Writer’s Health Issues

Writers often face physical and psychological challenges that many other professionals don’t experience.

  • Headaches
  • Vision
  • Obesity
  • Neck and back problems
  • Muscular disorders
  • Lack of vitamin D
  • Depression

Let’s have a look at the different health challenges.

Headaches and Vision problems are often caused by staring into an older computer monitor for hours without resting your head or eyes.

Recommended: Take a break every 30 to 60 minutes to give yourself a short rest, get up, walk around, open and close your eyes, and stretch your body; it is helpful in more than one way, you will see!

Obesity: Many writers claim their creativity flows mainly at nighttime, which isn’t surprising since many writers are working full-time jobs, and in the evening, their families demand their attention. They’ll use whatever time of the day they have left. Unfortunately, when they have peace to write, they barely move during the nighttime, but they’re tempted to keep their drinks and snacks as close as possible to avoid wasting time’ getting up and getting them. Both lead to extremely unhealthy eating habits and can cause weight gain and cardiac problems.

Recommended: Set a time limit for writing in the evening and on weekends. You can tell your family you need a few hours of quiet time for writing is nothing wrong with that. When you prepare for writing, there is nothing wrong with a drink or a snack, but pour yourself some water and prepare a healthy snack, such as berries or apple slices. (If possible, shortly before you go to bed, take out the dog for a quick walk around the block. It will relax you and make your move, which is healthy for your weight and the tension in your neck, back, and other muscles. – If you don’t have a dog, cats love going for walks, too!)

Wrong chairs often cause neck and back problems, incorrect heights of chairs, and ‘slouching’ on the chair. Getting up and moving around in regular 20-30 minute intervals is an innovative and healthy thing to do.

Recommended: Before you sit down to write, go outside, get your body to move, stretch your back and neck, and relax while walking. Take your dog for a walk. (Provided you have one, if not, cats love walks too, and so do children, husbands, wives, girls- and boyfriends, fiancés, cats, guinea pigs, and other pets.)

N.B. Getting up and moving around is also helping you with obesity, muscular disorders, and even the lack of vitamin D.

Depression is a horrible, invisible, hidden, but ongoing disease, and, if untreated, extremely dangerous to the patient.

Recommended: Get professional help! It is essential that you won’t let yourself fall any deeper into this hole as necessary. The earlier you get that taken care of, the better for you and everyone in your life. And I know what I’m talking about!

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Dream Walker’s Second Five Star Review

Once again, I’m excited to no end! I just read Dream Walker’s second Five Star Review and I’m so enthusiastic! It shows that readers love my work. I’m honored, indeed!

5.0 out of 5 stars An Intriguing Tale from the Point of View from Someone on the Other Side…Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 29, 2023

Verified Purchase

I have been reading this series from the beginning, and in the last few installments the author has been introducing us to more ‘beings’ as well as new points of view. First we were shown things from the ladies’ perspectives as they meet the Archangel who will become their betrothed. Then in book four, we were shown one the world she has created from one of Archangel’s point of view, as he meets the woman who is destined for him.

Now in this latest chapter, we’re back to a woman’s perspective, but there’s a twist. Whereas the other ladies were angels or destined to become one, a demon hunter, or a daughter of Pan, this young lady is a Succubus. And she has been working for the ‘other’ side in the ongoing struggle between good and evil.

It’s these twists and turns that keep readers like me coming back for more. The author continues to unveil the world she has created with surprises and intrigue which often involves characters from previous books, making this reality more whole and real. And each tale does not fail to entertain and even keep us on the edge of our seats, as mystery upon mystery unfolds before our very eyes.

And this volume is no exception. Can a Succubus truly find happiness with a member of the Council of Twelve? And what about her master down below? Will he take this betrayal lying down? Or is all Hell about to break loose? You’ll have to pick up this book and find out for yourself. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

(Click the teaser to get to the book)

Please Vote For Dream Walker And ‘The Council of Twelve’ Series!

The Paranormal Romance Guild nominated book 5, Dream Walker, and the entire ‘The Council of Twelve’ series for their ‘Reviewer’s Choice Award.’

Voting will begin on Sunday, January 29th.

Voting will end on Sunday, February 12th.

Winners will be announced on Valentine’s day.


Dream Walker & The Council of Twelve Series count on your vote, and so do I! Thank you very much!

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Author Spotlight – Vivienne Sang


Please introduce yourself.

Hi. My name is Vivienne Sang and I write under the name of V.M.Sang

  1. When did you start writing?

That’s a difficult question. I remember writing a story when I was quite little. Perhaps about 6 or 7 years old, but don’t remember much else until I wrote a very bad romance in my teens.
When I was at school, I always enjoyed creative writing classes and once wrote a story that went on for at least ten pages. What my English teacher thought about having to wade through it is unknown.
When studying at teacher training college, I wrote a few poems, only one of which is still in existence. That poem was my first published work, I suppose, as it was published in the University magazine.
I begun writing my first novel towards the end of the 90s, but it took a very long time to come to fruition as I was teaching full time. I self-published it, and the second part of the series, but when I found a publisher for another book I’d written, they wanted to republish my first two as well.

  1. What motivates you to write?

All the people that jump into my head begging (no demanding) I tell their stories. The very first time it was a name that came into my head. I figured out her story, but I’ve not yet written it. She’s gone a bit quiet recently, so I’ve not told her tale yet.

  1. What genre do you write in and what made you chose this particular genre?

I write in two genres–Fantasy and Historical fiction.
I chose fantasy because I’m a fan of the genre. I wrote a scenario for the Dungeons and Dragons club I ran at the school I was teaching in. Then I thought how it would possibly make a good story. I was inspired by reading (and playing the scenarios) the Dragonlance Saga by Weiss and Hickman. I thought that if they could make their scenario into a book, perhaps I could do the same. But it wasn’t just one book! It morphed into a series. I’m now writing Book 4.
Historical sort of chose me. When I was a teenager I went to Derbyshire (in the UK) with a friend and her family. We came upon a ruined house. It had obviouslyt been a grand mansion at one time, and we wondered about it. What was its history and how had it come to be in ruins?
This image of the house stayed with me for many decades until I decided to write about it. This, too, has become a number of books, two of which are now published.
I decided to trace the family who ultimately built it from a young boy coming to Britain as a slave, with the Romans. The second book follows a young Viking girl; a descendant of the boy from Book 1.

  1. What is your goal in writing? Do you have dreams where your writing should take you?

I don’t have dreams of hitting the NYT best seller list. (Although that would be nice.) Nor do I think about becoming the next big thing. I just want people to enjoy my stories. And to actually know they exist!

  1. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block and if yes, how do you deal with it?

