The sun shines warm, the birds are singing,

normally I’d smile, my mood be swinging.

Any moment now the feeling should start

But all I hear is the breaking of my lonely heart.


I feel so sad, hanging on a chain

of darkness and misery being hurt all over again.

I’m waiting for freedom of sadness and fears

but all I’m doing is drowning in tears.


Being in pain from repeated falls

I feel like prisoner of a hole with high walls.

No way to escape, no chance to climb

my prison was built with blood, pain and time.


No chance to free me and nowhere to go

and my hope is dying, that’s all I know.

Yearning for closeness for love and for care

all I got was pain – how could I dare?


Instead of an apology I got pain

and what should I say? It was done – again.

I’m asking myself if that’s a new trend

for someone who called himself “friend”.


(Copyright Aurora Jean Alexander, November 2016)

Picture courtesy of: www.google.com
Picture courtesy of: http://www.google.com

12 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. My heart hears your pain. I hate that you feel that way, but love the way you express your pain in poetry. Surely healing will come as you let the pain and loneliness out. Know we are here for you and accept the condolences of friends.

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  2. Impressive poem well done. I just wish it didn’t ring true for you. I know the feelings though and the hell that never seems to be extinquished.
    I’m here for you, as long as I can hang on.

    Love you, Micki

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  3. Your heart is in your words. To be hurt by a trusted friend is one of the hardest sword-thrusts of life. Hope you feel better soon, aurora. Have a lovely week … in spite of, okay? 🙂


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