Autumn 2021

It is the time when days get overcast and cool

When the leaves on trees change from green

To yellow, rust or brightest red

Unless you live in Southern California, I mean.


But even here trees lose their leaves

Prepare for the colder wintertime

The world gets tired after a vivid summer

Some rest more often, write, or read – or rhyme.


The ocean’s breeze feels cold by now

And so does the sky which’s overcast.

Sometimes even here, we expect a few raindrops

Sometimes I wish the rain would last.


Occasionally I miss the third of four seasons

As others have them on the Earth

Before winter comes and fall prepares

Everything for the new year’s re-birth.


I always thought, here in the land of eternal sun

I’d never be cold, freeze or even wear long sleeves

But I was wrong, and I search for my fall clothes

Once I see the trees and watch the falling leaves.


(Copyright, Aurora Jean Alexander, October 2021)

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6 thoughts on “Autumn 2021

  1. Great poem aurorajeanalexander! Certainly for me, autumn represents a good time of the year to analyze what truly matters in our lives. It’s done me nothing but wonders since I started working remotely as a freelance copywriter and content writer for a handful of different agencies. It’s been about four months, and I’m still alive! I’m so glad to distance myself even further from office politics/bureaucracy as much as possible.

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  2. We don’t get the colours in the leaves that you get in the US, but we do get yellow and brown. Not the brilliant reds, though, except for a few trees.
    The other day, on the radio, someone pointed out that these colours are not death colours. They are pigments that have been there all along, but masked by the green chlorophyll. As the green fades, the other pigments are visible. That’s a wonderful thought. Something new appearing as the chlorophyll dies.
    We can apply that thought to life.

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