I’m unsure what writer’s block is. I’m part way through one story that I’m stuck on. It seems to be going nowhere, but I don’t consider that to be writer’s block. I’ve put it away for a few months while my subconscious considers it.
This, I think, is the best way to deal with it, and if no inspiration comes, then that means that story is a non starter.
I’ve not yet run out of ideas for stories, but if I do, I’ll consider it no big deal. I’m retired, and although I enjoy writing, and treat it as if it’s my job, I’m not reliant on my earnings from it. (A good job!)

  1. What advice would you like to give new, hopeful authors?

Stick at it! It takes time to get people to know your book is out there. And most important is to connect with other authors. I’ve made lots of online friends who are extremely helpful.
Also, when you are marketing your book, please don’t simply say ‘Buy My Book’ and nothing else. Making contact with people is important. People are more inclined to buy your book if they know a bit about you and like you. I know that’s true of me. I’ve found many excellent books by buying a book because I have had contact with the author and think of them as friends.

  1. Please, tell us about your work.

The first series is called The Wolves of Vimar. It tells how a group of disparate folk who call themselves Wolf help to save the land of Grosmer when an enemy invades. They first have to find a long-lost artifact which is prophecied to be the only thing that can kill the man in charge of the invaders, then they discover who he is and what his plans are. They face dangers and near death, and all are changed by their experiences.

The second is a duo called Elemental Worlds. The Crown Prince of Ponderia is behaving strangely. His best friend, Pettic, discovers the princehas been captured and a doppleganger put in his place. The only way to rescue the prince is to enter the four worlds of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and find a gem in each world. Before he can find the gem, Pettic has a task to perform. And he cannot leave the Elemental World without the gem’s magic.

There are three prequels to The Wolves of Vimar published that tell a bit more about the people in the main series.

The two historical novels are Vengeance of a Slave and Jealousy of a Viking. In each of the books, which are standalone novels, the protagonist has to overcome a problem. As the tiles suggest, the first. the young man. Adelbehrt, has to overcome his desire for vengeance on the Romans, and in the second, the young woman, Helgha, has to overcome her jealousy of her lover’s wife.

Thank you for being my guest. It was such a pleasure to have you here!!

It was a pleasure, AJ. Thank you for having me.

Connect with Vivienne:

V.M. Sang was born and lived her early life in Cheshire in the north west of England. She has always loved books and reading and learned to read before she went to school.

During her teenage years she wrote some poetry, one of which was published in the magazine of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). Unfortunately, that is the only one that is still around.

V.M. Sang became a teacher and taught English and Science at her first school. Her main subject was science, though, but she also taught Maths and what was then known as Computer Studies.

She did little writing until starting to teach in Croydon, Greater London. Here she started a Dungeons and Dragons club in the school where she was teaching. She then decided to write her own scenario.

The idea of turning it into a novel formed in her head, but she did little about it until she took early retirement. Then she began to write The Wolves of Vimar Series.

Walking has always been one of V.M. Sang’s favourite pastimes, having gone on walking holidays in her teens. She met her husband walking with the University Hiking Club, and they still enjoy walking on the South Downs. They also bought a kayak and have done quite a lot of kayaking in Brittany along the river Vilaine and the Oust.

Quieter things that she enjoys doing are a variety of crafts, such as card making, tatting, crochet, knitting etc. she also draws and paints.

V.M.Sang is married with two children, a girl and a boy. Her daughter has three children and she loves to spend time with them.

She now lives in East Sussex with her husband.

You can contact her on the following platforms.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/23500375-vivienne-sang
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/sang0566/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/viv-sang-37427598/
Amazon Author Profile: http://viewauthor.at/VMSang
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Carthinal/

Vivienne’s Books:


The Wolf Pack

book 1


The Never-Dying Man

book 2


Wolf Moon

book 3



The Stones of Earth and Air

book  1


The Stones of Fire and Water

book 2





Vengeance of a Slave

book 1


Jealousy of a Viking

book 2



Jovinda and Noli

I apologise for this, but I’ve lost the universal link for this book!

The Making of a Mage


Dreams of an Elf Maid


When You Care Too Much – Part II

Andreas, ‘The Council of Twelve Assistant’ by trade, sat on a hill, close to Los Angeles and stared at the disaster in his view. He looked at several horrifying brush fires that threatened to destroy not only nature and animals, nests, breeding places, caves and plants, but also ground, houses, and the properties and lives of humans who had worked hard to accomplish their goals.

He then was called to the fire of an entire block in Chicago, was reported wildfires in Greece and Cypress, and finally was informed that there were horrifying fires in Spain, and Australia…

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He took himself back home and was searching for Simael, who had been sulking somewhere in an outside camp, away from everyone else, licking his wounds. He found the Archangel in a hammock; his breathtaking wings were recklessly hanging down to the ground.

“Archangel, if you treat your wings like this, some Assistant in a bad mood could actually step on them.”

Simael shrugged. “Go ahead, Assistant, and you’ll die.”

Andreas nodded. He knew, this Archangel didn’t just waste his time with empty threats. He’d keep true to his word. Simael was treated dreadfully as a child by his own parents. His incomparable looks had earned him as many admirers as haters… he was bullied, excluded, treated like an outsider, an alien… Some would consider his personality ‘controverse’ at best.

Simael was a warm-hearted and helpful personality by nature, but he was also used and hurt so many times, that he was finally tired of everyone and everybody and had become somewhat a loner, for quite some time.

Against all odds, after his last ‘encounter’ with a woman, Simael took a while to recover, as usually, and then returned to his tasks… but soon after lost his interest in his chores and finally started neglecting his armies and subordinates. Andreas, together with Tsechirel had taken over the commands and tried to hide their friend’s disinterest for a long time… However, they knew it couldn’t go on like this forever. Eventually this would be discovered, and the balance had to become even again.

At this point Andreas wanted to help Simael finding back to his tasks and duties, helping the world, humans, the Lord’s and his Father’s creation…

Andreas sighed. “You’re at your best, I can see that.” Simael stared into the air. “What are you doing here?” The Assistant stepped forward, in respectful distance of Simael’s powerful wings, and replied softly: “I need your help… half the world is on fire, and I can’t figure out the source. I know, there are fires in California, and Australia, and Greece… but not in this time of the year – and not all of them to the same extent. It’s devastating. And I cannot find the source.”

Despite his demonstrated disinterest, Simael looked at Andreas, now curious. “How long is this going on now?” Andreas blinked. “I’m not sure. I discovered the first of these events quite a few months ago.” Simael got up. “Who else knows about it?” Andreas hung his head. “Nobody.” It took Simael a full ten seconds to discover the lie. “Haha…” He replied sarcastically. “Like you would look at something like that and not tell anyone. Come on… spit it out.”

Andreas softly replied: “Tsechirel.” Simael smiled. “Of course, who else. Why don’t you get him to meet me in Athens, and we can see what we can do to help – and then, to stop it. We might need someone to help us investigate. Are you up for it?”

