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As a beginner, I tried to get to know more about book blurbs since I needed to write my own. To make sure it will be appropriate and professional, I did some research, asked some experienced writers and found an amazing article, written by Author Traci Sanders, “Taking the fear out of book blurbs,” which I had re-published on my blog End of June 2016.

Out of fear to give out too much information, I wrote it apparently too vague, and it wasn’t intriguing enough. I asked several more writers and got interesting information and an enormous help. One of them, Author Jim Spencer, asked me to send him a quick synopsis, and he then took the time and wrote an entire blurb on my novella, showing me how he would do it. I will be forever grateful for the time and efforts he sacrificed to my helpless self!

In the end, it was me who was not entirely happy with it. Until a fellow blogger and cover designer, Chris, The Story Reading Ape, supported me with his opinion as a reader.

Who would have thought to ask a reader, instead of a writer?

The way this all happened, of course, prompted me to consider the question, whether I, as a reader, am already “too much” thinking like a writer who has to sell the book? Instead of writing what would have intrigued me, as a reader, did I just try to imagine how “the general reader” would like it?

Is the future marketing of the book already clouding my vision?

It seems there are three different ways of thinking a writer has to adopt:

  1. Thinking as a writer
  2. Thinking as a reader
  3. Thinking as a marketing specialist

These three ways apparently can be combined but should at times be separated either, accustomed to the respective situation.

Apparently, I have not yet been able to do so and at this moment it worries me.

Wouldn’t the difficulty be to know when to switch thinking? There are many helpful resources online to cover this topic. But searching for them will need me some more efforts once again.

I would say, there’s so much to learn and so little time…


26 thoughts on “Me and my book blurb

  1. I will email you regarding your writing skills. I like how you have laid this thought pattern out though AJ. I am sure that many writers and authors have felt similarly about the blend that must happen whilst trying to envision the distribution of their lovely words.
    You had some wonderful people in your corner. That is something one needs to have during the process.
    I got carried away with emotion. Lol
    You got this AJ! 🙂

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    1. Dearest Liz,

      You’re right. I did have enormous help from wonderful people having my back and being on my side. It is so amazing to know all these fantastic writers who are willing to share their experience and suggestions!
      I can’t wait for your email, Liz!!
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment!


  2. The blurb, along with the dreaded author bio, is one of the trickiest things to do, I think! You did the right thing in asking around for help and advice – far better than struggling through on your own in the dark! All the best with it all.

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  3. Hi A.J.
    We cannot do everything. You may be a great writer but have problems with the blurb. That’s okay. You took the right steps. Do what you can and if possible for the rest let others do it. Don’t waste your time on trying to compensate for your weaknesses.

    All the best with your novella. I know it is going to be something very special.
    Shalom aleichem,

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    1. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support Patti!! This means a lot to me!
      I hope, once the novella is published you will have the chance to read it and still find it something very special!


  4. You go, girl. Asking for help from folks who have more experience is always the best course. I had to write the book synopsis for my late husband’s two books, and it was an awful challenge. I’d write it, and he’d revise it (about 20 times, no exaggeration!) Wish I’d asked for help like you did! I’m reblogging to help you promote your work. Great advice!

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  5. This is a great blog, AJ. Writing the blurb is ten times harder than writing the book. 🙂 It is my belief that you have to think like a marketer, because the blurb is a huge selling piece of the puzzle. The bio is almost as difficult and mine has changed drastically over the years. We never stop learning!

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    1. Thank you so much Jan. It was much harder than I expected it to be. I am so glad I got all these phenomenal people in my corner supporting me and having my back with their experience and suggestions. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment!! It’s so valuable!


  6. My two somewhat inexperienced cents – of the three you mentioned, think first as a reader, and then as a marketer. I do think things can be analyzed too much, “over thought,” but I think that, for such a critical component as the book blurb, you do unfortunately have to give it a lot of thought. Smart to get input from others…different eyes and all that. Best of luck, Princess Aurora!!

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    1. Thank you very much, Miss Zoe. I really appreciate your opinion in this matter. I’m trying my very best. But then: I’m still a beginner and need to work with whatever little I have. That’s why other opinions and insights of more experienced writers are such a treasure! Thanks for your comment!! ❤


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