9 Ways To Market Your Book With No Money – Written By Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker informs us about marketing possibilities for authors with a small marketing budget. He published his 9 ways to market your book with no money on Nicholas Rossi’s blog. Thanks for all the information in this post!

This is a guest post by Kurt Walker. Kurt is a digital marketer and a college paper help writer at Easyessay.org. Besides that, Kurt is a guest blogger at AustralianWritings, UK.bestessays.com, and Superior Paper writing service. Kurt specializes in email and social media marketing. He is the father of three kids and a passionate New York Knicks fan.









9 Ways To Market Your Book With No Money

While publishing has never been easier, selling one has never been harder, especially for independent authors who have to rely on their own skills and professional networks. A report claims that 2.2 million new titles are published worldwide each year, so you definitely have a lot of competitors to deal with.

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