Since this was the first time in a long time Simael showed interest in anything, Andreas nodded. “Of course.” It wasn’t generally one of his own tasks, but he didn’t care. Simael was a pleasure to work with, and Andreas wanted to be part of it when this particular Archangel came back to participate in his own activities and be a part of ‘The Council of Twelve’ again.

Simael and Andreas informed Tsechirel and they all met in Greece to have a look at the fires… and then Simael frowned. The wind just blew a gust into this direction. Could you smell something weird?”

Tsechirel shook his head. “Not from here. How about you, Andreas.” The Archangel-Assistant shook his head. “Nothing unusual for me either. It smells like burned wood, grass, ashes… what we always smell with common fire…

Simael’s eyes got small. “No.” he insisted. “I know there’s something off. I can smell it. Something isn’t right. This is not a natural fire.”

Tsechirel carefully watched Simael. He admired this particular Archangel deeply. Despite all the bad things that happened to him growing up, with his lack of parental love and support, he still had the softest heart. He wasn’t entirely sure what exactly drove him off so badly, but he knew, Simael had been deeply hurt once again, otherwise he had not become the loner that he was. Oddly enough, Tsechirel understood his friend to a certain degree.

It wasn’t easy to become an Archangel and realizing that a long-term relationship with one woman had become impossible, unless, of course, that one woman was the Archangel consort, which none of them had met yet.

Sometimes either one of them met an extraordinary lady, good to the core, wonderful, beautiful, and some other ‘ful’s too, and none of them had stayed yet. Being with an Archangel was extremely demanding for every woman. Their partner had barely every time for them, and if they did, a longer get-together, or even living together, was nearly impossible. Archangels were too powerful for any woman who was not meant to be their consort. Every Archangel practically radiated power from the smallest beard stubble to the last tip of their feathers. The feeling of ‘humming’ was straining to the female organism, and it had happened that a woman had to leave the Archangel in the middle of the night, nauseated, and not knowing what happened to her.

It was disappointing over and over again for them to know, once again, what they had was ‘only a fling’, despite the predictions and the promises. Obviously, it wasn’t their time yet.

At this moment, however, Simael was highly alert, and even suspicious. He wandered around, muttered to himself, and suddenly he swung around to face his friend and his brother. “I got it… I know where I smelled this particular note before. – Oh no. These fires are my doing.”

Tsechirel shook his head to comfort his brother. “Don’t say that, Sim. You didn’t…” But Simael interrupted him. “… what? Light up the match? Surely not… but this is the doing of a very, very powerful woman, a supernatural being, to be precise. And she just declared war.”

Andreas scratched his head. “Do I understand that correctly? Your ex-girlfriend did that? The one you saved a while ago?”

Simael nodded. “Precisely. I remember how she smelled. It was that undertone… that one single wonderful perfume of sandalwood. Incomparable, and even when it’s burning it smells far beyond ‘just’ ashes. It has this unique aroma – oh, if she wants a war, she’ll be disappointed.”

Tsechirel frowned. “No fighting?” Simael chuckled. “I didn’t say no fighting. I said, no war.” Andreas snorted. “What are you up to?” Simael shrugged. “Come on, guys, let’s be real. Do you really think I’ll fight a woman, no matter how powerful she is, she’ll never beat an Archangel.” Tsechirel nodded. “Well, that’s true. But what are you going to do?”

Simael fumed. “She dared to damage nature, the world, our Creator’s work… She needs to be stopped. Too many lives are in danger. I would say, I will find her and teach her a lesson. However, I need to talk to our brothers. They must understand what’s going on and that I might need their support.”

Tsechirel seemed confused. “What are you talking about? You are an Archangel, she is a supernatural being, but still, in a fight, she’s got not chance.” Simael nodded. “I’m with you. But she must agree to either leave the Earth, Nature, animals and human beings out of this, or she’ll find out what Archangel Fire feels like. And that could end up in a ‘Hell of a blast’.”

Andreas and Tsechirel laughed. “Oh, that’s what you meant. Well, fine, let us get to the Great Hall.”

They all met there, and Simael explained the situation. Gabriel and Michael exchanged a brief look, which Simael discovered in one of the mirrors. “What was that about?” Gabriel shrugged. “I figured; you’d fall for that. You know, she challenged you, right?” Simael nodded. “Of course. And I am afraid, I seem to fall for that. However, I am not going to fall for her. I will not let her use me, no matter what. She didn’t merely challenge me, she challenged us, and our Father. This either stops, or she might face a heap of ashes she will not rise from anymore.” Michael grinned and Gabriel laughed. “Well, now you’re talking.


Raphael called Evaan, an old and very powerful Demon Tracker. “You said once, you do have the unusual skills to track other supernatural creatures too, besides demons. Would it be possible for you to help us find a Phoenix?” Evaan nodded. “Of course. Even though, they’re not exactly my favorite species. Female or male?”

Raphael was confused. “Why is that important?” Evaan smiled. “To us trackers, female Phoenix smell slightly stronger and are a bit easier to track. But, in case you refer to tracking Suri, that’s unnecessary. She informed us that she’ll awaits you in California’s Santa Monica Mountain, slightly off Malibu.”

“Crap.” Gabriel stated. “Lots of bushes, dry grass, and brush. Burns like gasoline.”

Uriel smirked. “Not with me there. Archangel Fire doesn’t spread.” Then he frowned. “I’m still curious as to why she would send our trackers a message? It seems she’s quite ahead of us.”

Simael nodded. “I agree. I need to solve that problem immediately, before she causes even bigger damage.”

They all went down to Earth and found Suri standing exactly where she said she would be. She swung around, wen she discovered Simael. Uriel, Tsechirel and Gabriel stayed hidden.

The beautiful woman smiled. “Well-well…” She said. “Look who’s finally here… welcome, my future husband.” Simael chuckled. “Nice welcome, lady. It’s interesting to hear how you planned my further existence for me. We both know, that’s never going to happen.”

He slightly tilted his head to the side and looked more like a breathtaking ice and crystal sculpture than a living humanoid creature. “I’m here to keep you from doing any more harm to the Earth. That arson has to stop. What do you want?”

Suri snorted. “I want you to apologize for dumping me… then I want us to get married. I’m your consort.” Simael couldn’t help himself when he felt rage boiling up inside of him and he snapped:” You were the one dumping me. You told me you felt imprisoned and that I’m boring you… both clear signs that you are not my consort. You were the one dumping me – and I merely gave you your freedom, that’s all. Now you are free. Enjoy it.”

Suri shook her head. “I was telling you that I need more entertainment and need to come and go as I please. Next thing I know I’m standing all alone on the street and you and my home are gone.”

Simael smiled. “That’s not how I remember it… but it doesn’t matter at all. I don’t want you back, and I’d rather bite off my tongue than going to get married to someone who doesn’t love me. Now, what else do you have to offer?”

