown and terracotta red,

leaves are falling, trees will shed.

Pumpkin season is ready to come,

We drink eggnog, warm chocolate and tea with rum.


Flames are dancing in the fireplace,

cold wind is leaving red spots in our face.

Fog is covering the brownish ground

Sharp wind around the house is normal sound.


And still it’s a wonderful homey season

in our house for more than one reason.

The world is enchanted by a special glow,

Just before the world will be covered in powdery snow.


There’s so much more to be said to third time of year

There’s so much to look forward to and nothing to fear.

Not even when ghosts, witches and vampires will mime,

Enjoy Halloween before Christmas time.


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, October 2015)

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Author Spotlight – Jim P. Spencer


Hi! Glad to be here and sharing who I am, not what I am with you.


Please introduce yourself. Jim Spencer1jpg

My real name is James Philip Spencer – I write under the name Jim P Spencer. I live in Western Massachusetts. I am seventy years young and married. I’ve been married to the same woman for almost fifty years. (This is an amazing statistic). I have two children and one granddaughter. I’m retired military (Air Force, Msgt). I’ve worked for numerous corporations- among them the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp and American Express. I have a few degrees (no ivy league names though). I am an avid angler and photographer. I travel whenever I can. There is a rumor going around that I am the real Santa and when I travel, I am checking my naughty and nice list. That is a misconception. The real Santa lives a bit farther north and I am just a simple minion.


1. When did you start writing? 

I had a triple by-pass in 2001 and started writing while recovering. It was so much better than daytime television. I wasn’t very good at video games either. I wrote a short story, which a friend submitted to a contest. I won the contest – even got some money. I had fun writing. Story showing came easy to me.


2. What motivates you to write? 

To fulfill my dreams. The desire to have fun. I love the writing. I love meeting my fans. Writing keeps me out of trouble – mostly anyways.


3. What genre do you write in and what made you chose this particular genre? 

I actually write in two. I write mysteries for the money and the joy of fabricating a plot complex enough fascinate but not overwhelm the reader. In addition, I write fantasy because it provides me with an opportunity to discuss social and emotional issues that face most people in a non-threatening way. My fantasy is also a memoir in disguise.


4. What is your goal in writing? Do you have dreams where your writing should take you? 

I have dreams where my writing is going to take me every day. Those dreams provide the impetus to do the hard editing and marketing. In reality, nobody can predict where a dream can take you. I can say without exception that my writing journey is well on its way. It has sent me to places I only dreamed of visiting. It has introduced me to some marvelous people, such as you. My goal is to live another day as well, if not better than I lived today.


5. What motivates you to write? 

I thought I had already answered this one. Maybe I can answer the question differently. I guess in the end–I motivate me. I might even say success and my own achievements. I see this answer begs an explanation. I define success as making my little chunk of the universe a little bit better, a little bit nicer and those little bits could go on for chapters. Achievement? I like to define that as bringing out the best in others by giving my best in everything I do.


6. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if yes, how do you deal with it? 

Never had to deal with what some would call writer’s block. Now, I might be tied up for a time on how I want to show an action or to the exact word but never to a dead stop. When I bog down, I just tell the story then come back a fix my problem words. I have lots and many stories to tell.


7. What advice would you like to give new, hopeful authors? 

Just do it! Don’t listen to any negatives. Have faith in yourself. Put who you are out there! Don’t let your life be one where all you do is check the boxes others define.


8. Please, tell us about your work. 

I have to laugh because I believe my work it simply living. It starts when my feet hit the floor and ends when my head strikes the pillow. It is everything in between. It might be volunteering at the local senor center. It might be trying to capture a moment in my life with a great photograph. It may be just teaching my granddaughter how to tie a fly, catch a trout, and release it. Now, it you want to know about my writing, I’ll tell you. I write a succession of books that I have called “The Seven Knights Series.” It is about seven individual with very different experiences and backgrounds. There are four women and three men. Their mission in life is to make the dark alleys in the world a little better. In book one, they all meet and solve a murder. In book two, these same individuals solve a family mystery. I have seven of these books in various stages of completion. My fantasy with the working title of “Swords and Tomes” is about a Vietnam Vet searching for answers to questions about life. He is whisked away to another dimension where magic has evolved and technology has not. He battles his own demons and those of the dimension until he surmounts one final obstacle that will have repercussions and consequences on both dimensions.


Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!!

You are truly welcome. I hope my interview inspires others to write–or at least try to find some creative way to live life better. I encourage anyone to e-mail me with comments on my books, my work, or just to say hi. My e-mail is I’d love to hear from them and I promise I will answer them at the first suitable time.

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