A Monumental Computer Crash

To a writer who’s typing in the last few pages of her first crime novel, nothing is more annoying than a computer crash, namely one she should have seen coming.

Sometime earlier this year, end of January, to be precise, I installed Windows 11 on my laptop. I followed the instructions until the last detail because I didn’t want anything to fail. I backed up my data and did what I had to do to get this system up and properly running.

A few days later I started having problems opening Word. And it got worse every single time I opened the computer. The laptop got slower and slower and it became almost unbearable.

Finally, after having settled in a bit better, I decided to face this problem and get it fixed, which I did with a total of almost 16 hours on the phone with Microsoft.

It turned out, that I did everything right when it came to the installation. Little did I know, that, unlike what my laptop manufacturer wrote online, my ASUS laptop is NOT compatible with Windows 11.

Well, I’m a user, not an expert, how would I know? I checked, as I was supposed to, but I didn’t ‘counter check’, double- or triple check, or consult any other sources, I counted on my manufacturer’s word – and got screwed.

Of course, now, after reinstalling Windows 10 on my laptop, I have to go back and set it up again, which means, it’s like a fresh start, with the backup data copied back onto my computer – which, of course, unfortunately, didn’t work as properly as it should have.

In addition to the fact that I am supposed to clean up my blog, do a few other things, write blog posts, and write more books in the series, am still waiting for my editor to get back to me, and I’m desperate for my crime story to be finally in this computer, I got more books to type in, and since I can use Word again, it’s time I’m getting that stuff done!

Still, computer crashes suck, and I was several times, very, very close to throwing that thing out the window! I didn’t know I could curse like a sailorman, seriously… I used words I didn’t even know I had in my vocabulary.

Maybe it’s time I get a new computer… *sigh*

What did you do the last time your computer annoyed you? Maybe I can learn how to handle that a bit better next time. Let us know in the comments. We’re curious.