She was just about to step closer, when Simael clearly warned her: “And be careful now. Think twice about what you’re going to say… your life depends on your next words.”

Suri laughed. “What do you think, you could do to me? Burn me to ashes? I’m a Phoenix, I’d be back in shorter time than you can imagine.”

Simael shook his head. “Even a Phoenix cannot resist Archangel Fire. And your Nemesis stands right behind you.”

Slightly shocked Suri whirled around… she wanted to take a step back, but was held in place by ties that surrounded her feet and ankles. “I’m part Archangel.” She yelled. “I will survive Archangel Fire! What do you want? What’s going on? What’s that supposed to be?” She screamed.

Tsechirel, Uriel and Gabriel showed themselves, all three of them a big grin on their faces. Uriel held demonstratively his fire sword in his right hand…

Suri paled. Then she screamed: “Father… Father, help me now!” – Nothing happened… She tried it twice again, and still no reaction. Finally, she lost patience and yelled from the top of her lungs. “Lucifer you stupid pig, move your ass up here – this instant!”

The Archangels exchanged a surprised look, while a small giggle escaped Gabriel’s lips… when suddenly a rip in the air showed up, and a coughing man in flip flops and light gray sweat shorts climbed through, accompanied by a huge cloud of smoke and the heavy smell of opium and marihuana.

He seemed slightly disoriented and stared at her. “What the Hell are you calling me for?” Then he discovered the Archangels. “Oh… You’re here? Hi guys. What is she up to now? You’re not assaulting my girl, are you?”

Gabriel shook his head. “Really, Lu. Your girl? And you never bothered to tell her that she’s not related to you?” Lucifer shrugged. “She’s like my daughter.” He defended himself.

Tsechirel chuckled. “You telling her she’s biologically related to you, made her believe being a Phoenix and ‘part Archangel’, as she expressed it, would make her resistant to Archangel Fire.”

Lucifer turned to Suri. “Oh, you stupid unit… I didn’t expect you to be that dumb, seriously. You’re pretty, and you’re useful. You did almost everything I wanted you to do. But trying to seduce an Archangel was not one of them, and threatening them is by far the most idiotic thing you’re ever tried. Nobody can resist Archangel Fire, not even an Archangel. And not even me. Even if you and I were blood related, which, of course, we’re not, since I’d never sleep with something that smells like cold barbeque, you still wouldn’t bear a chance.”

Suri sulked. “Does that mean, you won’t help me?” Lucifer shook his head. “I don’t even think about it. See for yourself how you get out of this. You’re seriously just too dumb to exist.”

She tried to protest: “But… you said… only an Archangel consort…” Lucifer interrupted her. “And you went and tried to become one? My-oh-my…” He turned to the Archangels. “What did she do?”

Simael shrugged. “Set half the world on fire.” Lucifer scowled. “Light her up. There’s no place in this existence for someone that mentally limited.” He waved briefly and was gone.

Suri turned around and looked at Simael, tears in her eyes. “Please… I’m so sorry…”

But this one time, Simael’s eyes were merciless, and the silver shine turned to ice. “Too late.” He told her. Uriel’s sword touched her in the back of her neck, and with a short hiss, Suri, the Phoenix, turned into ashes, collapsed, and the ocean breeze carried the microscopic pieces away, out to the water…


And Simael disappeared to collect his troops and fight the fires. It was time he took back his existence and fought for the Good side, for Earth, humans, and his warriors.

Just one thing, he swore to himself… he would never again, fall for just a pretty face. He would wait for his consort, forever and ever, if necessary… but he would wait.

And that’s how Simael became the most unique, the most alien, the most beautiful, and the loneliest Archangel existing….

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Dream Walker on ‘Smorgasbord’ With Sally Cronin

I’m so very proud

Very pleased to share the new of the latest release by A.J. Alexander the YA Fantasy Dream Walker: Book 5 in ‘The Council of Twelve’ Series

About the book

Koyu thought she had done her duty, but deep inside she knows it will never be over. She is bound to her master forever and will have to execute his every command. But when he demands she’ll invade his sworn enemy’s dreams, she chooses to rebel.

Koyu risks her existence to help the ‘other side’ by purposely disobeying her master’s orders.

Koyu knows she’ll pay with her life for her impertinence. Is there, indeed, no hope for her?

A review for the book

linda 5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it  Reviewed in the United States  on November 25, 2022

Reviewed by Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Koyu Bellamy is a succubus like her mother and sisters, she is a seducer, destroyer and demon but unlike her family she has a conscience. Koyu has always regretted what she was and what she was called to do and when she sits outside a book store she finds out that the owner is Alfred, a Cherub. Alfred is a messenger whose job it is to report her to the Council of Twelve and he did. Fearing that she has gone from hunter to hunted she knows there is no where she can run.

While sitting with Alfred she is called by Asmodeus the third prince of Hell and her Master, a call she has no way to refuse. He calls and she comes running only this time he wants her to seduce Santanael an Archangel who is known for being immune to seduction. When asked if she will accept the task, she answers that she is up for the challenge. Somehow saying challenge made a difference and once again she finds herself zapped only this time she is back where she started from.

Koyu begs Alfred to get help and Andreas from the Council of Twelve comes. She reveals everything that Asmodeus demanded from her and begs for someone to help Santanael. Once again, she finds herself in a strange place and this time Santanael is looking down at her. She is in Heaven and he is well aware of the fact that she is unlike all the other demons, she has a conscience. He promises to protect her from Asmodeus but even Heaven can’t stop him from hurting her. It becomes a chess game; Angels against Lucifer and the pawn is Koyu.

For hundreds of years Koyu followed orders, destroying lives, only when the life she destroyed was a man who deserved it was she content. She also has the ability to dream walk into her victim’s dreams setting them up for what would follow and what would follow was would become a nightmare.

Like all the previous books in this series this one was amazing and I read it in one sitting. Angels, demons, Lucifer, constant battle between good and evil and love. A story of redemption, a demon in Heaven there’s hope for us all, lol. I loved the fact that we catch up with everyone from the previous books, all the woman we met before, and that is why I totally recommend reading this series in order, well one of the reasons because there are so many. 

Head over to buy the book: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK


Dream Walker And ‘The Council of Twelve’ Series Are Nominated

The Paranormal Romance Guild nominated book 5, Dream Walker, and the entire ‘The Council of Twelve’ series for their ‘Reviewer’s Choice Award.’

Read here, when the voting is going to start:


I will need your vote at the end of this month! Thank you very much!


The Best Of Writer Beware In 2022

Written by Victoria Strauss

As 2023 gets underway, it’s time again for Writer Beware’s annual look back at all the schemes, scams, pitfalls, and publishing industry craziness we covered in 2022.

