…Author, Frank Westworth reveals some of the dangers lurking for we scribblers…

Seumas Gallacher publishes a guest post, written by wise, unique and gifted author Frank Westworth. Thank you Seumas and Frank to provide us with this article of warning!

Seumas Gallacher

…any seriousHarley-Davidson rider, who also writes great books and gets playing blues guitar, automatically commands my attention… Author friend, Frank Westworth, is no exception in that regard… have a read of his WURDS of wisdom…

Unsafe Spaces

Frank Westworth’s new crime-thriller, ‘The Redemption Of Charm’, arrives at the end of March. In the meanwhile he ponders a topical peril of political correctness…

Writers have a problem. Readers. OK, so writers have many problems, among them … readers. What do readers do which is a problem for writers? Surely they’ve paid their sixpence, bought the book, and everyone is happy. What can possibly go wrong? What goes wrong is that readers sometimes read the books they’ve bought. No no, do not doubt me, for I know this to be true. It gets worse. After reading some of the book some readers write to the writer – to the author…

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…art covers for Authors?…there was a time, a time there was…

Thank you, Seumas Gallacher, for your blog post about book covers and art work! We’re always grateful to read your opinion about things in the writing world. It’s helpful!

Seumas Gallacher


…it seems not such an age ago that my frequency of trips from where I live in the Middle East to London was dictated by the need to stock up with physical copy books from Waterstones in Piccadilly… cover-for-violin-manI was what’s prob’ly known as a ‘weight purchaser’vwb-cover…I bought books by the kilo… of course, like most of us, I have my favourite writers, but their offerings weren’t the only tomes to occupy the sales basket… getting ‘lost’ in a huge bookstore is an indulgence… and one that I savour… notwithstanding my attraction to the Kindle products too, which I’ve also come to know and LUV… but back to the sorties in deepest Waterstones country… much gets bandied about as to ‘yeez can’t tell a book by its cover’front-view-spthat may well be the case in some instances, but here I have to partially disagree, on at…

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…where have all the bank services gone?… long time passing…

Seumas Gallacher on bank services… where he’s right, he’s right! Thanks for this phenomenal, humorous and true blog post, Seumas!


Seumas Gallacher

…’fess up time… in a different life, this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler was once a banker… a Trainee Master of the Financial Universe… I skulked around as a manager of treasury departments and headed foreign exchange dealing rooms for a coupla decades and threw in some service for another coupla decades as a customer-facing senior executive as well… however, it seems so loooooong ago, now, Mabel… and sadly, as most of us have also experienced, things ain’t what they used to be… I don’t wanna sound like the old generation ‘we did it so much better’ kinda thing, but let’s consider a few issues here: first up, there’s a permanent place in a burning hell awaiting the genius who devised the ‘customer call centre’ concept, where yer first response is a mechanical voice menu that takes yeez on a ten-minute (minimum) merry-go-round, waiting to talk to a ‘real’ person……

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…Indie Authors, there’s only one way to take control of yer self-publishing—like a boss!…

I think this is an excellent advice for us “Newbies”. Seumas Gallacher’s way to take control over our self publishing! And yes, I love his advices. Not only because they’re coming from an experienced writer – but also because I love the way they’re written. Thank you Seumas!

Seumas Gallacher

…the most common question most self-publishing scribblers get is, ‘how easy/difficult is it to run yer own stuff as an indie author?’… well, this ol’ Jurassic’s been at it for more than eight years now, and I reckon I’ve learned a few things along the road (maybe that’s a few million things)… first off, it ain’t easy… but NUTHIN worth while usually is… the approach that’s WURKED for me is to treat the whole nine yards as a business… if yeez tackled any business with less than 100% commitment, yer chances of success get diminished in direct proportion to that commitment… so, Indie Authors, there’s only one way to take control of yer self-publishing—like a boss!


…own it, LUV it, treat it like yer own flesh and blood, ‘coz, as many authors will tell yeez, that’s precisely how each wee literary baby feels to them… tell the WURLD

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…it started off as just writing a coupla sentences 8 years ago… look what’s happened!…

Seumas Gallacher’s fifth book, Deadly Impasse was published. Check it out, folks!!

