Fourth collection of contest submissions

We proudly present the fourth collection of contest submissions for the
1st Halloween-poem contest.


(by Camberon Rombért)

The mind is in need of stretching can be a dangerous lesson

To teach; it does a lot of assuming on the part of the part of the pupil,

in terms of flexibility. It’s the Experiment of the Eye.

Later, some years when the lesson’s still fresh, you’ll see the demise of your last sanctuary, you’ll hear the gunshots always. Why, why did I see the dreadful Eye?

Why was it looking at me?

Given everything in an objective view I can’t see how it would ever turn out differently.

What terrified, what could never be explained,

Has given me perspective, has made corporeal the things I didn’t see.


Happy Halloween

(by CJ Corbi)

It’s just a house

                      With decorations.

                       Trick or Treat.
                        Creak-ing, Creak-ing.
The door opens to us
                          Floating hand unfolds-
There! A bowl of candy-yes!
Pretty cool trick
                           And now for the treat-
Come on in my sweets
                            Come in and visit a spell.
What’s this? I say,
                            I say I cannot-not yet.
I come back another nite
                             To get my treat for That nite.
I step in and see all around
                              The glimmer & shine,
                                                   The fog & dew
No dust, No spiderwebs, No wolf man Jack
                               Or Vampire Bat
I step forward and enter
                                Another World-
For there-right in front of me is
                                 My Mom, My Dad, My Pet.

The cauldron

(by Tom Gould)


Enter the house

Oh what a sight

Pumpkin lanterns instead of lights

Haunted or deserted

A ghost round the corner proves that it is the former

The chairs all high backed

A witch sits there with her broom

The time will come soon

Her hat all pointed

She is anointed

The cauldron in the middle

And another witch playing the fiddle

As smoke rises from it

As another witch stirs it

The viper below

A snake of a woman

A spell upon her or a devils’ mark

A skeleton stands before her

Reminding her of impending doom

It may come too soon

Against her jacket she struggles  

Frightened and muddled

Enter a ghost

She is her host

The banshee begins to wail

For she must tell her tale

A pumpkin lantern smiles

His eyes yellow and wild

The cauldron waits

 All Hallows Night

As darkness descends upon us

And the moon casts an eerie glow

On the last day of October

It is All Hallows Eve, you know


Where souls of those once departed

Come back once more to roam

Visiting their old haunts

Finding their way back home


Some of them are banshees

Screaming in the night

Or ugly, warty witches

That look an awful fright


Vampires who are looking

For someone’s blood to suck

Zombies from the graveyard

Decayed, and covered in muck.


There are ghosts and there are werewolves

All of which you’ll meet

When you answer your front door bell

And the kids yell ‘Trick or Treat!’


Authors, Poets and Bloggers

Please join in the fun and continue submitting further entries. Have your Halloween poem posted, along with your photo, and if you like, link to your own blog or website.

We will be delighted to receive your submission, just email your entry to me and I’ll post them periodically:


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