A Big Change for Writer Beware

A New Home for the Writer Beware Blog: After many years, Blogger (our previous home) finally got too small for us, and we transitioned to WordPress. How that came about–and the benefits thereof.

Industry News

Some important publishing industry initiatives kicked off in 2022.

The AALA (Formerly the AAR) Revises Its Canon of Ethics: The Canon of Ethics is the professional standard to which the AALA expects member agents to adhere. In updating it to keep pace with a changing industry, the most significant revision is a detailed set of guidelines for agents who also offer paid editing services, intended both to guide ethical practice and to prevent the kinds of abuse and conflict of interest that gets reported to Writer Beware.

The Copyright Claims Board: A New Option for Copyright Disputes: Established by the US Congress, the Copyright Claims Board allows creators to bring lower-dollar infringement claims without having to hire an attorney or make a court appearance. It’s a great new option for creators, who until now have only had access to the prohibitively expensive process of pursuing infringement claims in federal court.

Update: The Copyright Claims Board at the Three-Month Mark: Writer Beware’s Michael Capobianco takes a look at the claims that have been filed with the CCB so far. Among other interesting data points: there are very few writing-related claims.

Publishing Contract “Bewares”

Issues to watch out for in your next publishing contract.

Keeping Moral Rights: A Wattpad Contest Controversy: Moral rights–the right to have your work published with your name, and the right to have it published exactly as you wrote it–are unfamiliar to most US writers, but they are important in the rest of the world (and most publishing these days is international). Writers are strongly advised not to relinquish them. When Wattpad launched a contest requiring winners to waive their moral rights, an uproar ensued. Wattpad took notice…but change is hard.

A Contract Clause to Beware: Claiming Copyright on “Publishers Content”: Writer Beware’s Michael Capobianco explains why this copyright claim–which more properly belongs in a work-for-hire contract–is a red flag.

Publishing Contracts 101: Beware Internal Contradictions: Your publishing contract shouldn’t include clauses that directly contradict one another, should it? Nevertheless, some contracts do–such as requiring a transfer of copyright in the Grant of Rights clause yet also requiring the publisher to register copyright in the author’s name. It’s a major red flag.


About Professional Writing, IAPWE, New Experience, And Article Writing

IAPWE is the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors.


The ‘About’ page on their website says:

The IAPWE or International Association of Professional Writers & Editors is an organization dedicated to providing helpful resources to writers and editors and disseminating helpful ideas and resources across the greater professional community in the form of outreach, blogging, networking and thought leadership.

In addition to providing free resources for our members, we are always seeking talented writers and editors to help create engaging, locally relevant, educational and inspirational content to help support our outreach efforts. We believe in paying our writers and editors a competitive wage, unlike many of the “content mills” and comparable low-paying clients and/or companies.

The IAPWE is also dedicated to bringing the most updated, legitimate and vetted writing and editing job opportunities to its members.

Currently, there are many different websites containing both legitimate as well as illegitimate writing and editing job opportunities and we make available, in one place, all of the opportunities that have been determined to be legitimate across over 100 different websites.

In addition to this, the IAPWE provides helpful tools, resources and networking opportunities for professional writers and editors, as well as making all members aware of potential writing job scams.

We are currently seeking members to take on administrative roles to help us identify and verify additional writing and editing job opportunities for our members. If interested, please send an email to staffing@iapwe.org for more information.

(Source: About – International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (iapwe.org))


Lately, I have been looking for an opportunity to extend my writing to a ‘more professional way’ by adding articles to my fiction writing, and I saw that IAPWE is looking for professional article/Blog Post/Content writers.

I contacted them, gave them my contact information, and samples of my work, and waited for their approval, which they did, not long after.

It was a short and easy process. After my approval and acceptance as a future professional article/blog post writer, I signed up as a member. The membership gives me access to their courses, writing tools, articles, and posts, and also to their open tasks.

Also, as one of their writers, you’ll get a discount on the membership fees, which is an additional bonus, and with writing for them, you’ll get the membership charges back within a heartbeat.

As their writer, I can choose to write as many or few articles as I like. The open tasks are often giving instructions on how the client wants to have them written, i.e., subject, length (in words), font, pictures, etc. It’s very important to follow these rules, otherwise, the client isn’t going to accept the article/post, no matter how much effort you put into it.

Also, it’s essential for the writer to get clean and traceable research done. Of course, being writers, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re experts on every aspect of life, science, technology, and other things. It just means, we will have to do our ‘homework’.

Each piece of information I provided with the article had the source right below, connected by the respective link. Since the articles mostly are limited in word count, this also gives the reader the opportunity to read more on the subject.

Most articles demand the writer to address the reader directly and encourage a certain ‘sober’ form of including the writer’s own opinion. That needs a little diplomacy, but since this is part of my nature, I think I mastered that quite well.

After I wrote the article, I submitted the task on the freelancer Writer’s platform of IAPWE. They demand one task at the time, which means, don’t write another until the submitted one is accepted. Shortly after that, I was informed that my article was accepted. The entire process is uncomplicated and efficient.

I like the challenge of non-fiction article writing. To me it’s new, and a task that I hadn’t before.

Now, my last provided article (which is for a client, and I, therefore, am unable to provide you with that one.) has been quite technical, and I rather pick another topic here as an example…

Let’s say…

The task would be:

Write about art, their forms, and provide the reader with your honest opinion about them. 300 words, do your research, provide sources and at least 3 free pictures (in a certain size).

Let me start like this:


The Seven Different Forms Of Art









(Or Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Poetry, Music Literature and Dance) It depends on where you’re looking for the 7 forms of art) ((Source))

I agree that all of them are art, of course one could debate about ‘poetry’ being a part of ‘literature’, and ‘Dance’ a part of ‘Theater’, but I’ll leave this decision gladly to the reader.

Is ‘Architecture’ a form of art? If I look at the left picture, I definitely have to say no, but seeing the building on the right, I’d gladly change my mind.

(Left: Lincoln Plaza, by Architect Ike Ijeh – Source) (Right: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany – Source)

In my opinion, dance is a wonderful expression of art. And who can say it’s not art when you see something like this?

Image courtesy of Lifehack

I have seen the worst and the best of art in very different ways and means One of the best comparisons I can deliver at this point is the ‘Zentrum Paul Klee’, the building in Bern, Switzerland, which houses Paul Klee’s life work. Paul Klee was a Swiss artist, who created mostly, what’s generally known as ‘Naïve Art’, and what I call ‘no progress since Kindergarden’-art. Even the building is irritating and mutilates the entire area.

On the opposite side, here on the left, I’ll give you ‘The Louvre’, the breathtakingly beautiful museum in Paris, France, which not only exhibits the most famous painting in the world, but also a vast number of phenomenal paintings and sculptures from long forgotten artists, each one of them an expert, bringing taste and beauty to countless generations of admirers. If you have a chance, go there, enjoy, drink a glass of champagne and think of me. You won’t regret it.