Seumas Gallacher


…I s’pose it’s the kinda thing that happens when a few snowflakes roll into a snowball and it goes on a roll, gathering more and more as it  goes along, and ends up as an enormous avalanche… writing… the mystical allure that is the scribbler’s art… the indescribable sensation of birthing yer own wee literary babies… releasing them as fledglings into a huge WURLD of their peers… books, novels, tomes, volumes… Master Gallacher‘s own experience is par for the course, as many of my fellow authors have shared… it started off as just writing a coupla sentences 8 years ago… look what’s happened!… the germ of an idea for a story triggered the Jack Calder series… the characters appeared, and then they basically took over the whole deal… spontaneous committee meetings in my head sprung up, comprised of the men and women who populate the series… and to heck…

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…for me, a real bucket list needs contain only one item…

This blog post, written by our friend, Seumas Gallacher, tells us, what his bucket list contains – and I found it so emotionally touching, I would love to share it with as many people as possible. This is one reason we love Seumas! Thank you for these powerful words!



Seumas Gallacher

…many of yeez lovely people are aware that my youngest sister succumbed to cancer a couple of days ago… she is not the first person ever to pass that way, nor will she be the last… during the course of our lives, very few of us will be untouched by some sadness or other… that is the way of things… I have no wish to belittle the suffering and anxiety that affects not only the patient especially, but the immediate family and friends on such occasions, but I truly believe these can be used as positive triggers… for a start, for those of us remaining to be grateful for whatever we do have… and I don’t mean tangible stuff like bling, property, and the trappings of wealth… look to yer friendships, the close buddies, those who are there for each of yeez regardless of time and circumstance… the real support…

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Author Spotlight – Seumas Gallacher



Please introduce yourself. 

Good day, m’Lady, Aurora. First up, a gazillion thanks for permitting this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler licence to intrude on your blog… I trust you have the standard insurance and attorney protections for this…


  1. When did you start writing? 

I’ve dabbled in short stories most of my life… and poetry of a teenage angst sort to begin with, branching into more mellow life incidence… but I primarily consider myself more an authorial wordsmith rather than a Wordsworth… the Jack Calder crime series began around eight years or so back…



  1. What motivates you to write? 

At the time of the urge to write the first novel, it was born out of the sense that it was ‘just time’ to get down on paper ‘that novel’ we all supposedly have in us… I wanted to see if I could actually do it… now, I’m afraid the writing addiction is well and truly set, and I understand it’s incurable… and I’m happy about that…



  1. What genre do you write in and what made you choose this particular genre? 

Frankly, I chose to dabble in crime fiction, as it seemed to lend itself to an easier inventive narrative… since then, I’ve realized that sum’times real world fact is crazier than any fiction I can ever create, thus leading to a lot of past personal experiences and live observations being amended and inserted into my stories… changing detail to protect the guilty, most of the time…



  1. What is your goal in writing? Do you have dreams where your writing should take you? 

With no false modesty, I try to be as good as I can be at anything I take up, and do so wholeheartedly… from a standing start, I understood the need to be immersed in the whole nine yards of being a writer, particularly including the absolute necessity to be positively present on the SOSYAL NETWURKS… so far, the reading population has been generous in the aggregate downloads of my books on the Great God Amazon… next step would be a television series or film options… fingers crossed…



  1. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if yes, how do you deal with it? 

Never… I enjoy being creative and playing inventively with words, so if I reach a wee ‘resting spot’ in the novel writing, I indulge the blog and the networking on the web… where the novels are more cerebral, the blog is more lighthearted, often whimsical… the balance and the mix is healthy for me…



  1. What advice would you like to give new, hopeful authors? 

Read… read more… read even more… support your fellow authors… most are not in competition with you… the global scribblers family is full of generosity of spirit… partake of it and share it back… and start NOW to ’build your platform’ of followers and other writers relationships on the internet… it’s all part of the ‘business of writing’…



  1. Please, tell us about your work. 

The core of the Jack Calder series is built around former SAS officers who run their own specialized security firm, International Security Partners (ISP)… in the course of their business of protecting their clients interests, they encounter international drug lords, crime cartels, people-traffickers, money-launderers… with the gloves off, they use their black ops skills to foil the bad guys…



Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!! 

My immense pleasure to be here, m’Lady, thanks again…



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