August McLaughlin’s BOAW blog fest – 2018

Once again ‘Girl Boner’ founder August McLaughlin organized her annual BOAW blog fest. For those not familiar with the term BOAW = Beauty Of A Woman.


February 2, 2018 August published the blog post for the participants. You can register from now through February 23, 2018, but the sooner the better.

Please, go to:

Follow the registration step by step. August and every participant will be happy to see you there!

August McLaughlin’s BOAW Blogfest is only one week away

For years already, the founder of Girl Boner, writer and radio host August McLaughlin has organized her famous BOAW (Beauty of a woman) Blogfest. This year it will start in one week from now!


There are more and more participants in two categories: The ‘original’ version and the ‘Girl Boner’ version.

The more the merrier, as she reminded us participants just lately. Please register on the registration page:


You still got time to register. August is amazing. Her deadline for registration is March 1, 2017, but she as well accepts registrations that come in with a slight delay!

There are prizes to win – please register and be part of the fun!