(Both images source: Google.com)


Now, this is clearly a short, 300-word article, but definitely not perfectly suited for a client (in particular not one who’s a fan of Paul Klee). However, it is absolutely essential that the writer of these articles does detailed research and clearly states where the information comes from. This is not only valid for articles and blog posts for clients and IAWPE! It’s necessary for all posts and articles, even for private blog posts.

Writer’s Treasure Chest wouldn’t have existed this long if I didn’t take care what I’m doing. Pictures and images for promotional posts, of course, are provided by their respective authors.

All other pictures need to have information about where they come from, preferably a link to their respective website or post, depending on where it was taken from.

The same thing applies to information that’s used for the own blog/article, such as ‘quotes’ or even entire paragraphs or posts.

Articles, as compared to blog posts, are preferably written in a sober, reporting manner, giving strict information, as compared to the authors own opinion. This is completely different from writing blog posts, where I can freely express my view on things, show my preferences or share my personal taste.

Let me give you an example with a blog post I published here on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest, precisely April 10, 2017, about how ‘I Never Wore A Ballroom Gown’.



For a moment I considered telling you my life was dabbling and boring and nothing exciting ever happened, but that’s simply not true. I had many highlights in my life. And if they weren’t there, I produced them. I had ups and downs, some of my decisions were good, others not so much, but I was never bored in my life, not even for one minute.

But there is one thing I’m missing until now: I never had the chance to wear a ballroom gown. Yes, I know, there’s prom… but unfortunately not for me. The reason for that will be staying in the shadows. It just didn’t happen. So, no prom, no gown.

Lately, I was thinking about the gown I would have probably picked. I mean, we agree that every girl and woman once in her lifetime wants to feel like a princess, right? I therefore very much suspect my prom gown would have looked something like this:









I know… it couldn’t be more opulent and flamboyant, right? I still think the dresses are somehow cute. But not for me. I think the blue one would have been closest to my choice back then. It’s cute, I love the cold color palette, and I had been enthusiastic about the different layers of fabric.  I would have looked like the strolling version of a sparkling mosquito net, but I had been happy.

Well, my prom age is a few years back. (I love the expression ‘a few.’ It’s extendable). Would I pick one of these now, or did my taste completely change?

You bet it changed. Should I ever have the chance of going to a ball, soiree, dance party where evening gowns are demanded, I would more pick something like this:










But most likely, and because I am who I am, I’d show up in a dress very similar to this one (with different shoes of course since I like my ankles too much to sacrifice their wellbeing to some murderous instruments like these):


Yes, I know. My taste has significantly changed within the past decade (or more). I got more adult, started preferring more the ‘modest’ and classic style, but with a tiny extra that reveals the noble elegance of what I wear.

But I simply doubt I’d ever be invited to some ball, neither today nor tomorrow and probably not even in the next two or eight months.

What am I going to do to fulfill my personal dream of once in my lifetime looking and feeling like a princess?


Aaaaahhhhh…. my wedding! I love to look at wedding dresses, just like every other woman does too. At current times (April 2017) this article does on no account mean I will get married anytime soon.

At this point, looking at possible future wedding dresses, I found out pretty quickly, my taste has changed here as well.

Haven’t I been dreaming of wearing a dress like Empress Elizabeth of Austria, with wide, expanding crinolines and layers and layers of tulle, silk, lace, silver or gold and an enormous train?









This would not be too comfortable, but at least I ensured that I’d spend the day more or less alone since guests, family, and groom would politely stay at least 6 feet away not to endanger polluting my wedding dress nor stepping on it.








Breathtaking, aren’t’ they? And about as comfortable as spending the night on a bed of nails. Fifteen years (or a few more) ago, I had picked one of these without hesitating. Nowadays, I’d rather let my fingernails be pulled out than being forced to get married in such a monstrosity. I’m not saying they are not beautiful. More the opposite. I’m only saying, they would look awful on me.


Then I found two other extravagant wedding gowns which made me burst out into laughter. They’re hilarious. I’m trying to imagine how I’d be looking in this dress below on the left: probably like some exploded cotton candy.

And how about the one on the right? AJ costumed as the walking bird flu.















What would I pick now to get married in? Yes… the same simple, classically elegant dress I think would best show who I am.






And should you ever see a wedding from far, where the bride is blond and wearing this dress, then it’s most likely going to be me, taking my last chance ever to wear a beautiful gown. (And promising the love of my life everlasting support, faithfulness, confidence amongst a few other things).

All pictures are courtesy of: www.pinterest.com


In this particular post, where the main factor is ‘taste about fashion’, I could freely express my opinion about ballroom gowns, my former taste, and how it had changed over time.

Writing for a ‘client’, blog post or article, is not giving me that freedom. I am strictly to deliver the facts, and nothing more (unless the client clearly expresses that this is part of the article, which so far hasn’t happened (yet).

Writing blog posts on my personal blog like ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ is different again. Mainly, the entire blog is particularly a writer’s blog. However, it’s also my personal blog, and I take the freedom to write a few private articles now and then, where I can share an experience, an event, or a happening, clearly say what I think about it and express my personal point of view.

At this point, let me share a former blog post published on my friend’s blog:

The secret of internet dating and its devastating repercussions on the human disposition

Written by A. J. Alexander – Copyright, September 2021

Sex is overrated. Yes, I can easily imagine the confused looks on surrounding faces. Would I stand in a room and proclaim that fact, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m talking about the fact that I tried it, and my current opinion is the result of my experience a while ago.

We keep thinking, that’s like in the movies, where the violins cry (meow-meow-meow) and the candles spend warm light (flicker-flicker). It’s a miserable attempt at physical exercise. You hit your skull on the headboard, the nightstand lamp crashes onto your temple, and every five minutes, Mommy comes in and brings cheese sandwiches, now there.

And that’s not even it! I’m beslobbered from head to toe, what am I? A popsicle? And then, afterward… afterward they want to talk! You have to praise them! I only want to turn around and sleep, but no! And, dear gentlemen, talking about ecstasy – HAHA! Just for your information: If you have 210 pounds laying on you… of course you’re groaning!

Well, it didn’t work out with that guy; one would think a woman gives up, right? No, we girls hope it will be better with the next one. And where do we find that next one? Oh yes! Of course, on the world wide web! Yes, I admit it. I did it; I was on the internet.

That’s unbelievable! You open a website, and you find men; men galore – and all so sporty! Golfers, sailors, scuba divers, hikers, marathon runners, a country full of well-trained ham hock heroes. No wonder you never see them on the streets. They’re all on the internet!

Immediately I was chatting with one of them: JamesBlond007 – what a hunk! And from the first second on, it was clear – we were destined to be together, oh yes.

We immediately set the first date – in the next Home Depot, aisle 4, where the hammers are. And he immediately recognized me! That was important because I didn’t notice him at all. Wait! How can that be that someone gains like 45 pounds within three days? First I thought, he had sent his Dad ahead, that much older he suddenly looked. Well, he admitted, the picture was a wee bit older. It was taken in ’96 on the Bermudas – during his honeymoon. Oops!

Oh, yeah, he forgot to tell me that he’s actually still married. That’s why our first date cannot take too long. His wife is outside in the plant and garden center.

Now, ladies, here is a tip for the guy search on the internet: Get yourself an Alfred. An ‘Alfred’ you recognize by the profile picture right away. That’s the type of man who lounges on the sofa. Actually, it’s the ‘slouch on the couch,’ in one hand the beer can, and a half-smoked cigarette in the other. An Alfred is a man who wears his sweatpants with the certainty that he’ll never ever fit into any of his other clothes again, so why even try?

Then I looked at some of the women’s profiles. That’s not too funny either, oh, yes. It’s not amusing what men have to look at. It starts with the names: MagicKitty, SweetMouse, LittleFairy, SunFlower2568, Cuddlekitty, come on! That’s an esoteric petting zoo. Compared to that, a Barbara Cartland novel is a hardcore thriller!

Oh, please, it’s true! And the pictures? Lying on a piggy pink cuddle blankie, holding on to ruffle curtains, or next to man high cat scratch trees. How can a woman, searching for the man of her dreams, stand next to a man-high cat scratch tree? With a hairstyle which they obviously had carved into shape in Salon Gretchen around Happy Hour. That’s not a good idea!

And then they all love animals, yes! But only when it’s really cuddly. Everything that crawls or scrambles scares them.

My-oh-my! Some things scare me far more! For example that men could actually like that!

Because if they do, at the end, all that will be left for me, is – an Alfred.


Okay – after looking at the different forms of posts and articles, of course, we will have to look at the work of a fully-fledged published author, in this case, preferably mine.

Writing ‘sober,’ neutral, and reporting articles isn’t particularly easy when you’re a fantasy and paranormal romance author. But there is a way to get it done, and I have proven myself to be able to do that.

This does not mean that I would ever neglect my work, notably the award-winning ‘The Council of Twelve’ series, currently published with five books:


After long years in the line of duty as a ‘Soul Taker,’ Kate is worn out.

When she gets a new job offer from the ‘Powers Above,’ she accepts her new job as a Guardian gratefully without knowing that her teacher is one of the most powerful beings in existence, the Archangel Raphael.

Along with Raphael, she takes on her new task and the connection between them grows.

Raphael helps, protects and supports Kate, but suddenly, she becomes a target for the Demons of Hell.

Raphael realizes that Kate means more to him than he expected, which causes him to fight furiously against danger. If he fails, Kate’s future will contain eternal darkness, Evil, and torture.


Sundance is a promising young Warrior Angel, the first in centuries to join the Divine Army. With the help of one of the most powerful Archangels, her skill and talent develop, allowing her to master some of the most difficult tasks that face her kind.

Sundance, under the supervision of the ‘Council of Twelve’, seeks to prove that she deserves her unusual gifts in the eternal fight between good and Evil. Follow her adventures as she discovers love, fights the good fight, and finds herself in the heat of battle trying to keep her wings from being singed.


Zepheira is the best Demon Tracker working for the Good side. With her unusual looks, her phenomenal sense of smell, and her bravery, she quickly draws ‘The Big 7’s attention to her talent. They hire her to find one of them. Leaving her familiar surroundings and regular work environment unsettles Zepheira at first. But the challenge to prove herself and to increase the reputation of her infallibility tempts her. She is convinced she will be a great asset to ‘The Big 7’. Little does she know she will be a much greater asset in Heaven’s fight against Evil. Zepheira suddenly becomes more than a hired tracker. She finds herself an important pawn in the game of love, heat, and fire. Will her courage and sacrifice be sufficient to dance with the flames?

Bounty Hunter

When Centriel roams the Earth in a dark mood and atypical despair, in a mountain clearing, far from humankind, he unexpectedly discovers a runner, followed by a petite hunter. The way the woman treats the giant fugitive amuses the Archangel, but he quickly learns that neither of them are what they seem to be.

Simin Arnatt is an extraordinary woman. Her occupation as a Bounty Hunter takes her all over the world, as she follows her prey to the most unusual places. She would have never expected to meet the famous Centriel while on a hunt. When he offers to help her, she feels the enormous attraction, but she knows, with the secret she holds, she could never dare to hope for love.

Neither of them could guess that with her next assignment, Hell is breaking loose…

Dream Walker

Koyu thought she had done her duty, but deep inside she knows it will never be over. She is bound to her master forever and will have to execute his every command. But when he demands she’ll invade his sworn enemy’s dreams, she chooses to rebel.

Koyu risks her existence to help the ‘other side’ by purposely disobeying her master’s orders.

Koyu knows she’ll pay with her life for her impertinence. Is there, indeed, no hope for her?

What is your experience with writing articles as compared to blog posts? Where do you see difficulties, or what is easy for you writing as an assessment? Let us know in the comments. We’re curious.

When You Care Too Much (Simael’s Past)

After a massive storm, he found her buried under masses of rocks and fallen trees… Her beautiful mocha-colored skin was bruised and scratched; her wounds were severe…

She was unconscious, her long, mahogany mane was tousled and dirty, and her clothes were ripped. He tried to free her with as little effort as possible, he was scared he could make a mistake, and the damaged pieces of buildings, natural disaster rocks, and wood could fall onto her and injure her even more.

While he was working, she surprisingly opened her eyes, which showed breathtaking pale green, light, mint-colored irises…

He hadn’t paid attention for a moment, and since he considered himself safe, she caught a glimpse of his powdery white wings – and started screaming.

Simael swung around and stared at her, a movement that wasn’t exactly soothing to her since her cries got even louder and shriller.

Finally, Simael lost his patience and harshly barked at her: “I’m trying to help you, woman. Would you mind at least not causing my hearing any damage?”

Hearing his words, she closed her mouth, her breathing was still heavy and filled with apparent fear, but finally, she gave his ears a rest.

While hiding his wings in a friendlier tone, he introduced himself: “My name is Simael. I discovered you here and hoped I could free you and take you to get medical care as quickly as possible. If that is a problem for you, please let me know.”

She eyed him curiously, his voice seemed to have calmed her down a little bit, and she replied shyly: “No… that’s… I’m sorry… I’m grateful for your help. You’re Simael, the Moon Angel?”

He looked at her closer. “I am.” He replied shortly. “And you are?” She tried a smile. “My name is Gwendolyn. I’m sorry, Archangel. You scared me for a moment. I didn’t expect ever to meet one of you. I want to shake your hand, but currently, I’m a bit handicapped.” Simael nodded curtly. “I understand.”

He kept working until she was free of debris, then bent over her. “Do you feel any pain?” She nodded. “In my shoulders, chest, and head. Below my belt, I cannot feel anything.”

Simael got worried. “That doesn’t sound good.” I might want to take you to a healer rather than a doctor, it seems?” She nodded. “Yes, I would appreciate that.”

Simael contacted his brother, Raphael, without a word, asking for healing support. Only a few minA female angel showed up only a few minutes later, a healing backpack. The woman on the ground looked scared. “What’s wrong with me?” She wailed.

The angel smiled. “I just arrived. Give me a moment to examine you, please. I hope I will be able to tell you more after that. – My name is Caylee, by the way.”

“Gwendolyn.” The angel bent over her. “Nice to meet you.” She examined Gwendolyn carefully and then got up. “I doubt it’s too bad, Gwendolyn. I want to discuss a few things with my fellow angels. I’ll be right back.” Gwendolyn nodded weakly. She seemed to feel horrible and looked dreadful.”

Caylee stepped to Simael and stared him in the eyes. “This isn’t a human being. She’s a supernatural form, but for my life, I cannot determine what kind of being she is. I wish we had a Demon Tracker here.” Simael smiled. “I knew she was supernatural. She caught a glimpse of my wings and addressed me as ‘Archangel.’

Caylee frowned. Not as ‘Angel,’ but as ‘Archangel’? That’s odd.” Behind them, someone giggled. “It’s not so odd when you consider Simael’s look. No other angel looks like him, and as a supernatural creature, she would know that Moon Angel is Sim. So, that’s not witchcraft.”

Simael smiled. “Hi there, Callie.” He introduced Gwendolyn to ‘Caliandra.’ “She’s one of our oldest experts in Supernatural beings,” Simael explained. The breathtaking Newcomer indeed had a few gray streaks in her hair, but her face was youthful, and she nearly burst with energy.

Caliandra shook her head and frowned at Simael: “You had to use the word ‘old’ in my introduction, didn’t you?” Simael’s eyes widened. But Caliandra laughed. “Well, it’s true… But I’m just playing with you, Simael. Let’s have a closer look at Suri. I have seen similar eyes before, and the ones here are brown with a yellowish glow. It seems the girl has origins she’d like to hide.” Caliandra looked at Caylee. “Did you pick up a particular smell when you examined her?” Caylee nodded. “She smelled a bit like cold ashes.” Caliandra sighed. “I thought so.” Caylee frowned. “I don’t follow you; I’m sorry. What’s the obvious that I oversaw?” Simael smiled. “I had to learn all that too. The flames within Suri’s body show nowhere but in her eyes, and her smell indicates one race that normally is frowned upon. Some angels consider them demons, but in Hell, they’re not welcome either since their skills are much higher developed than demon skills – and brains. These creatures can be dangerous to angels, even Archangels if they’re old enough.”

Caylee’s eyes widened… “Oh.” She said, a little helplessly. After a moment, she added. “I don’t know if I’m willing, under these circumstances….” Simael interrupted her sharply. “I called you to assist Suri and help her because she’s injured. I don’t care what you are ‘willing’ to do… I gave you an order, and no matter the circumstances, I expect it to be fulfilled – and pronto, if you please.” He turned away from her and walked for a few steps; soon, his body had disappeared between the trees. Caylee, who had stared after him, turned to Caliandra. “I’m not used….” Caliandra held up her hand and interrupted the younger angel: “I’m not interested in excuses. I’m an old, very old angel, my child. And I’m now giving you some much-needed advice: We are angels! If you want to stay one, you better improve your attitude.”

Caylee’s eyes were big. “I proved a long time ago that my skills….” Caliandra interrupted her again. “I’m not talking about your skills in healing. I’m talking about your behavior. As an angel, we do not show any preference when it comes to our good Lord’s creatures, no matter what and who they are! We are unique in many ways, but God created humans and all supernatural forms, and we are to love one as the other. We are helping where our help is needed, and we sure don’t show any kind or form of bullying or neglect. I recommend you’ll remember that next time you deal with Simael. He has been bullied and doesn’t take that behavior lightly.”

Caylee nodded. “I understand. I appreciate your help, older sister.” She bowed politely and retreated to go over to Suri. “Madame. I think the trauma of being hit has caused you partial paralysis, but I’m almost convinced it won’t last. If you let me carefully touch your spine and torso, I could make sure you don’t have any internal bleeding or injuries and maybe find out more. I understand if you don’t want that, but I’m convinced it would help. Also, it could take some of your pain.”

Suri nodded, her eyes wide and dark. “I’d appreciate that. Thank you very much.” Caylee started to work on Suri and helped her to control her pain. Also, she ensured that Suri was comfortable treating the beautiful woman. After the treatment, Caylee informed Suri: “I knew it wasn’t so bad. Thank God you don’t have internal bleeding; your organs are intact, and everything works fine. But you have a swelling that puts pressure onto your spine and partially causes numbness in your lower body half. We will have to wait for a while until the swelling goes down. Your mobility should return soon. If not, let Simael call me. I’ll keep on working until we get this fixed.”

Suri smiled. “Thanks so very much. I don’t know how to thank you.” Caylee returned the smile. “Don’t fuss. You need help, and this is only a little bit I can do. Let me get Simael for you.”

Simael had carried Suri to one of his hiding spots and had provided her with a beautiful haven, a breathtaking view, food, and exciting conversation. They spent several weeks together in the house on the cliffs when Suri finally asked him: “Archangel, I think I’m all but cured. I don’t know how long you want to keep me imprisoned here, and I start feeling like your pet.”

Simael was shocked. “I’m sorry to hear that, Suri. I didn’t expect you to feel like I’m holding you, hostage.” He said stiffly. “I would never hurt you, and I thought I’d help you recover.”

Suri shook her head. “I recovered a week ago. I’m still waiting for you to tell me what you want from me?”

Suri laughed. “You’re interesting… in a conversation, yes, sometimes. But the fact is, we both have merely nothing in common. After I started singing your feathers, I thought you would figure out I’m not at the right place here.”

Simael shrugged. “I didn’t… Well… why the discussion. I’m not holding you prisoner here, Suri. You’re free to go whenever you feel like it.” He gestured toward the door. “Goodbye.”

She found herself standing outside, somewhere in nowhere… there was no phone reception, and the next street seemed seven to twelve miles away.

Suri turned around, half expecting that Simael was staring after her on the stairs to the porch. But the house was gone, and so was the Archangel. Only a few sparks reminded her that there had been some magic involved…

She stared at the sky and swore, “You will pay for that, Archangel. You can’t do that with me and then think you’re getting away with it. You’ll regret that.”

Far away, in the ‘Great Hall,’ Gabriel calmly said to Zachariel: “Aleja jacta sunt…”

To be continued

Picture courtesy of: Google.com